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Avid Unity / Workgroups / Local Storage
This forum is where community members can post questions around Avid's older storage products such as Unity and MediaNetwork
  • Avid NEXIS | VFS Software Subscription

    Just read the latest Nexis 22.5 and see that it adds this Nexis VFS Software Subscription licensing but I cannot find any details on what exactly this is. Googleing Nexis VFS comes up blank. Would like to know more and what it means for our existing infrastructure before I jump down the rabbit hole and install 22.5.


  • Where to find Nexis Client Version 2022.5.0

    Hello community,

    we are looking for the newest Avid Nexis Client version 2022.5.0. The release notes state, that it is available from 27 May this year. But we can't find a download link - neither in the Download Center (newest Version here is 2021.3) nor in the release notes itself.


    Has anyone an idea where to find it?


    All the best


  • AirSpeed 500 bootloop ?

    Hey guys, 


    Let me cut to the chase: we have an AirSpeed 500 thas was used in our OBvan as playout server. After not beeing used for a few years, we dediced to to but it up and put it back to work. The server is going into a "boot loop", as we could figure that out. All front led blink one green, once amber, and go trought all at at time. On the MB we found out that is showing a C.3. error. 

    Not of the manuals that we own from it, or others online gaved us any answer, so we are turing to you in hope of an adivce! 



  • Problem when Upgraid Avid VideoRAID SR16 dsm physical hard drive From 1TB to 4TB

    Hi, Everyone

    I'm Replace my Avid VideoRAID SR16 physical hard drive From 1TB To 4TB.

    But when I run the VideoRAID SR16 The physical hard drive Apear only 2TB.

    why ??

    Note : In attach Image apear the Software Version.


  • Problem When Change Avid VideoRAID SR16 dsm physical hard drive From 1TB to 4TB

    Hi, Everyone .

    I my Problem is , When Change Avid VideoRAID SR16 dsm physical hard drive From 1TB to 4TB.

    The Physical hard drive Appear only 2TB

    Why ???

    See my Avid VideoRAID SR16 Version In Attachment

    Please , help me.

  • Shifting between Unity and Single User Workstation

    Hi. I´m working on a Mac based Avid Media Composer 2018.xx Unity System. Sometime I have to work at Home on an

    Mac Single User Avid Media Composer 2018.4.0 system.

    I copy the whole Project on another external Drive and take it home.

    The Video Files are all Online but Audio is always offline. This happens also when switching From Mac to Windows inside the same Unity envoirement.

    There is a Omfi Media Files Folder and in the Mac Unity the Files are placed in the specivic Worksation Folder and in the single unity the files are directly in the Omfi folder.

    The files stay offline regardless i copy or transfer the files into the direct Omfi folder. The Avid creates a .mdb file.

    if i load that .mdb file into a bin it shows all the audio files - but offline.

    i can´t relink them nor get them updatet. i have to re-batch all files to get them online.

    But this can´t be the way.


    Does anyone have the same issue or knows what i´m doing wrong?

    Hope i discribed my problem properly.


  • Avid Unity Attic (Not Auto Saving)

    Hey gang, Here's the rundown. Working on a feature documentary. Avid crashed and we came to find out that the previous 3 hours of work wasn't auto saved in the attic. For some reason it was only the bin that was most important...the assembly cuts. The bin itself is probably one of our biggest so I dont know if this has anything to do with it. The other bins have been auto-saving just fine...one of them being the title bin which has about 400 titles in it. Is there a reason why this would be happening?

    We're working from the ISIS storage system. There are a total of 4 avids sharing it at the moment, three of which are being used for the documentary. And it seems that two systems didn't get any autosaves for the past 3 hours. Everything previous to this is entirely fine.

    We've reached the maximum amount of files per attic bin but I thought that it would just delete the least recent and create an auto save for the most recent file.

    We're just trying to figure out why and how to prevent this from happening again. Especially when it gets down to the crucial cuts.

  • QNAP TS 873U-RP

    Just purchased, IT set up as nas for 2 users but MC does not recognise the nas. Any papers on getting MC working with NAS?

  • Avid Unity not booting and sounds continuous two beeps

    We have an ancient Avid Unity (2 racks mirrored, main and slave).


    This morning the main rack had frozen and on reboot the main rack emits a continuous one pair beeps (sounds like an alarm) and the rack doesn't reboot at all - black screen.


    I noticed also that one of the fans had stopped, so I'm turning to you fabulous people to wonder whether any of you had come across this in the last few years. Is it likely to be power, CPU, motherboard or memory problems? I'm thinking that the lack of one of the main fans might have overheated the internals. Hopefully thet boot up disc will still be OK.


    We're trying to eek out a little more usage of Unity in the knowledge that we will have to upgrade to something far more simple in the next few months. We're only a small production company that tends to use only two Avid MC seats at one time.


    Many thanks, in hope!


  • Factory Reset ISIS 5000


    I need your help, all i want to create a new RAID configuration for ISIS storage, erase all data and create a new configuration. all because one or two hard disk drives are corrupted and need to remove it and start a new RAID config without these drives.

    ISIS version :



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