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Avid DS
Forum for Avid DS workflow, issues and questions.
  • Transfering DS License to a New Computer


    I opened the DS Support Console, selected the DS License Manager and pointed it to the license file taken off the old system.  It is recognised as a valid license but DS gives a license error when opening.  If I clear the license I can open DS in training mode.

    Would anyone know how to transfer the DS license to a new computer?



  • 不能打開已錄的歌曲

    你好,我叫Mr. , 我用Pro tools 12,在打開歌曲記錄時發生問題,現在打開不到。




    不能完成您的請求,因為Assertion in“Volumes / Development / 194038 / ProTools / App / PtSess / PtSess_RunTime.cpp”,line 23780。  (Use the Copy button to copy this message to the clipboard。)轉換時MIDI Playlists。


  • Deleting Clip Effects

    I probrably should have asked this many years ago but here it goes. Can I lasso and delete multiple clip effects at the same time?  When I receive an AAF from MC the audio clips effects are never correct so I find myself selecting every clip in the timeline one at a time and deleting.

    I'm sure, I am one of the last editors in the world to move away from AVID DS.





  • Just wondered ...

    if there is anyone out there?

    If not using DS what did you switch into?

  • Convert Avid DS Bin to Avid Media Composer Bin

    I have been put in charge of a project that has me looking at old bins and sequences.  I have the backups of old bins for the Avid DS but I need to open them in Avid Media Composer.  Since the Avid DS system has been sold years ago, I need to open them up in Media Composer.  Does anyone know how to (or the steps to) open an Avid DS bin in Avid Media Composer?  Or make an Avid DS bin read as an Avide Media Composer bin?


    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

  • avid media indexer stop

    Hi i have a serious probleme whith the avid media indexer service

    when i start it it stop 10 secondes later ! so i have media on line

    i tried to delete the "server.ummd" in the ds systhem folder and restart the computer... nothing change !!

    i am hp 8200 windows 7 and ds v 10.5

    thanks for your answer

  • Service Location Protocol not running


    Running DS 11.1 on a well-configured HP Z820, Windows 7.

    Program stopped being able to index media. VIE said the Media Indexer and the Service Location services weren't running. Tried to start them, but they wouldn't. The Media Indexer service said there was a dependency problem. The Service Location service just said it wouldn't start.

    Did a full manual unistall/reinstall. Problem persists, but now the Service Location Protocol service doesn't even show up in the servces when looking at computer management. 

    Anybody have any ideas?


    Michael Vander Does

  • Matte effect_corruption?

    We've been working with a matte effect (holdout to show video underneath), and making the holdout grow, but it seems to be wreaking havoc - DS freezes and both the project & media indexer numbers plummet.  We've tried different pieces of media (thinking perhaps the media was corrupt), but seem to have isolated the problem to the effect (we've put the effect on both a video clip and clip of generated black).  We then close out of DS and re-index (1st dumping the server.ummds file). Has anyone else experienced this? It seems like we've done this effect before without any problem, so are trying to figure what may be the cause ... everything else seems to be working OK (as far as we can tell).

    Thanks for any and all help!

    DS v.11.0.2

  • Euphonix MC Color with DS11

    Hello All,

    Trying to using the Euphonix MC Color with DS11 but I cannot get this to do anything at all, can't even get 1 key to work. Anyone here has managed to get this doing and any advice much appreciate it

  • Matchframe not working



    We have two DSs and an indexer working with Unity. DS V11. Matchframing has stopped working correctly. It does not work on old projects. It works on new projects, but when you come back to it (the next day, for example), matchframing does not work.  If we replace a clip in an old project, it matchframes but also doesn't do it later.

    We recently changed the domain name for everything. This seems to have happened after that change, but it's not entirely clear if there is a relationship.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Michael


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