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Avid MediaCentral Forum
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay and MediaCentral Family of products such as Interplay | MAM now known as MediaCentral | Asset Management, Interplay | Production now known as MediaCentral | Production Management, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and MediaCentral Graphics Management
  • MCCUX improvements

    Hey, this is my first post here, so forgive me if I do anything wrong. 

    My company used to have the MCUX and we've updated to the Cloud UX last year. 

    We've entered on the 2019.2 version and reached the 2019.9.11 that we're actually using. We already saw a lot of improvements, but there are some stuff that we used to have on the MCUX that we still don't have and I would really like to know if there is a solution on the newer versions or if it's at least on Avid radar to improve soon. 

    Here is the list:

    - Search on a specific folder

    - Create a shortcut of an specific folder

    - Clip name inside of the Logging Download/Copy to Clipboard 

    -Only the in/out and comments metadata on the download or copy to clipboard. 
      After downloading the markers the journalist need to get the clip name on the metadata tab to insert on the file so the rest of the team can find the file when seen the markers on iNews or on an e-mail and they also need to clean the color and user on each marker so this information won't go to the iNews and be counted as a reading time.

    Besides these features that we used to have on the Media Central UX, i would like to know if it will be possible to open the log app when double clicking an iNews Story on the Browser App.

    Thanks for the opportunity to contact you guys, they are all some details that makes the life much easier for the user.


    No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos, enable collaboration, and deliver content faster with integrated asset management and shared storage for Premiere Pro users. 


    For News & Sports

    Cutting with Avid for broadcast, but the digital team’s all Adobe? Don’t let it slow you down. MediaCentral brings the whole workflow together with maximum efficiency, from story planning and finding media, to delivering breaking news online, on social, and on air.

    The new Adobe landing page is now live:  https://www.avid.com/adobe

  • Attaching an archive local drive hangs Avid app whilst MI runs

    Is there a way of excluding drive letters from the client MI (which is what I assume is doing the indexing that causes the blue circle hang whilst 8TB of archive media is indexed)?

  • 7.2020 | Avid MediaCentral 2020 Empowers Broadcast News Org.

    Avid MediaCentral 2020 Empowers Broadcast News Organizations to Create and Deliver More Content in Shorter Timeframes

    Today , we announced the immediate availability of MediaCentral® 2020, the comprehensive media workflow platform for TV news, sports and post production operations. Innovative new features in MediaCentral 2020 deliver on the needs of modern newsrooms, providing journalists with increased efficiency, faster search options and improved editing as well as an enhanced broadcast viewing experience for audiences.  

    MediaCentral 2020 accelerates production with a complete and scalable end-to-end media workflow platform, providing news teams with media access, workflow integration and remote collaboration to deliver breaking news as its happens. MediaCentral 2020 empowers global collaboration ​to connect disperse teams to share media and create betterstoriestogether, while leveraging broadcastcontentand incoming feedsto breaknewsfaston digitalchannels. 

     From information gathering that leverages powerful search capabilities to story creation, graphics integration and social media distribution, MediaCentral 2020 empowers teams with the tools and the workflow speed they need to break news first. Key new capabilities include: 


    • Viewing and Editing Time-based Metadata More Easily–Increased efficiency with a storyboard view to see metadata togetherwith the thumbnails in one singleview.


    • Finding Media Faster to Improve Collaboration–Includes more control and options to find the right media assets quickly, improve collaboration,ensure up-to-date results and improve the overall usability of the system.


    • Enhancing Storytelling with Maestro Graphic–Allows the use of full mix-down ofgraphics and video into a single file ready for publishing in MediaCentral and MediaComposer or for publishing to social media and other digital outlets.


    • More Creative Editing with Advanced Capabilities–New advanced capabilities address even the most complex news production teams’ editing needs, delivering compelling stories with increased video and audiotracks.  


    These new functions enhance and extend the industry-standard platform's modular, scalable design and full suite of apps, services and connectors that accelerate every part of the media creation and publishing workflow. For more information on MediaCentral 2020 visit www.avid.com/products/mediacentral.

  • New - Avid MediaCentral (v2020.4)
    Avid is pleased to announce a new version of MediaCentral (2020.4) which offers many new capabilities such as.....

    Edit remotely and more creatively with advanced capabilities

    -Cut together more compelling stories with up to four (4) video and eight (8) audio tracks

    -Put edits together quicker by dragging and dropping multiple clips to the timeline

    -Fine-tune audio levels with per-segment audio gain

    -Extract and lift segments easily from sequences

    -Gain more control over audio and video dissolves

    And more!

    Editorial graphics 

    Journalists can now embed high-end graphics into their edited stories from within MediaCentral. The graphic templates are stored in MediaCentral so that journalists can search, retrieve, populate with content and preview the graphics while editing their stories in MediaCentral. Once ready, the edited story —including the graphics —will be pushed for both linear playback based on Maestro | News, FastServe or third-party playout systems, as well as social media publishing based on MediaCentral | Publisher.

    Find media faster 

    With more control and options for search (including new Boolean operators, public saved searches, live searches and more), and expanded filtering (including by metadata, dates, and favorites), users can get the right results faster and improve collaboration.

    View and edit time-based metadata more easily 

    The new Storyboard view enables users to see time-based metadata together with clip thumbnails in a unified screen. Now users can view, edit and delete Production Management asset markers and restrictions, view the strata and segmentation of Asset Management assets, and hide the metadata or thumbnails to see just one view.

    Boost production efficiency

    New support for Python scripting for further customization—and transcoding assets, to multi-platform distribution and archiving content (including files from FastServe | Playout). 

    Manage platform remotely with ease 

    The new version of MediaCentral enables administrators to see who is logged in, from where, and terminate a session remotely, providing better security.

    Documentation can be found here: 


    Questions, let us know

    Raff and Marianna

  • Interplay Access - can it bring in and copy a sequence?

    When using Interplay Access to pull a sequence into my bin, is there a way for it to only bring in a copy of the sequence?

    Like how it works when holding down the Ctrl key when using the Production Management Window.

  • Export Media Central users to file


    is there any procedure to retrieve a list of users from Media Central UX?



  • Last chance to register for the Collaboration Made Easy with MediaCentral | Editorial Management™
    Built for post-production teams that need to find footage fast, collaborate easily, and create stories quickly
    Last chance to register to discover how to collaborate easily and remotely with MediaCentral | Editorial Management™. Completely integrated with Avid NEXIS® storage and Media Composer®, EM enables teams to search for media, log clips, edit video, pull selects, create stringouts, and review projects from anywhere, using just a web browser. Join us on this Webinar and learn how to:
    • Collaborate efficiently and remotely
    • Scale production while cutting costs
    • Fully compatible with Avid NEXIS®
    • Search for clips quickly and easily with Phonetic Index
    • Simplify the review process by playing media and sequences from anywhere


    Thursday May 21, 2020


    Zoom Webinar
    Download your version of Zoom here

    • Session 1: 1:00 PM ET
       - Time in your city
    • Session 2: 4:00 PM ET
       - Time in your city
    Register Here
    Presented by Kent Petersen, Senior Solution Specialist for Avid Technology with over 20 years of experience in the Post Production industry.
  • Adobe is planning to end-of-life the Flash Player at the end of 2020

    Adobe is planning to end-of-life the Flash Player at the end of 2020

    The below notification was sent to all MediaCentral | Asset Management (Desktop and Cataloger) and MediaCentral | UX product owners.

    **   MediaCentral | Asset Management (Desktop and Cataloger) and MediaCentral | UX product owners - it is critical that you begin now to develop a plan to upgrade your Avid products to avoid being affected by the Adobe Flash Player end of life. With support and security updates no longer being provided by Adobe and the major browser providers, you could potentially be leaving yourself vulnerable to operational issues and security breaches.**

    If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or send an email to AVIDFLASH@avid.com 

    Thanks everyone.....


  • Avid’s Editorial Management version 2020.4 - Now Available

    Great News!!!!!!!    We are happy to report that Avid’s Editorial Management version 2020.4 is now available as of April 23, 2020.  

    This release introduces the ability to install alternative languages for Phonetic Search and the ability to install Media Composer | Distributed Processing Engine. 

    Documentation:  For details please check the MediaCentral | Editorial Management v2020 documentation page for the following:

    Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management ReadMe v2020.4  

    Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management Installation Guide v2020.4 

    Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management User's Guide v2020.4

    FAQ:  A list of frequently asked questions can be found here:

    This version is recommended for all currently installed Editorial Management systems”.

    Questions, let me know.......



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