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Avid Interplay
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay Family of Products such as Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAMM and Interplay | Production Services
  • Keeping a project on 2 Avids in 2 locations in sync


    We will have 2 editors in different countries (12 hour time difference) working on the same movie. Editor and assistant editor. They will never work on the movie at the same time, however we would like to keep the project in sync in both locations so the one editor can pick up where the other editor left off.

    Is this possible with Avid or does this require extra software? If yes how?

    Thank you very much.

  • Media Director ingest for DNX 36 & Dailies bins

    Hello, I'm working with Media Director and MCUX and attempting to establish the correct workflow for a variety of sources. Standard raw footage can be ingested just fine and converted to a proxy and edited with in MCUX. I'm also able to consolidate DNX media (as source) and create proxies as well.

    I'm trying to establish a workflow in the cases where we receive an outside vendor's bins and lo-res DNX dailies (DNX 36) and how to run it through Media Director so that it can also be played in MCUX and eventually edited with in Media Composer while maintaining the original metadata. Of course this would entail matching back to the higher resolution at a later time for finishing.

    I'm unable to get Media Director to process the DNX 36 media. I get a variety of errors, depending on the profile I've been using of course. Mainly Media Director tells me "there are no clips in this volume" or this:

    "Error #1 occurred in GetVolumeInfo:
    Job 0b42c2df-8d52-421c-88d5-c525f65f09f1 failed on MediaRewrappingWorker_SLMDIR01_4 or cannot be monitored. 
    Reason: Avid.MediaRewrapping.MediaWrapper.MediaWrapperException: src\MediaProcessor\AMA\AMAVolumeInfoExtractor.cpp, 435: volumeHandler: Could not find volume handler for specified path.
    at Avid.MediaRewrapping.MediaWrapper.VolumeInfoExtractor.Execute()
    at Avid.MediaRewrapping.Worker.WrapperJobProcessor.Execute()"


    Versions are:

    Media Director: 1.4

    Interplay: 3.6.1

    MCUX: 2.9.1 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Is anyone using veeam to backup interplay engine?

    As the title states: Is anyone using veeam to backup interplay engine and database? Clustered or standalone?

  • upgrade Avid interplay server from 3.4.0 to 3.8

    Dears i need your help,

    I'm planning to update interplay server from version 3.4.0 to 3.8 , is it possible or should i go through another lower version ?

    the upgrade procedure is it just uninstall the old versions then restart and install the new one ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Moving Media from Standalone drive to Interplay

    We have a situation where I am editing remotely away from the main post-production facility on a standalone Mac MC 7 not on interplay.    I often ingest most of the project media on this system to local drives.  I then need to travel to the post production faciility and get the media onto the interplay system there so that multiple editors can work with the media.  The interplay system is also MC 7 but PC.

    Generally I have been connecting the external drive containing the media to one of the interplay workstations and copying the MXF files at the desktop level from the external drive to the ISIS workspace.  Then copying the bins over as well to the project folder (which resides on a different workspace) But we have been noticing that for every 30 or 40 hours of video copied this way, we get a handful of offline files.  Often it is part of a clip - for instance the audio will be online but the video is offline.

    After looking at the ISIS workspace and comparing it to the external drive it can be determined that in fact the files were not copied when the bulk copy happened.  But when those individual files are selected on the external drive and copied to the workspace, they appear on the workspace - for a short time - but upon restart, they are gone - no longer on the workspace.  the file count of the folder being copied to on the interplay workspace is well under 5,000 files.

    Does anyone have any idea why some files don't seem to "stick" when copied this way?  And secondly, is there a better workflow for moving media onto an Interplay system from a remote system (cloud option not possible due to cost and setup)


  • offline media


    I have avid airspeed records media files and transfer it to avid interplay , when i connect to interplay ingest from media composer some meida are offline , but airspeed show to me transfer done for offline files !

    Any help ?

  • Interplay users permission

    I have avid interplay server connected with avid airspeed 5500 4 channels , how i can give permissions for users in avid interplay to access for example channel 1 for playback ? i know airspeed management console has these settings but i need to know if interplay can also control permissions ?

    also any guide for avid interplay administrator that would be great. thank you.


  • MongoDB media indexer(s) bug(s).


    Ever since Avid decided the classic media indexer database needs to be replaced by a mongodb database and is now running 2 databases on a mediaindexer, we are seeing all kinds of relinking weirdness in Interplay systems when dynamic relink is enabled. With the 7.3.1 version this has now reached the point where the system is no longer workable. Wrong format errors, consistency check failures, and MC presenting AAF's with wrong SourceID's causing transcode servers and MC consoldations to crash or use the wrong media. Only the daily 01:00 at night full re-index of all workspaces by the media indexer seems to bring most issues back in line.

    I have tried with support to address these issues but it's a slow process with mixed results. (The quality of support is not subject of this thread).

    I'm starting to wonder if the windows system locale on the editors, which on the systems here needs to be Greek for the use of Greek titles, is playing a role. I hope some Interplay users reading this, or L3 support/engineering can join this thread.

    But the whole thing starts with a piece of fuctionality inside MC I believe can't be right, while in a perfect world it shouldn't matter. If you enable dynamic relink and consolidate a sequence, you will see that the new sequence links to the new media. But if you the load the old sequence you will see that it now also links to the new media. If you disable dynamic relink this of course doesn't happen. But this even affects the original master clip that will now be segmented between the old and new clips and disabling dynamic relink does not restore the situation for that media. Closing bins and reopening and clearing bin memory sometimes affects behavior but most of the time MC needs to be restarted for some cached info to be 'forgotten'.


    Can anybody confirm?

  • Media indexer not updating

    case solved...thanks

    We are using two media indexer v 3.1 with our interplay v 3.1, the problem we are facing that Media indexer not showing statistics/rest of the tabs storage browser or unable to check configurations through the web interface.Have a look at the attached file for reference

  • Replace associate clip in interplay


    We have encountered a bit of a problem. Around 15% of our clips have trouble with LONG GOP and one or more frames become corrupt. Normally it would be easy to repair these by 3rd part program, and then import with interplay/media composer to ISIS but...

    The assistance have already importert 60% of all the video material and the company have begun editing and using Media Central to logg everything.

    Normally outside interplay I would delete the corrupted clip and batch-reimport/relink the mediafiles with the fresh and working ones but with interplay it seems to only work if the metadata (maybe the source id?) to be totally identical for it to replace the corrupted videofile.

    Is there another way to replace associate files in interplay? Transcoding the corrupt clips only results in core consistency error, and playing/scrolling over the corrupted LONG GOP frame results in the same error.

    Interplay version: 3.5
    Avid ® ISIS ® | 5500 
    Media Composer 8.5.3

    The files are XDCAM MXF (OP-1a) Mpeg 2 Video (4:2:2 High), 1080i at 50 fps. These are imported by Media Director or Media Composer with XDCAM 50mbit codec and also, when it works, transcoded to h264 800kb proxy files.

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