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Avid MediaCentral Forum
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay and MediaCentral Family of products such as Interplay | MAM now known as MediaCentral | Asset Management, Interplay | Production now known as MediaCentral | Production Management, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and MediaCentral Graphics Management
  • Interplay Failover Cluster Server 2012 Installation Issues

    Hi All,


    Been having some issues setting up a Interplay Failover Cluster 2017.2

    Having completed WG433 I am pretty confident, however hit several issues along the way.

    Following documnetation has been followed to setup the Windows Servers, Adjust DNS Settings prerequisites, and HP MSA 2050 configuration.




    I have also been asked to ensure that the domain account NXN user has manually been added to the adminstrators group on both client machines before proceeding with with the interplay 2017.2 installation.

    Also it was advised that i use ASDT before proceeding, to clear any failiures.

    I was told that ASDT may flag the following but to ignore IPV6 – this should not be disabled on a Cluster node. It may also flag the that the Remote Registry service should be disabled and again this should not be disabled on a cluster node.

    Errors i recieved are at the final steps during the interplay cluster 2017.2 installation around 95% onwards.

    it fails to

    1 - Setup the file server error 5007 (the installer could not add file server IPENG as a dependency to the Avid Workgroup Monitor resource) 

    2 - The installed could not bring Avid Workgroup Name resource online error 5023

    3 - the installer could not assign WG_Database$ to the MyShare Preperty of the file server IPENG Error 5007

    4 - The installed could not create the Satabase Share on the Avid Workgroup Disk resource


    I have confirmed that i can see the (S:) on the node which i am running the installation from and can read/write to it.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated.







  • Event - August 22, 2018 - MediaCentral | Cloud UX - NYC

    August 22, 2018 - MediaCentral | Cloud UX - NYC

    Join Avid and T2 Computing for this exciting panel discussing MediaCentral | Cloud UX to see how cloud-based solutions can help teams search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content from everywhere to anyone, any time.

    When:  August 22, 2018

    Time:  5:30pm — 9:00pm

    Where:  Penthouse 45 432 W 45th Street (btwn 9th and 10th) New York, NY 10036

    Panel Speakers:  

    -  Richard Duke, Cloud Solutions Architect (Avid)

    -  Justin Karpowich, Territory Account Manager (Avid)

    -  Peter Price, Director of Technology (T2 Computing)

    Moderated by Charlie McCormick, Director of Enterprise Sales (T2 Computing)

    Panel to be followed by a demonstration of MediaCentral | Cloud UX that will include Editorial On Demand, Shared Library On Demand and Microsoft Cognitive Services. 

    Join us for a great evening of food, drinks and networking, and hear how this open platform can help address challenges that you are facing.

    Register now!!!!!!!!

    Questions, Let me know.


  • Mediacentral Cloud UX 2018 documentation now posted

    Mediacentral Cloud UX 2018 documentation is now posted here: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/readme/MediaCentral-CloudUX-v2018-Documentation

  • Favorites in the Production Management Window?

    Hey all-

    Is there any way to tag a few folders as my favorites in the Production Management Window?  We are a large network with several productions happening.  Every time I start AMC I have to scroll through the entire server tree and open the folders I want, but there are only 3 that I go to every day.

    Any way to streamline this that I'm missing?



  • Mediacentral transfer 2017.2.2

    Dear Interplay users, Avid,

    Just spend another 2 hours trying to activate Interplay transfer 2017.2.2. An activity that normally does not take more than 10 minutes or so depending on the internet connection.

    However the application manager that accommodates the 2017.2.2 version will ungrey the activate button when browsing to a license file but trying to click activate, even by pushing your mouse button through your desk or laptop, does not have any effect. The activate button does not work. 

    So you think I must have made a mistake when entering, system ID, activation code or device ID... but no. If you use the same activation bin files to activate for example an older 3.6.3 transfer manager, it and the DHM option activate fine.



  • colorgrade customers projects without the need of export mediafiles
    I ve got a question, maybe someone can orientate us. Is it possible to use MediaCentral (Avid Everywhere) to colorgrade customers projects without the need of export mediafiles?

    Thank you Thomas

  • MediaCentral Capture 2017.2.x

    Dear Avid, After over a year trying to get you to fix a number of bugs in Interplay, and now Mediacentral, Capture I'm ready to throw the towel in the ring. Multiple cases further, bugs being logged, fixes being released that do not fix the problems, new features only being half ready in some beta stage. The new version numbering just being ignored. Anyway...

    I have recently setup 6 Glookast servers with Capture 2017.2.4 and the system is basically unusable. Since the introduction of the new API device service that replaces the framework device service Interplay/Mediacentral Capture has lost the ability of correctly determining the status of airspeed and glookast servers. If, for example, a Glookast channel looses a valid SDI signal the system goes into a warning state it never comes out of when signal returns and that channel can't be used to record anymore. You restart the API device service and it all off a sudden become aware it can. If you dare to restart the API device service while some channels are recording you have lost those until you stop all recordings and restart all services again.

    L2 support has been providing the help they could but the problem is 100% a development issue. My question is simple Avid: Are you going to put the development resources in to make Capture a product that can actually be used in a broadcast environment again or should we just buy Glookast, MOG or Telestream ingest servers and schedulers and not bother anymore?

    A single channel failing requiring an API service restart, which requires you to stop all recordings on all channels is simply not viable. 

  • Remove lot of items from the Archive Engine in one batch

    Hello everybody,


    We have more than 10,000 items to remove from our Avid Archive connect in FrontPorch.

    Someone knows if it is possible to import a list of elements in the Archive Engine from Access or other app ?

    Or any other method or command that can prevent us from entering each item one by one in Access to remove it.


    Thank you !

  • Smart folders for Evs clips

    Mainly interact via Interplay window in media composer, to access assets that have been checked in from EVS/IPD. Very little further interaction within IW, searching, sorting & sifting done using AMC bins, folders & tools.

    Smart folders in Interplay

    Ideally I would be able to view a ‘smart folder’ that would show only clips that have been checked in in last x hours, that have not been checked out to an MC project. (Further and/or/not logic filtering would also be useful)

    Smart bins in AMC 

    Even better would be to have newly checked in master clips automatically populate AMC bins, preferably without having to close & reopen or refresh - i.e. have the smart bins reflect smart folders in Interplay.

    So I might have a smart bin containing all incoming media and another containing only clips from last 24 hours that were given a 3* rating within EVS

    Smart subclips from EVS clips

    EVS clips come with handles. For a number of reasons it would make sense for these EVS clips be displayed as subclips in AMC (ie constrained by marks in & out but with handles available, in the usual way, by trimming or match frame to master clip). If those subclips could be further constrained to user-specified audio tracks (e.g. tracks 3&4 as stereo pair and A5 as a centre panned mono) it would be even sweeter.


  • Media indexer ActiveMQ automatic re-connection

    I could ask this question to Support but I'd like to see what others are experiencing out in the field as well.

    Since the removal of the framework in the media indexer and the introduction of the ActiveMQ connection, the FI database and mongoDB a lot of fixes have been introduced in the media indexer to resolve a multitude of problems. The most important fix being the improved memory management preventing slowness and crashes.

    These crashes however made a certain architectual behavior visible of which I do not know if this is by design or if they could be considered bugs.

    If the mongodb service crashes (with or without taking the classic MI service or the whole server BSOD with it) and it is brought back up, clients like a client local media indexer, transcode services, stp service, media central etc.. often nead restarts to re-connect to the media indexer. It is as if the ActiveMQ connection for these clients does not support automatic re-connection.

    If this is by design, could it be wise to release a document/knowledgebase article which clients require a restart after each of the individual media indexer services is restarted?


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