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Avid MediaCentral Forum
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay and MediaCentral Family of products such as Interplay | MAM now known as MediaCentral | Asset Management, Interplay | Production now known as MediaCentral | Production Management, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and MediaCentral Graphics Management
  • AMA Workflow with interplay.


    Is it possible to check-in AMA clips into Interplay when the original clips are not stored on AVID NEXIS servers. 

    We have a small broadcast setup where our projects and 90% of our dialy footage is stored on AVID NEXIS servers. Sometimes we need to go into our ISILON storage system to access a large volume of media (2.5pb of storage) which we normally AMA link from.

    Is there a way to check-in the AMA linked footage (from ISILON) to Interplay? When we do this, only the edit suite that checks-in the footage can see it in the interplay preview window. When we drag it from Interplay back into Avid Media Composer the media is offline on every other edit suite.

    When we copy the raw file (from ISILON) onto a NEXIS server then ama link from there into AVID and then check-in, it works and can be viewed by all editors when in Interplay.

    We want to explore an AMA workflow without having to buy extra NEXIS storage

     Kind regards


  • How to avoid Chrome caching issues in CloudUX apps


    We have written our own custom CloudUX integration which we are updating quite frequently. We have noticed that Chrome is caching quite aggressively, so we must clear all site data on the clients to be sure that users are looking at the latest version of our app.

    Is there a way to invalidate the browser cache by adding a timestamp or randomized number to our app after deploying a new version? The goal is to be able to deploy a new version without having to ask all users to clear their local browser cache.

    Hope anyone can shine a light on this.

    Thanks, Rick


  • Replace avid nexis changes id device?

    I replaced my avid nexis drive and installed a new version of windows server on the server. When re-installing central editorial media I can't activate the license with the json file. Has the new nexis changed ID DEVICE? It is? Gilson

  • Interplay checkin folder setting not seen by other editors

    Afternoon i have a problem where i have found that when the ingester creatres the project chooses the interplay checkin folder and then closes the project and then the editor opens the project the interplay checkin folder does not follw the setting originally created by the first person. II have tried to enforce people to check the interplay setting upon opening the project but sometimes this does not happen. My question is how and if I can change ta setting to inherit the changes made to the projects interplay check in folder. spiro

  • Trying to log in for the 1st time

    In Media Central Login - What is the hostname?

  • Urgent BIOS recommendation from Dell 2.8.2
    Urgent BIOS recommendation from Dell. See Avid Knowledge Base article below which includes Avid products impacted. https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/Dell-Urgent-BIOS-Update-2-8-2 Dell server models have been qualified to host Avid NEXIS File Gateway, Avid MediaCentral Asset Management (MAM), Avid Maestro Graphics, and Avid MediaCentral Production Management, that included all Avid Interplay Products. The models listed in Dell’s notice below are those affected - No workstation class machines (used for Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, or Avid Sibelius) are on the list.   Thanks and head up.... Marianna and Raff
  • 1.13.2021 Update: Avid Flash Replacement program for Quarter 4 of 2020

    1.13.2021 - Update

    The following note has been added to the knowledge base documentation, just for additional emphasis:

    Note: The ability to run Flash within Chromium-based browsers is permanently disabled in v88 and later. If you need continued access to Flash, it is imperative that you disable browser updates.


     Avid Flash Replacement program for Quarter 4 of 2020

    Heads up Media Central UX or Media Central UX in combination with MediaCentral | Asset Management users!!!!!

    Avid has created the Avid Video Flash Replacement for 2020 document with upgrade chart that details the Avid Flash Replacement program for Quarter 4 of 2020.  This information has been communicated several times to the field in the past but we wanted to remind customers again of this important program. The link will provide the upgrade path(s) required to avoid any disruption in your Avid workflow beginning on January 1, of 2021.

    It is important to understand that those of you using older versions of Media Central UX or Media Central UX in combination with MediaCentral | Asset Management will be required to upgrade to a newer version or alternatively take steps to ensure Adobe Flash remains available within your organization


    Media Central UX systems:

    - Media Central UX needs to be upgraded to 2.10.7 with the and hotfix to move playback from Flash to html
    depending on the exact Media Central UX version you are running an upgrade to your Media Central Production Management system may also be required:

    - MediaCentral UX 2.10.x is compatible with Interplay Production v3.5 – v3.8 and Production Management v2017.2 and newer.

    Media Central | Asset Management systems:

    - There will be no patch support for Interplay MAM 5.8 or earlier

    - There is a patch 5.9.1 for Interplay MAM 5.9.  Please contact your Avid Account Manager directly.

    - Customers on MediaCentral | Asset Management versions 2017.1 (build version 6.0) thru 2020.4 (7.4) must upgrade to the major release MediaCentral | Asset Management 2020.9.

    No action is required for customers already running on Media Central UX 2.10.7.x and Media Central | Asset Management 5.9.1 or Media Central Cloud UX and Media Central | Asset Management 2020.9

    IF YOUR SITE CANNOT PERFORM THE UPGRADE TO THE REQUIRED SOFTWARE BY DECEMBER 31ST 2020 you MUST follow the details in the Avid Video Flash Replacement for 2020 TECHNICAL DETAILS.    Please read the entire document before performing any steps.

    Avid shared storage customers should also note:

    - The Avid Storage team has created the Storage Flash Replacement 2020 Technical Procedure  (Link above) for customers running all versions of Avid ISIS and/or Avid NEXIS versions prior to 2018.5.0.  

    - All Storage customers should read this document to ensure you will not have any disruption in workflow on January 1st 2021.

    - Customers already running on Avid Nexis 2018.5.0 and above do not need to take any further action. M

  • Is it possible to search by folder/path within the GUI of MediaCentral | UX?

    Is it possible to search by (Interplay)folder/path within the GUI of MediaCentral | UX?

    Within Access you can search by Path.

    Within MediaCentral | UX I don't see search by path/folder. 

    Also the search result doens't return a folder path.


    Thanks, Adri Vermeulen

    Yoruba Software development

  • Avid Mediacentral licensing question

    Hi Avid,

    I have a question regarding Mediacentral cloud UX in relation to the users already using Mediacentral UX.

    The old Mediacentral UX is not licenced as a server. It's client access is restricted by the amount of licenses in the Interplay/iNews or other servers. This gave the Users the option to cluster or not cluster their servers regardless of the license scheme. Because 'send to playback' is not user restricted, in other words anybody can send anywhere, splitting users between seperate mediacentral UX servers was a good workaround to control outgoing media without extra cost.

    With the new Mediacentral cloud UX this is no longer free as each server needs its own license and customers typically currently only own 1 license, used in a cluster or not. (If I like the way Avid wants to earn money by changing the license scheme is not part of the reasons I start this thread)

    The question I have is related to the migration path from Mediacentral UX to Mediacentral cloud UX. If a customer wants to split the client access licenses between seperate servers, will this not affect the cost of client access licenses? In other words: Is the price for 100 client access licenses on a clustered system the same as 2x 50 client access licenses for 2 seperate servers? Will he/she just have to buy 1 extra license for the Mediacentral cloud UX server itself? 

     Thank you.

  • Flash Update Patch Now Available for Download

    With the Adobe announcement to end-of-life the Flash Player at the end of 2020, the functionality of some Avid products will be affected. Avid is delivering a patch for the affected products that replaces Flash usage with HTML5 technology.

    The products that are affected are:

    • MediaCentral | UX
    • MediaCentral | Asset Management (Desktop and Cataloger)

    For MAM Desktop users, the migration path involves using Chrome on both Windows and MacOS. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows, and Safari on Mac OS systems will no longer be supported.

    As of today, Friday, October 23, the software updates required are now available.

    • For MediaCentral | UX users, an upgrade to version 2.10.7 is required. It is available for download in Avid Download Center, under “Avid MediaCentral Platform Services”. This patch version provides what is necessary to use HTML5 technology instead of Flash in MediaCentral | UX. Installation instructions are available in the Avid Knowledge Base.
    • For MediaCentral | Asset Management users, it is important to understand that those of you using older versions of MediaCentral | Asset Management will be required to upgrade to a newer version.

    Some version specifics:

    • There is no support for Interplay MAM 5.8 or earlier
    • The patch 5.9.1 will be for Interplay MAM 5.9
    • Customers on MediaCentral | Asset Management versions 2017.1 (build version 6.0) thru 2020.4 (7.4) must upgrade to the most current release 2020.9 (7.5)

    We recommend that customers upgrade their Avid products to avoid being affected by the Adobe Flash Player end of life. With support and security updates no longer being provided by Adobe and the major browser providers, customers could potentially be leaving themselves vulnerable to operational issues and security breaches, if they choose not to apply the patch.

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