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Avid Interplay
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay Family of Products such as Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAMM and Interplay | Production Services
  • Media indexer not updating

    case solved...thanks

    We are using two media indexer v 3.1 with our interplay v 3.1, the problem we are facing that Media indexer not showing statistics/rest of the tabs storage browser or unable to check configurations through the web interface.Have a look at the attached file for reference

  • Replace associate clip in interplay


    We have encountered a bit of a problem. Around 15% of our clips have trouble with LONG GOP and one or more frames become corrupt. Normally it would be easy to repair these by 3rd part program, and then import with interplay/media composer to ISIS but...

    The assistance have already importert 60% of all the video material and the company have begun editing and using Media Central to logg everything.

    Normally outside interplay I would delete the corrupted clip and batch-reimport/relink the mediafiles with the fresh and working ones but with interplay it seems to only work if the metadata (maybe the source id?) to be totally identical for it to replace the corrupted videofile.

    Is there another way to replace associate files in interplay? Transcoding the corrupt clips only results in core consistency error, and playing/scrolling over the corrupted LONG GOP frame results in the same error.

    Interplay version: 3.5
    Avid ® ISIS ® | 5500 
    Media Composer 8.5.3

    The files are XDCAM MXF (OP-1a) Mpeg 2 Video (4:2:2 High), 1080i at 50 fps. These are imported by Media Director or Media Composer with XDCAM 50mbit codec and also, when it works, transcoded to h264 800kb proxy files.

  • MediaCentral - Suggestions


    I work in a TV station and we have a large AVID production system in our plant. Here we have Media Composer users collaborating with MediaCentral users. It's a great system and it works really well. We had it since version 2.2 and we are now in version 2.7.2. It's quite impressive how the system has evolved in such a short time span.

    Now for the suggestions:

    1 - We work with disks that contain multiple clips. A single disk can sometimes have more than 100 individual clips. One of the workflows involves a MediaCentral user selecting clips (and parts of them) and arranging them in a timeline. The user has to open every single clip in the Media pane and then drag it to the sequence pane. It's useful when the user wants to select specific parts of a clip. This activity can be quite time-consuming when the user wants to select a lot of clips, without making any IN or OUT selections on them. The suggestion: The user can select multiple clips in the asset pane and drag that selection directly into the sequence pane (as long as a sequence is open). Or maybe right click on the selected clips and select an "Add to a sequence" option.

    2 - We also have an extensive use of the logging function. The logging has some pretty solid export options. But we would like to have an additional one: export to iNews. We have users that use the standalone iNews client and it would be great if those users could see the text of the logged clip in iNews. Right now we do a copy and paste operation, but that's far from ideal. Suggestion: And export to iNews option in the export options of the Logging panel. The user would then select the folder and the story to past it too. A real time export (the story would get updated as the user logs the clip) would be even better.

    Keep up the good work guys. Thank you. 

  • Interplay media status not updating

    Hello Dear, all

    We are using Interplay  Version 3.1.2 with Avid interplay archive service 1.3.3 and Avid interplay restore service 1.3.3.

    I am facing two problems.One is that the status of files for archive and transcode service isn't updating in the Interplay Media services status although the files are transcoding and archiving fine.

    The second problem is that some files for archive and restore unable to start and when I cancel it and retry it, it completed successfully.I don't know why I have to push some of these files.I also restarted media service engine and services as well but it doesn't work.

    We are using Qualstar RLS-8500 Series library with Flashnet SGL01 v6.4.14 for archive system, it is working fine.I can check the status of the archive file in flashnet , and the file gets archive but when I check it on the media services status, it doesn't update.

    Thanks in advance


  • Dell PowerEdge R630 guideline

    Hi, does anybody know ram configuration set up for these servers? I have an old sr2500 and I was thinking of upgrading (hw & sw) but I can't find any information other than the minimum system requirements.

  • Media Central lag while playing growing clips


    Iv'e an issue with my mediacentral 2.7.2 linked to my interplay 3.6. Theissue involve only the clip that i'm putting into the system and that are still growing. This clip is impossible to play, buffer continuosly and many time cause a permanent lag in the user session (wich can be resolved with a log-out). The strange thing is that theese clip work well wile they were closed.

    Doesn't matter how theese clip it is ingested, from a mediacomposer machine or from other system like metus or evs.


    Anybody have ideas or solution fo me? :)

    Thanks to all you, savers!!

  • Drives mounting without client manager


    I am working in an Interplay 3.1 environment.

    Let's say I have interplay USER_1 that has read & write access configured to workspaces on DRIVE_1 and DRIVE_2.

    These workspaces are also available as ordinary windows SMB shares, I can mount them as such. So if I have a project in Composer with media stored on DRIVE_2, MC is still allowed to read the data off the drive even if it is not mounted via client manager as FOS. This will of course show clips in sequences that are online even if the drive is not online as far as client manager is concerened. Not very useful.

    Unfortunatley - I don't have full access as an administrator, but is it possible to deny a windows network cifs/smb client share to Media Composer so that it allows the so called client manager to soley manage client access?

  • How to run DETVendor on x64 mode



    I have a crash when running archive request from big sequence. The crash occure because the aff file generated by the Inteprlay Media Service is grerated than 2Go an cannot be adressed by a x86 process.


    How can i set the DMSArchive to work with a x64 DETVendor ?


    I working on Avid Interplay 3.6.1 and Archive Porvider patched (3.6.2).


  • Consolidate & the option 'Delete only media created with the selected clip or clips'



    Is there a documented help for this option?




    Found it.


  • Interplay Central issues



    I have a problem with Media Central (Interplay Central).

    Sometimes I have problems running the video.

    This is not a network problem.


    Anyone know what is the service to run the videos on the central interplay server?

    I need to make a restart it.

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