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Avid Interplay
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay Family of Products such as Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAMM and Interplay | Production Services
  • Interplay Assist 2.4 installer

    Hello, please i need urgently the installer package of the INterplay Assist 2.4

  • finding old interplay setup

    Dear All


    please if any one can help me in finding the setup for avid transfer manager 2.4

  • Default Check In location for new Projects

    When you create a new Media Composer Project, and it asks where you would like to check in your Project, there's a default location assumed. Does anyone know where that comes from, or especially, is there a way to change it?

  • Error restoring Interplay database backup.

    Hello Avid community, I wonder if someone had ever experienced before the following error: 89990354 The given user shall be destroyed but was not deleted before. I faced this error while restoring a database backup in a  Interplay server, I have searched but only found the error listed in the Interplay server manual with no clue about the reason, some permission/server misconfiguration or corrupted database? No idea... 

    Thank you in advance, any help will be appreciated.


  • The Avid Interplay Media indexer readme's and MC <-> Interplay compatibilty matrix

    Dear Avid,

    Another general documentation question.

    The development team is doing great work getting all the interplay/mediacentral media indexer related issues fixed. But...

    With every new Media indexer fix the readme contains this sentence:

    • This patch is recommended to be installed on all Media Indexer v3.6.x, v3.7.x, v3.8.x, and 2017.2.x servers and clients.

    Nothing complicated and from it you could conclude that no other compatibilty issues need to be considered. However... there are the compatibility matrixes:


    More specificly:


    which indicates that the supported version of media indexer depends on the media composer version, including when Interplay versions are 3.6 through 2017.2.

    So what's the deal here? It's either 'all' or what the compatibility matrix says. Both can't be true at the same time. Even support is not 100% sure anymore.


  • Interplay Read-Only sequence?

    Is there a way in Interplay to make a sequence read only?

    I have a "template" sequence I would like to keep an original of in interplay but I have users that continue to modify that template sequence instead of making a duplicate and using the duplicate one to work.

    Ideally I would be able to set the template sequence to "read only" forcing Interplay to duplicate it automatically when "checked-out" or Interplay/Media Composer give an error stating that the sequence is in "read only" and prompting the user to create a new sequence to apply the interplay template sequence to, so they can make changes to it and it not mess with the "template" sequence..

    Hopefully that makes sense..



  • Production services UI changes.

    Dear Avid,

    While Mediacentral production services engine is one of the oldest products in the Avid product line, rock solid and the interplay user base is probably totally used to its functionality, I would like to ask if the Production services and transfer status user interface can be updated. Since its DMS broker times the individual engines have had new options added but the production services and transfer status UI was left untouched. 

    My main reason for asking is the way error reporting is functioning within the UI.

    Example: I perform a restore action of media which is not present in the LTO archive library. The error message will say:

    third party software returns third party software returns DETPullv2 PerformAction RestoreAsset failed. Not all data requested are available. Please load <tape nr>

    Due to the UI layout the crucial information 'Please load <tape nr>' is often outside of the users view, even when the 'status text' column is dragged left to be the first column, as widening the columns to be able to read all text will, on a full hd monitor, still require the user not to be able to read the information in other columns.

    Now, apologies if I sound like Mr. wise guy, but has nobody ever considered to wrap the text in these columns?

    And even if this UI layout is 'good enough', can't the 'third party software returns third party software returns DETPullv2 PerformAction RestoreAsset failed' be truncated out and/or just be shown in the details?

    Seriously, when product managers and developers leave these 'third party software returns third party software returns DETPullv2' texts in for years and years it just shows nobody really cares about the end user experience.



  • transfer a project from Interplay to non-Interplay system


    We have a project that today are working on a Interplay system. Soon a new Nexis E4 will arrive, and we are looking at migrate this project to the new system.

    I'm pretty new to Interplay, so I dont feel that I have full knowledge of how everything works.

    Is it possible? Is there any guide to read, or is it just to copy the Avid MediaFiles to the new system and open the project?



  • Interplay 3.5 and MC 2018.1, should it work?

    or do I read the matrix wrong?




    When I try, I got "Incompatible Meidiacentral host" when trying to login to Interplay...

  • Avid Service framework path issue


          For some reason, since  a few weeks ago, we have problems in our newsroom with  media offline issues. Computers running Newscutter lost the storage entries  in the mediaindexer service (ISIS LOAD BALANCED) and   we need to re add again to solve the problem. I noticed that from this moment and for computers that losts MI entries the path c:\appdata is not used anymore and all the the data created by the framework services is saved in this new path:


    So, computers lost the MI entries because the change in the path of the framework services configuration paths.

    Computers using the old path and the new path is running the same windows version (7 SP1) and the same windows fixes. The version of avid framework is the same ( We have near 250 computers and each day some computers change the path and we do not know why could be the reason.  Do you know why this could be happening?








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