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Avid MediaCentral Forum
Forum where professionals can discuss the Interplay and MediaCentral Family of products such as Interplay | MAM now known as MediaCentral | Asset Management, Interplay | Production now known as MediaCentral | Production Management, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and MediaCentral Graphics Management
  • MediaCentral | Editorial Management Out Today 6.6.19

    MediaCentral | Editorial Management

    Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management is an easy to use workflow management system that’s designed for small to mid-size creative teams using Avid NEXIS shared storage with Avid Media Composer.

    Leveraging the collaborative power of Avid Media Composer’s shared bins and projects, users can search, view media, create sequences and pass these directly to Media Composer bins remotely using an intuitive browser-based interface.
    Additionally, the Editorial Management panel in Media Composer expands search capabilities to all media stored on Avid NEXIS with an option for phonetic search.

    Check out the FAQ here:   http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/FAQ/Media-Central-Editorial-Management

    Questins, let me or Raff know


  • How to determine stereo track sequence using Web Service API

    If you check in a sequence with one stereo track into MediaCentral, the audio track will be displayed as A1. You can not use the Web Service API (for example, GetChildren) to determine if it is a stereo track or a mono track. I do not know how to determine if this audio track is mono, stereo, 5.1ch or 7.1ch. I want to know how to determine the type of audio track using the API. Please tell me a good way.

  • Restore to Newscutters - Media Offline - Solved - Interplay Production 3.0.5

    Hi All,


    Its been awhile since I posted and I don't know if the subject represents the scope about what I am going to post - but - we are on an older bundle - 3.0.5 with updated 3.4.3 MI - Interplay production and our newsroom editors are Newscutter v. 11.0.6 -- and we had a mystery for awhile. 


    As some of you may remember I was with Avid support for several years and specialized in Interplay. The reason I post today is to say that we found a bug that probably will never be fixed but burned us for years. I used every trick in the book that I knew but could not get it resolved. Well...at least we found the workaround and a decent resolution. 


    When an editor does restore through media services/restore - as the job finishes and completes in the Media Services Status Viewer (ie turns green) - that is the visual indication that the media should be now available in Interplay window. For the most part it is - but sometimes one - or more of our editors would see the media status remain OFFLINE in the bin. We became micro focused on Media Indexer in our attempts to resolve the problem. As we got down to it - our editors would restart newscutter which would resolve the problem. The media would be online next time they access the bin/seq/media. 

    After studying the cache dates and times in the local MI folder on the edit stations we realized that cache files were not being refreshed as designed - only when in the administrator role - could a steady tech log into the MI via webbrowser and re-commit those caches to update them - but I digress - we noticed that the cache updates didn't seem to matter - our offline media would remain offline. 

    Making several assumptions I finally realized that this problem had nothing to do with relinking, or Indexer caches, or user settings, project, etc. 

    What did work - and the reason you have kept reading this post - is a feature called 'Clear Bin Memory'. It was something that was designed in the older versions to clear outstanding media objects that consume RAM. 

    We think why it works to solve our problem is that when an editor access the interplay window and drag clip from Interplay into Bin - there is a temporary object that exists - and gets in the way of the relink/dynamic relink process for this particular editor.  As I mentioned earlier in the post - some edit bays had no problem acccessing the media several minutes after a restore - usually when the editor complains he can't see his media - will run to another room - check for online status in that edit bay and would see it online. 

    After fumbling around with this for several weeks - and knowing about the problem even longer - we came up with this. 

    So - if you restore something and it doesn't come back in your room - try using the Clear Bin Memory button (info tab on project window). 


    Hope it helps some of you oldies. 


    Mike Sturgeon


  • Media Central / Search / Archive Production on 3rd party sotrage

    Hey everybody,

    I'm really new to the whole Interplay/Media Central thing, so please bear with me :D

    We're working with lots of archival footage in our production company every day. Since we often reuse footage we're looking for a solution to create a searchable video library. We work exclusively with Media Composer, so having the capability to simply search every media data base that is somehow accessible would be the easiest way for us to find clips and not having to implement an exterior MAM and change our wokflow. Everything would keep happening within Avid/Media Composer.

    The problem is, that it's my understanding, that this only works for media, that is on NEXIS storage. Buying additional NEXIS storage just to store and retrieve media and basically use that NEXIS storage as our library/archive doesn't seem to make sense, because we don't need the performance of a NEXIS just to store stuff. It's just to expensice :D

    So the biggest question would be, if there's any way I could make the Media Central apps work on different, maybe even local storage, in order to use cheaper, low performace storage, but still be able to search everything on there.

    Thanks in advance for your help!



  • What Interplay PAM version is supported by history management foroffice files(docx, xlsx, pptx)?

    Hi Team,

    I tested to history funtion on Interplay Access 3.8.1.

    The old office file formats(Doc, Xls, ppt) controlled history and rollback fuctions.

    But New formats(Docx, Xlsx, pptx) are not history function.

    Please, check this. 



    Steve Cho

  • No Web Services installer in Interplay_2018.11_Server

    Looking to upgrade a client to 2018.11 Interplay. On my test system I was unable to install web serverices via the autorun, when I went looking in the installers folder I couldn't find it.

    Is this a mistake in the installer package or am I missing something.




  • Avid Airspeed Multistream Record templates.

    While the Airspeed multistreams are end of support for almost 2years now and I would love to see them all replaced with new airspeed 5500 or the new fastserve... there are still a few out there.

    Recently got a request to help changing some settings and as I have some time to spare (nice for once) decided to see if I could help.

    But after a few minutes I encountered a familiar problem for which I can't remember, even after 3-4 hours, the solution and google also does not find an article in the knowledgebase that has the solution.

    On the multistream units the record templates, destination templates and default templates are all set through the interplay framework service configuration. But whatever I try, also when I copy a template and rename it, the codec, bitrate, bitrade mode, gop structure selection pull down menu's stay greyed out, like the new button. In the install manual the picture in the chapter of setting up the template shows the exact same thing.

    As I have set these up in the past I remember there was something 'not obvious' but I simply can't remember... 

    Anyone that can unblock my memory?

  • Restoring a V3.5 Interplay Database on a v2017.2 Interplay Engine


    We have a full backup of a v3.5 Interplay database and are intending to use the restore tool to load it into a new IP Engine. However, this IP Engine is running v2017.2. We're aware Avid's official stance would be to move it down to v3.5 and then do the upgrade, but we are also receiving advice it should be fine without doing this.

    Does anyone have any experience doing it this way?




  • Understanding Media Central and Interplay

    Hi everybody!

    I need some help understanding Avid Interplay and Avid Media Central and can't seem to find easily understandable documentation that goes a little deeper than just telling me that it's "exciting" and "fast" and "easy".

    The production company where I work is working with 32TB of ISIS storage and 6 Media Composers. We're mostly editing documentaries and other non fictional formats, that rely on tons of archival footage. Since we often need certain archival footage in various documentaries we were thinking that having a kind of searchable archive with every bit of archival (i.e. historic) footage that we've aquired over the years would be a huge time saver.

    At the moment our system is pretty flawed. For example, if we're looking for footage of Berlin in the early 90s, we rely on our boss knowing, that we used a couple of shots of Berlin in the early 90s in a certain project, we then recover that project from external HDDs (were we archived the whole project to at some point in the past), consolidate the shots we need to our ISIS into the project we're currently working on. We still try our best to tag footage in the comments collum and populate every clip with custom meta data as well, but if you don't know what project you have to look in for that certain clip and meta data, you won't be able to find it.

    When I saw a couple of videos about Media Central, and that it offers search capabilites across projects I thought this could help us in a big way. Does Media Central offer the capability to search for custom meta data that I put into custom collums in Media Composer?

    While trying to educate myself about Media Central I learned, that parts of it at least only seem to work with interplay (or that interplay is about to be rebranded Media Central Production?), which brings me to my next question: What exactly is interplay and what does it do...?

    Since I tried to learn more about Media Central I found out that it only seems to work with Nexus storage. However buying Nexus storage just to archive old projects to and thus having a searchable archive is probably too expensive for my boss. I can't find any information about pricing on Nexus Near Line, which I read also works with Media Central.

    While looking at other companies that offer avid compatible network attached storage I found Object Matrix. They claim, that their MatrixStore Storage works with Media Central... but only with interplay? I guess this is a question that I have to direct to the people at Object Matrix, but in order to understand I guess I have to understand what Interplay and Media Central essentially are first.

    So any help you guys could give me and/or any documentation you could point me to would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks in advance!


  • Mediacentral - MC compatibility matrix

    Dear Avid,

    With the release of Mediacentral production 2018.9 and Media composer 2018.10 I'd like to request if the

    Avid Editor Compatibility with Interplay Releases (time to update the name to Mediacentral?) document


    can be updated to include the latest versions.

    (The current main reason for this is to confirm MC 2018.10 requires MCP 2018.6 or 2018.9 client components.)

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