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Feed Avid Media Composer Mac

Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Anyone tried Monterey 12.2 yet?


  • Export MXF OP-Atom from Avid MC

    Anyone know if it's possible to export a sequence as MXF OP-Atom? It was requested that I burn in subtitles for a bunch of media, and I'd love to just bring in the exports when I'm done without having to transcode them all on import. 

  • No video output via Decklink 4K Extreme 12G


    Yesterday i unpacked my new Mac Pro. I've installed Decklink 4K Extreme 12G. I've downloaded Avid 2021.12, and newest Desktop Video Setup 12.2.2. And there is no video output. The toggle client monitor option is grey out. I checked that the video output works just fine in Resolve, so there is an Avid (or else?) issue. I've got Big Sur and mac is obviously Intel. 

    Do you have any idea what could be the issue here?

  • Media became associated with different project

    I just noticed, as we are nearing the end of the project, that most of my media is associated with a different project.  I was working with transcodes in an HD project where our final output is UHD.  It was a while ago, but at one point we wanted to test some color correction on parts of the footage.  My mind is a little fuzzy, but from what I remember I didn't want to change the main project to UHD since we were still pretty early on, so I created a new UHD project, opened the bins I needed, linked to the original footage, ouptut the AAF and sent it to the colorist.  I went back to the main project, relinked to the transcodes and conitnued to edit in HD.  Now after moving the main project to UHD and relinking, I see that alll the footage is associated to that intermediate UHD project.  It even changed the project association on media in bins I did not open in the intermediate project.  

    I'm wondering why this happened.

  • latest MC installer version with p2 and others

    Is the p2 plugin manager needed as the latest mac os update pulled it out.

    Do p2 cards now work automatically in avid with no 3rd party plugin

    Avid title tool was pulled but installed program has another part to replace it so I am not as concued. Is this new version inly launchable from within avid

    In the past sorensen squeze was used. That was pulled to. Is that not really needed anymopre for converting and making file sammller.

  • Is there a shortcut / command for syncing all video tracks at once?

    hi all!

    I know there is a 'sync all' button on the timecode track on the timeline.

    But I'm fed up of having to manually turn off/on all audio/video tracks.

    How do I sync ALL video tracks only, or sync ALL audio tracks only?


  • Projects crash Upgraded to Monterey and latest version of MC

    Upgraded to Monterey because I had to...don't ask.

    Was previously running Mojave and MC 2018.  

    Now Monterey and  2021.12.0

    Application opens ok.  But if I try to open a project crash every time.

    At wits end please help.


    Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2017

    Processor 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

    Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

    Graphics Radeon Pro 560 4 GB

    Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB

    Radeon Pro 560 4 GB

  • PNG quality dramatically decreased after import into Avid

    I'm bringing in many (many) PNGs that I converted from PDFs. There is a ton of text on these files that need to be read. However, no matter what resolution I bring in the images as, when I use source settings to zoom in, the quality is abysmal. You can barely read it. 

    Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong, or how to improve the quality of my PNGs upon ingest? I've started ingesting them as DNxHD HQ, where as previously I was ingesting them as DNxHD LB. I didn't notice much of a difference.

  • Importing Music -> Transcode to Single Stereo Track

    Im trying to import some mp3 tracks but cant work out how to make these into single stereo tracks in order to work with them on a stereo track in the timeline. Everytime I try I get always get two mono(l/r) tracks. Please help! Thanks 

  • Media Composer 2021 and Red Komono

    Trying to link or import Red Komono 6k files.  I'm running Media Composer 2021.9.0.  I am completely striking out with anything I would usually try.  If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


    Whoops.  My bad.  I didn't scroll down far enough to see the proper codec on Avid's RED page.  Easy peasy.

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