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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Audio peaking


    Does anyone know if there is an audio filter in Avid MC 8.6 that will clip audio levels to stop them from peaking and becoming hot? I am going to do a mix but for preview sake it would be good to just be able to add a filter to stop the audio from hitting red on the levels...



  • subcap generator - letters cut off in half - half not shown

    hi there- have a bizarre problem with the subcap generator - using a dutch broadcast standard font - NPO Subtitling - a unicode font - and when i try to use it i get this problem - the letters are half cut off - they don't show entirely.....

    any ideas? i am using media composer 8.4.4...

    thanks so much.



  • Jump to specific time MacBook Pro

    How do I jump to a specific time, or forward/backward a specific number of frames, on Media Composer 8.6 on a MacBook Pro? It doesn't have a numberic keypad. 

  • MC 8.5-8.8.3 | Bug probability - effect palette - search field

    Since the new search field in effect palette was introduced in v 8.5 -  and now i'm using the latest v8.8.3 

    this is a incredible handy feature, but :

    if i don't use this field ( don't type into, don't select etc) - 
    my workstation can run under heavy load - without crashes for days or weeks.

    if i begin using this field - then i usually get the app crash in a few hours.

    it's just my feeling ( of undiscovered beta tester ) , but this behavoir works like a pattern. 

    the app doesn't crash immidiately - but crashes in a few hours, so i'm not sure about this.


  • background transcoding MXF files vanish!

    Hi folks

    Hoping someone can suggest what has happened. I was transcoding a batch of rushes into Mac based MC v7.05. Most clips came in fine but some would not behave properly. I could view all clips using AMA but got "unknown format error" when editing some of them (Same camera, same cards, same drive..). The problem got worse when I tried transcoding. The normal clips came in fine; the difficult ones would not. Unfortunately I then tried transcoding in the background which notonly failed but seems to have wiped the MXF files. They seem to have disappeared! My AMA clips are now obviously offline  and there is no sign of the media files on the rushes drive..ANy idea how I can retrieve them or where they might have gone!

    In grateful anticipation!


  • after update to MC 8.8.3 program crash

    Everytime I try to ingest material from my P2 card reader (P2 card from panasonic in) the program crash.

    Until now I have never had any problems. When I check which version of panasonic MVP_MSP plugin im using its the newest. 

    AND: I can not see the AMA folder in Finder anywere ..So I cant delete anything.

    Tried to delete MC and re install - same sh.t..need to get back on track ASAP beacuse we have to deliver our TV documentary SOON..


  • OMF files in MC 8

    I would like to import some OMF video files saved from a project way back into my current version MC project. Is this possible? When I try it says something along the lines of them not being proper OMF files?


  • Timewarp on subclips


    Is it possible to put timewarp on a subclip? I've tried and when I open the effects palette the timewarp parameters aren't there, I only have frame flex parameters. i'm confused... can anyone help?



  • Perf column in 8.83

    Anyone found that when slipping sync using perf slip, you no longer get a display of the amount slipped in the perf column?

    I've tried creating a new user






  • 2:40:1 mask


    Does anyone know where in Avid I can get a 2:40:1 mask?. There doesn't seem to be an option for that ratio...



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