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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • uprezing an offline sequence, prepping for online

    Hi All,


    Working as an assistant and would like to learn the correct file based workflow for taking an offline DNX45 sequence and uprezing it to DNXHD.


    a little confused on what to use; linking, importing, transoding, consolidating uprezing, etc.



  • No Panasonic Metadata?

    I'm currently ingesting a few weeks of Panasonic footage, but I'm unable to see any of the metadata in Avid, even though I've installed the P2 AMA plugin. If I open the clips in P2 Viewer Plus, I get filter, shutter speed, iso, gamma, etc. However, when I try to view the clips in Avid -- both importing and AMA-linking through the source browser -- I don't get any information other than the usual image size, FPS, etc. 

    Am I missing something obvious? Do I have to pay for one of the extra software keys? Run the footage through P2 Viewer first?

    Currently working in macOS Mojave and running Avid 2020.6.

  • Constant crashing with very little obvious cause

    MBP 2.5Ghz 16GBRAM, macOS 10.14.6, Media Compsoer 2019.12.2, All DNX36 media.

    I am expereincing an unworkably large number of crashes - once or twice an hour if not more.   I am working on the simplest of assemblies - 2V, 4A, no titles or graphics or any media elements other than DNXHD36 media.  What causes the crash can be anything - hitting play, playing backwards, lifting a clip, jummping to In/Out point, even just switching back to the app using the Application Switcher has done it.  I have no unusual settings, the Attic is working as expected, the media, system drive and cache drives all have tons of room.   The project is not enormous - a simple feature doc.   What should I start doing do to try and reduce this crashing problem?

  • Scratch removal render corruption

    I added a scratch removal effect to a clip and then rendered it. It took over 4 hours to do a 5 min 4K clip and then it was corrupted throughout - see grab (orig image on left hand monitor with corrupted image on right hand one. The clip was fine before render and all other timelines in this project are working fine. This shot had an blended interpolated slo mo and frame flex but those alone rendered fine. The scratch removal seemed to cause the corruption. Any advice?


  • Possible bug with importing ALEs with columns with the same name

    This is going to be a pretty neiche bug, but here goes.

    I built a custom tool to merge ALEs from multiple sources (mainly Silverstack and DaVinci Resolve).

    The ALEs that were created unintentionally had one column called "Shoot date" and another called "Shoot Date". When importing the ALE, Avid would throw a Timecode parsing error, claiming there was an incorrect syntax in a timecode column.

    I'm guessing this is a problem with Avid not being case sensitive when it comes to metatdata columns, but maybe the error message can be updated to reflect this? Something like "The ALE you are trying to import contains duplicate column names". 

    2019 Macbook Pro, Avid 2020.4.0

  • IMac reboot failure after MC 2020.8 install

    After installing MC 2020.8 on my new IMac, the restart hung up right as the progress bar reached the end of the startup screen. After two force quits and restarts with the same result, I'm wondering where to go from here.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Cursor jumps on playback of audio clips using AJA T-Tap IO

    Two systems on our show experience the cursor jumping when playback is initiated (spacebar pressed) on audio-only clips.  They both use AJA T-Tap and one editor tested disabling hardware and the jumping ceased.  They are running AMC 18.12.6 and 18.12.10 I believe.  Is there a fix for this?

  • Media Composer 2020.6 Compatibility With Previous Versions



    I own a new iMac with Catalina OS and am running Media Composer 2020.6. I'm going to be working on a project with an editor who is on an iMac with High Sierra running Media Composer 2018.12. Is it safe to share bins and media when one editor is on the new media composer and one editor is running a legacy version? I'm deciding between using my system or renting a system that has the High Seirra and 2018.12 setup.


    Does any one have experience with bin and media comptibility across different versions of Media Composer? Any major issues? Best practices? Recommendations? 



  • Title issue questions

    Since I too am finhding the New T+ titler tool almost unusable, I am grasping for other soluctions .  My main edit computer (an iMac) is running MC2020.8 on Catalina.  I have a second computer  (MacBook Pro) that is running MC 8.12.3 on High Sierra v.10.13.6.  Obviousy the first does not have the old familiar Title Tool, but the second one does.  My question is whetherI coud produce a title on MC v.18.12 and import it as a sequence into 20.8? If so, what kind of file is best suited for that?

    Second question: what do all of you more experienced types suggest is the best application for creating titles that can be easily imported inhto MC2020.8?



  • Full-Screen Time Line Workspace - MC 2020.6 on Mac High Sierra

    An important workspace I use often is the full-screen timeline view. In all my previous versions setting this up was not an issue (file:///Applications/Avid%20Media%20Composer/Help/MCHelp.html#page/Help%2FTimeline.24.16.html). I would click the + button to remove the composer source/record windows and resize the time.  The version I am upgrading to using is 2020.6.0 and when I float the composer and timeline window then click the + button(on the composer window) it only reduces the source/record windows to their smallest size instead of removing them(like in older versions).  Is there something I am doing wrong or a new procedure to accomplish this(even though it still says to click the + button in the composer help window)?

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