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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Autosync using inpoints not working anymore!

    I'm starting a new film project and find that I can't autosync clips using inpoints. Despite selecting my audio and video clips and choosing "inpoints" as the type of sync for aautosync, I still get an error message about mismatched timecode.

    The software seems to be ignoring my selection and sticking with the default choice of timecode?

    Autosequence also doesn't work! If I manually sync the same clips in a timeline and hit autosequence, I get the following error - "You have not selected any master clips, subclips or group clips". 

    I first encountered in fresh install of 2019.9. Then upgraded to 2019.11 and still have the same problem


    Media Composer 2019.11
    OSX Mojave 10.14.16

  • Avid gets stuck while launching



    I cannot launch Avid-- it gets stuck on "Initializing Capture Tool" on the splash screen. 


    I'm running Avid MC 2019.11.0 (because I was forced to update to the absolute latest by Avid Link) on an iMac with the following specs:


    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    3.3 GHz Intel Core i5

    32 GB 1600 MHz

    AMD Radeon R9


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

  • phase problem, lavalier mic has a 0,19ms delay

    I'm editing a project that has an audio problem. The lavalier mic has a 0,19ms delay (I read the thecnical specification of the lav that was used on the shoot) so there is a phase problem with the boom. The problem is in every single take of the project. I've tried to perform an Audio Slip in the Source Setting (right mouse on the clips), but it's not working. Apparently, I move one channel but nothing changes on the audio when I playback the clip.
    How can I solve this problem? What is the best way to solve this problem in all my clips?

  • Problem: Steps edits in timeline automatically while dragging mouse

    Dragging mouse accross timeline is stuck on  step mode.  I have to hold down command key to fluid scroll with mouse over timeline.  It usually works the other way around.  Hold down command key to drag and step through edits on timeline.  is there a setting that reverses this?



  • MC 2019.11 Blocking Desktop needs to be stopped

    The 2019 updates have started blocking the desktop on Macs. There was a work around in .9 but now I can't get away from it in .11

    This needs to changed back... it's messing with my workflow and causing me to waste time and go through extra steps to access the finder. Also lost the availabity to simply check my e-mail, calendar, chat apps, etc. at a glance b/c my desktop and apps is being blocked. 

    The race to mimic Premiere has gone too far... I understand the need to keep up with the times and appeal to new users that may be used to different tools but there are seasoned editors that have been using this tool FOR DECADES and these arbitrary changes that no one asked for are making your product worse for them.

    At least give us an option to get rid of this pointless background. 

  • playback not stopping - live timeline bug?

    I'm running MC 2018.9.0 on an iMac Pro - OS X 10.13.6.


    I keep having a "runaway playback" issue.  That is where I press play and then I cannot stop playback.  The only way to stop playback seems to be to select "about Medica composer", but often that is not possible without clicking back and forth to finder mutliple times.

    Waveforms are not on (I mention this because there was a previous issue with waveform drawing and live timeline).

    Is this a known bug?  Is there a fix?   I can't figure out why or when the Avid will decide to do this, but it has recently become much more frequent (dozen times a day or so, as opposed to maybe twice a week previously).  It's driving me nuts.

    I'm assuming this is related to live timeline.  I'd love to be able to disable live timeline as I don't need it and it just seems to slow me down with behavior like this.  But disabled or not, I would like my Avid to be able to stop playing once it has started.

    EDIT: It may be that the whole Avid application is not responding to the mouse.  It seems like I've been having little moments where the mouse can't click on anything unless I toggle to another app and back.  Has anyone had that problem?  Maybe it is a combination fo that issue and then pressing play that causes the playback hang, I dunno.  

  • Favor RAM, CPU or GPU?

    I know Catalina isn't ready yet, but I need to upgrade my computer.

    The Macbook Pro I'm looking at is as follows:

    2.3Ghz 8-Core i9

    32GB RAM

    AMD Radeon Pro 5500 w/4GB RAM

    1TB SSD

    My question... I can upgrade to 64GB RAM, or an 8GB AMD Radeon Pro 5500, or 2TB SSD or even 2.4GHz 8-core i9.

    If you were going to throw the money somewhere, which would you do?

    My workflow does consist of iPhone 4K material. I'm using external usb-c attached G-technology RAID array.

    Thanks for any advice!

    *Note: From what I'm reading, 64GB of RAM seems to be the best contender.

  • Source monitor picture keeps dropping out to black,

    It loads the file, but no picture. Unless i close the project and reopen i can't get the picture back into the source monitor.

    never had this before?


  • avid mod when importing

    I'm importing a bunch of files from a canon 5D shooting. One of them has been renamed "avid mob" instead of using the actual file name. I've tried to reimport it again but the same happens: avid mob.

    Someone can tell me why is that happening? Does it mean that the file has some sort of corruption?


  • Settings vanish

    Had a weird one. MC 2019.11. Opened my settings and only one setting visible where there should have been several (Bin Views, Export etc). And yes, I started this installation with eveything new and MC State trashed. If I created a new project, I could see the full settings list. If I opened an existing project, missings settings. I think I fixed it by leaving the settings window open as I switched projects. Anyone seen this? Looks like the old 'Active Settings' list from earlier releases.

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