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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Adjusting clip volume during playback

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to adjust clip volume on the fly during playback.

    Right now I cant use avid control on the iphone or ipad as it causes avid to crash instantly so I try with the keyboard or mouse. So using shortcuts or moving the fader of the audio mixer or adjusting gain on the clip itself.

    But whatever I do, the playback stops instantly. Is there any way to adjust the volume without stopping playback? 

  • Audio track effects panels vanishing

    Hi everyone, 

    I an not sure if maybe someone else has the same problem: I am trying to finalize my edits with some loudness measuring plugins - for example youlean loudness meter.

    So I add the plugin as a track effect to the master channel and then playback and adjust the loudness accoding to the loudness shown on the plugin. I often open the plugin fullscreen on a second monitor.

    But my problem, when navigation through the timeline or adjusting the volume of the clips the audio plugin panel often vanishes completely. Then I can only remove the effect and open it again, but then all my loudness measurements are gone.

    I tried with another effect like izotope loudness but the problem is the same.

    Does anyone has the same problem? Or are there maybe some shortcuts on the keyboard that cause the problem? 

  • sound timecode column data disappearing

    After importing audio clips into avid version 2018.12, we duplicate the start timecode into the sound TC coulumn and the Aux 1 TC column.  We then syn the audio to the master clips.  Four weeks later, the data in the Sound TC and Aux 1 TC columns of the audio masters has disappeared, whcih means it also gone from the synced subclips.

    We went back the audio masters and duplicaed the columns again, but it's only repopulating in about half of the synced.subclips.  It doesn't matter how many times we duplicate, doesnt work.


    I've seen this issue before, going back to the beginning of v2018.  Offhand, I don't rembmeber it happening in 2017, but it's been awhile.  However, in all cases, it always repopulated the subclips.



  • Avid 2020.10 - Dual trim not playing

    Been having an issue with trim mode in 2020.10, only one clip playing instead of both. Seems to happen while using the mouse and not if entering trim mode with the keyboard shortcut. Slowing me down no end as I often hold down alt and drag while trimming video tracks.


    Double checked preferences under trim mode and "Dual Image Play" is enabled. 


    Has anyone else come across this? Bug?

  • BM Desktop Video Driver question

    Is anybody out there using BM Desktop Video Driver 11.5.1 with MC 2018.12.x ?  BM says this version supports MC 2019.

    We need to run Premiere 2020 on the same system and 11.5.x is the first version to support that (even though we have been running with 11.2 !!!)  Trying to sort out some issues.

    EDIT:  Should have added on Mac OS 10.14.5 or 10.14.6

    EDITED the Version number Surprise

  • Media links not working across multiple systems

    When we start a project on one system and then open it on another (using Nexis shared storage), we often find media links offline. The workaround used to be to open the source browser and navigate to the linked clips, then MC would "see" them and update the clips in the bins and sequence. With more recent MC updates, when we find the clips in the source browser, it "sees" them, but does not update the bin or sequence. If we link the clips again, it creates a new master clip in the bin and we need to manually replace each one in the sequence. Anyone else experiencing this? Do the two systems have different link settings that are causing this? Any best practices to maintain links across systems?


  • Project consolidation issues and error

    I have had a lot of trouble consolidating a project, namely a single sequence in a project, especially at the relinking stage. Any help would be appreciated.

    Avid Media Composer 2019.12.0.

    MacOS Mojave (10.14.16)

    We set out to take all the media in our Avid project and cut it down, carving out only the media associated with the "final" sequence. That way, we can consolidate this media to a smaller drive and send it to another editor. The plan was to duplicate the sequence into another bin, "Set Bin Display" to "Show Reference Clips", and "Consolidate/Transcode" all of those reference clips. Immediately, I realized it would not be that easy, because we had used AMA linking for a couple of clips and had used some subclips. So ultimately I consolidated media to our new target drive in three batches:

    1. "Master" reference clips - Consolidating the full media files
    2. Linked clips - Simply copying the Linked Media folder over to the target drive
    3. Subclips - Consolidating with 0 frame handles.
    There were also some Matte Key stills in my bin that confused me, but I thought I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

    Anyway, after those three batches (two, plus Linked Media) were consolidated on the target drive, and when the time came to set the original drive offline and Relink the sequence to the target drive, I got a major error (see attached screenshot): "Exception:FATAL_ERROR, msg:Assertion failed: I_expectedBounds.GetResolutionY() == newHeight, file:/Builds/workspace/MC/Release_Installer_Git/Mac_Build/coresw/ame/src/Consumers/Devices/SWCompCvtr.c, line:1008"

    All options in the dialog box that pops up, including "Debugger", do not work! I also tried to reinstall the same version of Avid, but that did nothing.

    Any troubleshooting tips?

  • How to stop a OP Atom file from "Linking" ???

    MC 2018.12.9   Mac OS 10.14.1  Shared storage system (Terrablock)

    I have seen discussions of this before and I thought I understood how to “fix” it, but now I am stumped.

    We received a baked file from Resolve that is an OP Atom DNx .mxf file.   Just what we want.  An editor new to the project linked it rather than just putting it into an Avid MXF media folder.

    I  can NOT get rid of the linking and have Avid treat as what it is.  AMA management has been off on my system for over a year.  It might NOT be off on the system that linked it.  I have moved the .mxf file to an Avid MediaFiles / MXF folder associated with my computer.  I have had it reindex several times.  I have tried relinking several ways.  The clip always shows that it is “Linked”.  ARRGH!!!

    What voodoo should I be doing here?

  • Import Media Jpeg, SYS_ERROR, OSErr.- 1407


    I am trying to import JPEGs using the "Import Media" dialog, but I get this error message.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to import JPEGs or can I only AMA-link them?

  • Avid Pan and Zoom very bad performance

    Hi everyone. 

    I am editing on my old macbook and I am quite happy that I can still edit UHD in Prores natively. The only problem I have now: I have to insert small JPEGs from a client and animate with pan and zoom effect and add titles. But even the pan and zoom effect is VERY slow. I cannot see what I am doing at all when I am not rendering every time I change something.. Is there any way to speed this up? Final output will be HD but I need the UHD footage to zoom when necessary. Should I work in a HD-Project for now? Usually I change everything to HD at the very end.. Or is there another way of doing this? Maybe transcoding the JPEGs to another format before editing or creating a video file from them? I can animate movement in my UHD Prores Video files and they playback perfectly without rendering, so I just wonder if this is normal..

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