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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • How To Use Two Separate Drives For Avid MediaFiles


    I am wondering how to set up a network with two drives i have. Right now I have the project running with the media on hard drive A but I want to include MX and SFX that I have on another drive B. Will Avid just read the two drives Avid MediaFiles folders or do I have to point it to the folders in drive B to the project somehow?

    Thanks for your time.


    OS 10.4.5 

    Avid 2018.12.6

  • AMA Mapper problem 2019.12.1

    I upgraded from 2019.12 to 2019.12.1  (Mac, Mojave 10.14.6)

    For a week, everything seemed fine.

    Today, the system is crippled. AMA Mapper error.

    The only change was adding an avb from a co-worker, also on 2019.12.1, an ama-linked sequence we have been trading back and forth.

    She said as soon a she upgraded she started dropping frames--I had no problems with that. But when I opened the sequence, which is ama linked (we have cloned arrays and for months have not had a problem linking), I got the AMA Mapper error.

    I could not navigate or do anything, but I could go to the top and quit. So not a hard crash but all composer functions disabled in bins and sqeuences. 

    I X'd out AMA Management and tried again. Everything came in unlinked. 

    I took a breath and started re-linking everytihng. But nothing relinks at all.

    So I deleted the new sequence she sent me from the project, and went back to the old AMA Management, thinking now I'd be fine. Wrong. Now even my other linked seqiuences, which played fine before, won't play and give me the same AMA Mapper and I have to exit and can only work on transcoded sequences. as soon as I touch anything with a linked file I get the AMA Mapper area and have to exit.


    Thank you,



  • Should I Format External SSD Drive as APFS or HFS+

    I'm on a brand new iMac Retina 5K 27inch 2019

    3.6.ghz 8-Core i9

    96 GB ram

    Radeon Pro Vega 48 8GB

    MC 20.6.0

    OS Catalina 10.15.5


    I'm using a OWC 2 TB Envoy Pro Ex as an External Drive and was wondering if I should format APFS or HFS+



  • MC 2019 Closing Project - Closes Program

    I am in MC 2019 and when I click the RED X in the top left of the project it closes the PROGRAM vs closing the project, in MC 2018 and older it was always that top left X closes just the project, but now you have to go manually to the FILE MENU then click CLOSE PROJECT or use a keyboard shortcut to do that,  is there anyway to set it back to the old style or is this a bug? Because if you are jumping between projects that is annoying you have to keep going to the FILE MENU.

  • Bins...


    There are a few things that I find annoying about the new bin structure, but one that really gets on my nerves is that I cannot seem to adjust the space that is given to different columns within the bin wondow. The NAME column is much to narrow for me to display the info I want. And Frankly, that you get the whole project diagram attached to whatever bin you open: it's purpose escapes me.

    Let's put that aside for the moment and please tell me: can you change the width of a column without a degree in information technology?




  • Title / Motion Graphics templates and plugins

    Are there any sites that provide title templates or plugins that work in Avid?

    I'm really interested in purchasing great looking titles that I don't have to spend hours in Marquee creating.

    I notice on places like Envato or Motion Array that they have templates for Premier and other NLE's.

    Help would be appreciated.



    Hi Everybody, 


    I have a NEXIS E4 server (version
    and clients on IMAC (system version 10.12.6, client version NEXIS
    since I've been working on it, I've encountered problems saving bin and attic creations)
    have you ever encountered this kind of problem on NEXIS?
    does the fact that my systems are in 10.12.6 pose a real problem?
    Thank you for your help.
  • missing fonts not listed in title tool

    Prior to MC 2019 when I would open a title in Title Tool but didn't have the correct fonts installed, an error message would come up naming the missing fonts (very helpful when receiving projects from other editors on different systems). The same isn't happening in 2019.12.1, MC is just replacing missing fonts with Geneva. Any suggestions on what to do here to figure out what the fonts were?

  • times appear on buttons in source monitor

    I can't get rid of these times that are on my source monitor buttons. The numbers don't change. I just recently changed from MC 2018.12.8 to MC 2019.12.1 but created new user settings when I did.

  • Not recognizing a .mov file from an Ipad video rec

    Im stuck I am getting a cannot import a .mov file shot on an Ipad pro  what am i doing wrong ?


    It's a 1920x1080p 30fps 2020.6 catalina. plays fine in QTP


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