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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Having trouble creating an .aaf file.

    Under export method under export settings, I tried consolidate media and ended up with a small 5.3MB .aaf file.  I then tried copy all media and got an error message saying "cannot be exported using the specified "copy all media" to media drive setting."  How do I remedy this?

    I should add that it appears consolidate media appears to be the right choice as it is copying and exporting 116 files and 64 clips, just that I can't explain why the .aaf file is only 5.3MB.

    I'm suspecting it's not linking the clips.  In that case, how do I get them to link?

  • Raid 10 Raid 50 something else? Whats the best way to back up your Raid

    I am just going through my first ever raid failure and even though I did back up critical files I did have to get the Raid recovered to get back some older footage that I should have already puit to my LTO tapes.


    So after this scenario and a truck load of expense I'm torn on how I want to set up my Raid. One thing I do know is that from now on I wll have my Main Raid, Back up Raid and a third backup off site. My question is what is teh best way to back up the raid.


    My data recovery guy is suggesting Raid 6 ( I had 5) on my main raid which I completely understand but I want to keep as much speed as possible and after suffering the downtime recently I want to make sure I have a hot backup ready to go if my Raid were to fail.

    My thought is to run my main Raid in Raid 0 as well as my Backup Raid and then Raid them together in Raid 1. Am I crazy to think this would work or is this a Raid 10?

    My main concern is to have a duplicat of my main raid ready to go if it fails and if I'm going to have a duplicate ready to go I figure why not get the most speed I can out of the Raid. Maybe I just like living on the edge. Of course both Raids will be backed up regularily to my 3rd back up raid.


    This leads me to my last question. Do you use any software to automatically back up your raid to another raid or drive? If I don't go Raid 1 I'd like a solution where a program is constantly backing up my Raid for me.

    Any suggestions? I'm all ears.




  • MC8.7.2 possible with 10.12.5



    we configured all our systems with 10.12.2 and MC8.7.2 and are really really happy, everything works fine.

    20+ machines and almost no considerable issues Yes


    But sometimes we have minor issues with macOS itself, so I wanted to ask if 10.12.5 or maybe .4 is supported with MC8.7.2.

    in the Version Matrix 10.12.2 is still recommended but maybe the information for 8.7.2 is not up to date since 8.8 is out...?


    Thank you,


  • MC8.7.2 UHD-Project, FrameFlex not removable



    I consolidated UHD-material (3840x1260/25p) from a FS5 and FS7 into an 1080i/50-Project because I forgot to check the format.

    Off course my clips had a Motion Adapter, a Color Adapter because of SLog and a Frame Flex.

    Now I wanted to get rid of them, so I deleted the Color Adapter and changed my project matching to my material, to UHD 3840x2160/25p.

    Then I refreshed my sequence but the Frame Flex is still there.


    I resartet everything, made a new sequence, same issue.

    When I open the Frame Flex, it shows:

    Raster Dimensions: 3820x2160

    Image Size: 1920x1080

    Reformat: Stretch


    If I change the reformat settings to Center Keep Size, my material is scaled down to HD.

    Why? This makes no sense. My projects fits my material, there is no need for a Frame Flex.

    And I checked the Mediapro.xml inside the raw cards, it really is UHD. AVC Long-GOP High and XAVC 4K Intra VBR Class 300, both in 3840x2160p/25.


    Any suggestions? A Bug? A mistake that I make?


    Thank you,



    EDIT: After setting the Image Size to 3840x2160 and Center Keep Size, the image is not scaled and the Frame Flex dissappears. I definitly tried this before but now it does what it should.

  • MC8.7.2 crashes on Import with cmd+a. Known?



    when I try to Import sound Files and use cmd+a to select them all (in list view), all our Avids are crashing.

    It doesn't matter which project. I tried different volumes, different Macs, checked filenames, foldernames, on all systems the same issue.

    All or systems are running 10.12.2 and MC8.7.2, Mac Minis, iMacs, MacPro2013, doesn't matter.


    Yes, I can Import them via the Source Browser, but I wanted to know, if this issue is maybe known?


    Thank you,


  • Audio Metadata Track Location Changed On Import

    Hi, I am have imported .wav files into Media Composer.  According to the sound recordist, they are polywav format. When I import them as Wav files, the imports list that the CHARACTER is on track 7 and the BOOM mic is recorded on Track 8.  However, when I AMA link the same files, Tracks 7 & 8 are empty and the CHARACTER is listed as being on track 3 and the BOOM mic is listed as being on track 4 instead.  Does anyone know what has caused this shift?

    NEW NOTE: Interestingly, I checked the Sound recordist's .CSV spreadsheet and the Character and Boom are supposed to be on tracks 7&8.  So, I guess now, I'm just wondering why there's a discrepency between the AMA-linked and imported files.


  • Wacom right click not working with MC 8.8.4

    I'm using an iMac 2017 with latest download of MC 8.8.4 and my Wacom Bamboo MTE-450A tablet and pen. The pen's right click works in other apps and finder, but not with Avid MC.

    In Avid MC I need to hold down control to get access to right click menus and functions.

    Searching through these forums I can see there's been various problems with Wacom usability over the last few years, although I've never had problems with this tablet over a few different versions of MC and OSX over the last 5 years.

    I've tried the last couple of versions of Wacom drivers, but no luck.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Is it possible to force Phrase Find to re-index linked media?

    Just added Phrase Find/ScriptSync-- very excited to have it back! But, it's not indexing my project's media, which is mostly linked.

    Per this thread: http://community.avid.com/forums/p/121300/698746.aspx#698746, PhraseFind will not index linked media that was added before the PhraseFind option. Is there a way to force PhraseFind to re-index? I could re-link all my media in a new bin, but a) that seems kludgy and b)won't the index link to the new clips rather than the old? 

    Anyone have a work-around for this? Marianna, since PhraseFind recently re-emerged, it would be nice if it could work on existing projects, if there's a way to do this.



    C King

  • 8.8.3 Render audio eq changes volume to 100%

    When we render audio EQ in 8.8.3 it seems to not honor volume set for those clips. They still say whatever level they've been adjusted to, but when it plays it is at 100%. Anyone seeing this? Anyoen know if it's fixed in 8.8.4?

  • MC timeline: All clips playing at wrong speed



    I'm totally stumped by this.  I'm running MC 8.4.0 on an iMac (specs below). All of a sudden a couple of days ago, all clips in both player and recorder windows have started playing at superfast speed in my timeline.  It's as though my "Play" button has become a "FF" button.  The problem persists across all my projects and with media from all different drives. What??


    Here's a 2:45 screen recording of the problem and my little experiments to try and isolate what's wrong.



    I've already tried creating a new user profile, trashing/ rebuilding my use profile information, and also trashing/ rebuilding the MC state settings and site settings.


    Wonder if anyone can spot what might be going wrong.  


    Thanks in advance,




      Model Name: iMac

      Model Identifier: iMac14,3

      Processor Name: Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz

      Number of Processors: 1

      Total Number of Cores: 4

      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

      L3 Cache: 8 MB

      Memory: 16 GB

      Boot ROM Version: IM143.0118.B14

      Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

      Type: GPU

      Bus: PCIe

      PCIe Lane Width: x16

      VRAM (Total): 1024 MB

      Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)



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