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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • S-Log questions

     Hi everyone,


    I am doing some research for a potential job that I'm up for.  The show in question is considering shooting in S-LOG and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get LUTs on the footage for offline story and editing.


    We would be shooting on Sony F55 cameras and Canon XF205s.  I've been trying to figure out if they can save clips with LUTs in addition to the SLOG versions.


    Additionally,  I'm looking at taking the S-LOG footage and effecting it in Post.  We want to transcode the footage down to 14:1 for offline work. 

    Our editors with work with Avid 4,  I have access to that,  Avid 6.5 and to my understanding Avid 8.

    One thought is to bring the footage into Davinci Resolve  apply the look and export it out.  That said we don't know if it will allow us to export out to 14:1 (I'm guessing not).  I believe that it can export out to DnXHD 36 or to a higher resolution like 175. 

    Sorry for the ramble.  Just wanted to put all my thoughts out there to see if anyone could give me some advice or guidance.

    Thanks so much.


  • Cannot save bins on Facilis Terrablock

    Greetings everyone,


    I was wondering if any of you have also had this issue with Facilis Terrablock. I have a few systems running off this shared storage and they were working just fine. Then, all of the sudden, two of them stopped being able to save bins. And the locked or unlocked icon that usually appears at the bottom of each bin has disappeared. So, I'm thinking Avid is no longer registering that these projects are shared avid projects and is getting confused thinking they are no longer on a shared system. Any suggestions how to convince this thing that nothing has changed?




  • Unable to play some previously fine footage? "MIS Read too large for buffer"

    An entire bin of three days of AMA linked footage shot on Sony F5 ( XAVC Intra 2K Class 100 ) Which I have been working with just fine for six months will no longer play. I can load it, scrub it, etc. but not play it. I get this error, attached below:


    Exception: DIDReader::FetermineBufferAlignment()- MIS Read too large for buffer


    All other media plays fine.


    I've removed and replaced and updated my Nablet plugin, deleted prefs, uninstalled and reinstalled MC 8.10, tried 2018.4 which gave me another, more serious crash. May be related or not? Anyone seen this? AMA problem; should I delete the AMA Management folder?


    Rough day on the AVID...




    Chyld King

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

  • Unable to run 2018.3 or 2018.4-- FATAL ERROR

    I've been working pretty well in MC 8.10, but when I install 2018.3 or .4, launching a project (old, new, whatever) with any user gives me a FATAL_ERROR, msg:Assertion failed: m_valid, file:/Snapshots/relengmini1_1520475543/soresw/ColumeUI/volMenuUtils.c, Line: 977




    Any thoughts? Will try to revert to 8.10...fingers crossed.




    (also why is it so hard to embed an image?)

  • AAF Media Composer to After Effects issue



    I'm having an issue when I export an AAF and then import it in After Effects.  I've been able to do this in the past, and nothing has been updated so I'm not sure what is causing the issue. 


    When I try and import it in After Effects (using Pro Import) it throws up an error message saying "improper negative timecode found".  I've been through the project with a fine tooth comb and can't seem to find anything negative within it.


    I thought for a moment it was because I had 50fps footage in a 25fps project (for slow motion purposes), but I've removed that and tried again and that didn't work.  Other things I tried:

    • Changing the starting timecode of the sequence and moving the edit in to that,
    • Rendering the motion adapter (before removing it as above)
    • Rendering the timeline
    • Opening the AAF in Premiere (that said the same error)
    • Opening the AAF on After Effects on a different machine (and an earlier version of the app)
    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Sam

  • Blue Titler Install

    By all rights, being an 18-year Avid user this should be something I can figure out, but can't. 

    I have a license that says Perpetual. I am on MC 8.8.5. Installed NewBlue Titler Pro 5.0 from the Application Manager. It's not working. It gives me the error that I need to install it. Looked through the forum enough to see it looks like us people who have bought Avid a long time ago do not get the nice new app. I went to my Avid.com download center. Can't find another version to download.

    How do I install the correct version of this app and make a title in a 4K project? Also, if I need to Uninstall the version I installed, please tell me how to do that because I can't figure that out either.



  • Closing Capture tool causes crash


    We have an (intermittent) error that might be specific to our build, although it's hard to say as it only happens on a couple of machines.

    Essentially, closing the capture tool after recording a line of comm is enough to bring up the beachball of doom from which MC can't recover and a force quit is required.

    We're on El Capitan and MC 8.6.4. Thus far this has been the most wonderful stable build for the last year and it's hard to know whether the previous editors simply weren't recording comm very often in the two suites in question... or not reporting an issue.

    Strangely, one of the systems this occurs on is a mid 2012 Mac Pro, the other is a Late 2013 Mac Pro (aka the shiny bucket...) so it's not as if the issue is on the same hardware. One similarity is that both machines have 16GB of RAM, but other machines in-house have the same RAM config and haven't suffered from this bug.

    One machine uses a Black Magic Ultrastudio 4K bob, the other is an internal BM Decklink Studio 4. Have tried a driver update on both machines. This did seem to work on the 2013 model for all of a day but the issue returned.




  • brain cramp extraordinaire: how do I make my text black in Title Tool?

    Hi there,

    For the life of me, I've forgotten how to make the text of a super black.

    I'm using Title Tool, and I've got the super spelled out, but it's white.  When I select it, and go to 'Fill' and try to choose black from the Color Picker, nothing works.  There's a vertical bar on the left of the Color Picker window that won't move from grey, and a rainbow horizontal bar at the top that doesn't include black. And two other squares that I've clicked in, with no luck.

    Would someone mind telling me how to make my text black?

    Thanks very much,


  • Audio Track Effects causing interface slowness/lagging

    I've been fighting lagging issues for a while and finally just figured out what was causing it for me: audio track effects. Bypassing the effects lead to no improvement. In my case, the Play Length toggle made no change in behavior. The only cure was to remove all track effects from every track (including the master).

    I recently did a full clean install (new hard drive, fresh OS install, etc) as part of my troubleshooting as I was having problems prior as well, so I'm pretty confident my current install is ok. Currently on MacOS 10.13.4 and MC 2018.4, but as mentioned I've been having issues for a little while now, I'm going to guess back to MC 8.6-ish.

    The lag is most predominant with anything sequence related, but also causes sluggishness with loading clips in the source monitor and sometimes application switching as well. Loading a sequence with no audio track effects makes the interface snappy again like it should be.

    Any thoughts as to why this might be? Audio track effects are a pretty big part of my workflow. I can get around it somewhat by making sure they are the last step of my edit now that I know they are the issue, but obviously it would be great if they worked correctly without killing the interface.

  • Avid supported imac config


    There is maybe already an answer to this somewhere but I haven't found it and would really appreciate some feedback.

    I need to get a new imac (not the expensive pro model, but a modest little imac).  This one is on sale, but is not listed as an Avid supported model.  Could anybody tell me if there's a chance it could be approved for Avid MC?

    21.5 inches, 4K, Intel Core i7, quad core, 3.6 GHz, RAM 16 Go DDR4, Fusion Drive, GPU: AMD

    It's the GPU I'm not sure about.  Thanks for any advice.

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