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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Media Composer 2019.12 to Da Vinci Resolve round trip


    I am using the latest version of Media Composer 2019.12 and I have finished all my editing and I would like to send my sequence to Da Vinci Resolve 16 for color correction.

    I have had a good look online searching for some tutorials and detailed info about the workflow for this process, most of the articles that I have found are out date, and they do refer to previous versions of media composer.

    I would like to ask if there is updated article for the current version of the media composer on how to make this trip?


    I did a few attempts, but they were nor sucessfull:

    I have tried to consolidate my finished sequence and then with the new consolidated sequence I exported it as an AAF file.

    Imported into Resolve 16 this AAF file and I could see my sequence, but all the media was offline.


    Many Thanks




  • Exporting AAFs - can you "assign" columns of metadata?


    I have a sequence in MC with about 125 clips. The clips have been relinked to original camera footage and I'm now sending an AAF of the sequence to a colorist who will conform the project in DaVinci resolve.  The conform hasn't been working and I suspect that one problem is that the cameras used in the shoot (all Sony A7 Mark 2s) all used the same filenaming method, resulting in several different camera files that have the same filenames! These files reside in different subdirectories, so one would think that the files wouldn't be confused with each other. But I suspect the filenames are conflicting.

    To streamline things a bit, I would like to put all the files into the same subdirectory but tweak the filenames to differentiate them. 

    The sequence is successfully linked to the files by their original names. But I suspect that I can't just "re-link" the sequence to to the newly-renamed files. It can't work because the filenames and sourcepaths are all new.

    What if I left the sequence linked as-is but created 2 new columns of metadata - NewSourceFile and NewFilepath - and then I paste the new file information into these new columns? The next step would be to export an AAF referring to NewSourceFile and NewFilepath data, instead of the data currently in the Source File and Source Path columns.  Can this be done on an AAF export?







  • Support for New Mac Pro and MAC OSX 10.15 (Catalina)

    Does anyone know when there will be a qualified release of Media Composer for the new mac pro using 10.15.2?  We have a new mac pro and cannot get any version of 2018 or 2019 to work.  Hangs at the startup/splash page.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Below is where is stalls on media composer v. 2019.12



  • NewBlue titler & crashing Avid all the time?

    Anytime i save a title to the timeline, or open a title. In mc or using the standalone, crashes the Avid everytime. Does anyone else have issues or is it just me?


  • Group Clip of stereo clips results in 2 channel mono Group

    I have four stereo clips and when I group clip them by source timecode, the resulting group clips's track format is not stereo anymore but mono tracks 1 & 2.

  • 2019.12 pitch correction still buggy

    Pitch correction is still not very useable.  Sometimes it works and then it won't, meaning chipmunk voices when scrubbing.  I have to manually reset the off/on button under Audio prefs to get it to work again.  I thought restartiing the app would help but I just opened the app and got chipmunk scrub right from the get go.  Frustrating.



  • System / Activation ID disappear while typing in Avid Link

    Hello all-

    Has anyone seen the following behavior:

    Attempting to type in the System ID and Activation ID in Avid Link on a new Media Composer 2018.12.6 installation, Mac OS 10.12.6.

    Immediately after typing the System ID, it vanishes. Likewise the Activation ID. Before I can even click 'Submit' or 'Activate', the numbers are gone.

    Needless to say, I can't get Media Composer licensed on this machine.

    I'm going to try back-revving to MC 2018.11 to install the old Application Manager, then upgrading MC only to the verison I need.

    Please let me know if you've seen this.



  • Editing 360 Video in Media Composer?

    Hi all...looking for guidance and recommendations for editing 360 videos in Media Composer. Looking for the right plug-in to use and some advice on workflow. We are just starting to dabble with our Insta 360 OneX camera and are wondering how to import and export out of Media Composer.  So far..the only one I've been able to find is Mocha Pro.

    There are some plug-ins and workflow examples out there for Premiere and we are able to run Premiere but would prefer to stay in the Media Composer environment. 


  • Applying Avid Pan and Zoom Effect to an Imported Jpeg Image Sequence

    Hi Editors:

                     There's a first time for everything in post production, and today I find myself up against something which is baffling me. I successfully imported a time-lapse image sequence into my Ultra HD 4K (23.976p) project, which plays like a normal clip. I find myself wanting to apply a nice zoom in effect to improve the shot, so I go ahed and apply it, open it up in the effects editor, add a couple of key frame points to show where I want the effect to begin and end by, make sure the background colour is set to video, and viola ! The effect doesn't work ! Angry So, like a reasonably caffinated individual, I consult the MC 8.9.1 online manual book, locate the desired section about Avid Pan and Zoom Effect, and viola ! - Now I'm completely confused ! ConfusedConfusedConfused In the MC manual it describes the proceedure of adding this affect by beginning with "1.Load a sequence and create a placeholder segment of the duration you want for your image. The footage you use in the placeholder segment is the footage the effect uses if you set the Background parameter to Video."

    For the Love of God and Country can someone more learned than I please explain what is meant by "placeholder segment ?" I'm pulling my hair out and drinking far too much coffee trying to educate myself (learning something new is always a good thing), here, but the clock does move forward, and time is lacking, and I've failed to climb K2.

    Much Thanks in Advance,

    Mark Job


  • No audio with linked AVCHD files 2019.12

    I suspect that this has been mentioned but (after a post in another forum) I find that when linking to known-good AVCHD files, audio is silent. An AC-3 licensing isse?

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