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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Transcoded files not showing up

    Hi all,

    I recently transcoded a batch of AMA-linked footage with the "run in background" option. According to the background services, it worked fine. The Avid MediaFiles folder is on the designated drive is showing all the MXF files as present, but in the project the files were showing up as "Media Offline". It's the first time this has happened to me with the background transcoding so I'm a bit lost. 

    Currently using 2018.5.0


  • No waveforms or vector scopes in CC!



    For some reason, I can no longer access the menu in the source windows in Colour Correction to give me the choice between Waveform, vectorscopes or previous and next clip.


    Looked everywhere, expecting it to be a simple answer, but need help.


    Running 8.8.1 on a 2010 mac pro with symphony. 


  • MOST Rock Solid recent version?

    Hi folks looking for suggestions.
    We've found, and had confirmed, an issue with an AMA plugin w 2018.5 which is evidently only resolved with MC version 2018.8. However I see a number of reports of issues with the 2018.8 version. Before I download and attempt to install and test every version between our last version (8.9.4) and MC 2018.8 does anyone have any suggestions as to the most rock solid version in between?

  • How to search for and remove unavailable effects

    Avid reports 10 unavailable effects on a sequence that has been through multiple editors over a period of years.  My system lacks the MovingPicture plugin that created the effect.  So when I try to render the sequence, Avid crashes.  How can I locate and remove these effects?  Console reports their location with in and out timecodes, but there are no clips on that track at those locations.  But perhaps I'm reading it wrong.


  • White overlay with tracker in nested effect issue


    I am creating paint effect in nested effects layer. But whenver I open tracker and there is at least one tracke point, it has huge white overlay covering most of the picture, making it hard to place my tracker point. Removing tracker point remove the white overlay but creating new tracker brings it back. 

    There is no issue tracking on main track. 

    Avid 8.5.3 

    white issue

  • Keystrokes to make timeline window close (not minimize)

    I keep inadvertently closing my timeline and can't figure out how it's happinging.  I'm just clicking around editing, and then click on the top bar maybe and it disappears. Just the timeline window. I can't re-create it.  It's not minimizing, I know how to do that, it's closing.  Is there a certain set of keystrokes and clicks to close that window?

  • AMA with Canon 5d mkiv footage?

    I'm using 2018.3.0, should I be able to AMA link this footage or do I need to transcode?

    I'm getting the message "can't be linked" in the Source Browser window.

    Clips are good; they play fine in QT and import into Premiere Pro.

    I have the CanonRaw and CanonXF plugins installed.

  • Sample Buffer error - urgent

    I have been cutting on my MacBook Pro. The HD got full at one point. I have now dealt with that issue and there is plenty of hd space. My sequence is corrupted though - it plays through to nearly the end and then it freezes every time. I get "SampleBufferDesc:DefineBufferAlignment() - target sample is entirely past EOF".

    I have tried rebuildiung media databases, creating a new user, cutting my sequence into a new one, including just laying in the music first and then building on that, and opening my bin in a new project. Nothing works.

    I've cut this video for my daughter's 18th and her birthday is on Tuesday!

    Any advice anyone? Thank you.

  • DVD Creation from Media Composer using Squeeze

    Good Evening from Down under Hoping to draw on some real experience in this area. For many years I have been creating DVD's at the rate of around 1500 in the last 3 months of every year.

    My work flow has been rock solid. Shooting in Pal on Sony HDV cameras at DV 16.9 or what Sony refers to as wide screen on these cameras.

    Timeline represents these settings in format as 25i Resolution 720x576 Aspect ratio 16:9 Since the begining of my realtionship with Media Composer a mixdown and a Send to Avid DVD select wide screen in Avid DVD's project settings, and then after a little more tinkering press burn and I have a full frame 16:9 picture on my control room Monitor....Easy and Easy it was.... !

    Then a couple of weeks ago the need to upgrade the now 10 year old PC came along and I decided to go MAC. Producing DVD's with the available software that one can actually buy today seems to be a bit of a battle. So after purchasing a number of products like Roxio Toast and Burn I decided to try making the DVD's in Sorrenson 11 Pro using the DVD ISO Image _ES_ PAl and burn straight out of Squeeze.

    My issue is with all amounts of fiddling with Pixel Aspect / Letterbox or Pillar unconstrained in the preset etc - I just cannot produce a full frame 16:9 result. I wondered if I could seek some assistance from, the community to run through my settings and see what I am missing to achieve that very simple 16:9 full frame result that was so simple and straight forwards with AVID DVD.

    I thought I would post this in both the Mac and PC areas apologies if thats not the done thing..


    Many Thanks in Advance


  • nablet XAVC XDCAM Plug-Version 4.5.5

    PLAYBACK ISSUES USING THIS PLUGIN, or even earlier 4.03 with Media Composer 2018.5 running on OS X Sierra. Traschcan with dual AMD FirePro D700 64GB ram

    Fresh install of everything including OS. Media plays back fine in Premiere, VLC and Catalyst browse etc.. In fact if I simply rewrap the mxf clip with video container switcher avid will link and play it perfectly as well. Already sent support request to nablet. just wondering if any one else had this issue.

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