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Feed Avid Media Composer Mac

Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • subscription sign-in on dongle'd system

    Can I sign in with my Avid subscription on someone else's dongle'd system?  The dongle'd system doesn't have Script Sync and I'd like to use that feature.  

  • audio tracks problem

    I’ve got some issues with Multicam that drives me crazy. I have 3 camera angle shots and 2 audio tracks recorded separately for each person (2 person conversation). This audio tracks are both mono and both are automatically set as A1. I group all of these clips and enter Multicam view. So far so good. But I need my recorded audio on A1 and A2. On the first audio track on timeline I can choose between all possible tracks. But on the A2 there is no option to use one of my recorded audio (since both are somehow linked to A1). 
    For now I have to make an audiomixdown and export it as dual mono on both tracks. Then I import the file and its good to go but isn’t there any easiest way?

  • Mojave 14.1, Media Composer 2018.11 and External Drives

    We will be using MC 2018.11 with Mojave and Caldigit AV Pro 2 external drives with a new iMac 5K Retina.  When formatting, should we still use Mac OS Extended Journaled or the new Apple APFS format?





  • Insert Edit Export - Real world reviews?

    I have been experimenting with this tool for multiple versions.  I really want it to work. But I have yet been able to get a solid, repeatable success.  Just started experimenting with 2018.11 and it was a total bust.

    I have worked with Support off and on trying to get to the bottom of my issues with it.  There are just a host of issues which keep changing.

    What about others?  Is any one using this successfully in the real world?

    Please chime in.


  • MC exports AAF not containing data

    I've exported AAF files many, many, many times to our 3rd party audio mix facility (who use ProTools). Never any issues. But suddenly our AAF files are no longer working. Apparently they "contain no data".

    See settings below.

    I sent the same protocol to a different mixer at a different company and they too were having problems.

    Anyone else out there having issues with AAF ?



  • Transcode Multiple Bins

    It's almost 2019.

    Has this made it onto the latest MC?


  • sorting in project window

    On 2018.5, suddenly my isolated bins that are not in folders are appearing at the BOTTOM of my project window, after all the folders (but only the bins that begin with letters--the bins that begin with numbers are still at the top).  I've never seen Avid do this before, is there some new setting that affects how bins and folders sort?  How do I get it back to how it was, where isolated bins appear at the top before any folders?  Or is this a version bug?

    It only does this our Mac--when I move the project to a PC (running 2018.10), it sorts normally.


  • settings file name

    Somehow I managed to delete the name of the Media Creation file in Settings. Now it has no name and goes to the top of the list before Audio.

    Does anyone know how I can put it back?


    Thank you,


  • Audio Project Settings issue

    I have noticed this in multiple versions.  And I see it today as I experiment with 2018.11.

    If I attempt to save multiple versions of Audio Project where the only difference is where the OUTPUT settings are Stereo in one version and Direct in the other, both version will get whatever was last set / saved.

    In other words, I can not have two different versions of Audio Projects with different settings.

    Is this a bug or intentional?


  • Database Files Indexing Incorrectly [Offline/Online]


    I am trying to troubleshot a project for a student of mine working in an offline/online workflow. We set up a 4k project, made a bin for all the raw camera files and AMA linked them, then we began transoding all the raw files into proxies DNXHR LB 4K proxies (we maintained the resolution for image size re-positioning... which I'm now thinking it would be best to have made them 1080p). The proxy files were split across two seperate harddrives, and the raw files stored all on one of those drives in a folder.

    After transcoding, the editor began logging and syncing the proxy files and making sub clips into seperate bins. We tested the online by relinking the sequence to the original camera files and it worked flawlessly.

    However after the editor switched from a Mac machine to a Windows (unsure as of what version) he found some issues, the proxies files in the timeline either became offline, or remained visible in the record monitor when scrubbing but during playback we'd recieve an error message saying 'File not found' and then when match framing it in the source monitor it would be offline. There were also some proxies that were AMA linking to the raw camera files.

    Timeline with offline media:

    Proxy bin:

    Example proxy clip that relinked to raw camera files (some clips had the ama link icon where others did not): 

    We deleted the database files on both harddrives and reindexed the database but whilst the error messages had gone away some of the proxies were still offline or relinking to the raw camera files. The picture above is a bin that should contain only the transcoded proxy files but it still is pointing to the raw AMA files.

    We can still go straight to online, but the editor is in the middle of the edit and we'd loose acsess to the logged & synced proxies & subclips. We tried relinking the clips to no avail, it kept relinking to the raw camerafiles.

    At this point I am unsure what to do. I feel compelled to wipe all the transcodes and start again.

    We are running OS Mojave with Avid 8.9.3 on our school machines.

    Thanks for your time.


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