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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • XAVC-S Nablet crash with Ama 2018.12.1

    On Media Composer 2018.12.1 around 5 weeks ago downloaded the Nablet XAVC-S plugin as have footage ftom Sony fs7, Sony a7sii and Gopro. All footage Ama'ed into Media Composer to complete an online and then transcode to Avid DNXHR.

    1. With the Nablet trial it shows the watermark on the Sony a7sii.

    2. Bought the Nablet XAVC-S plugin. Entered the code, rebooted the system.

    3. Avid Media Composer re-opening the AMA online sequence, all the footage with .mp4 filename such as the Sony as7ii and Gopro are all showing as offline.

    4. Error comes up saying Exception: Failed to get sample position, with the sequence with the AMA from those cameras.

    5. Source AMA files in the bin with the mp4 when they are clickd they don't load into the source and show the same error  Failed to get sample position. The thumbnail in the bin now shows ink/green spilit screen for the mp4 files?

    6. Tried to re-link ama to the as7ii and Gopro and got the same exception error Failed to get sample position.

    Has Nablet corruptd the way Avid sees the generic mp4 such as the Gopro?

  • Timeline presets don't stick to Function Keys

    Everytime I restart Avid, I have to reassign my timeline presets to the function keys.  Is the broken on the latest Avid?

  • Renaming tracks in a group

    Use to be I could rename audio tracks in a group.  Is that broken? I've tried the old way and the "edit group" way without success.

  • Best offline/online workflow when using AMA/linking

    Hi Everyone,

    Relatively new to Media Composer, and finding it to be excellent for my main line of work right now - cutting trailers for a movie distributor.

    There is just one part of the process that seems to be pretty different from the FCP/Premiere Pro way of doing things that I'm used to, and I was hoping to find some advice here.

    Usually, I am sent an ungraded picture locked cut to create a trailer from. At the end of the process, I'll get sent the final graded master. So, I need to "reconnect" to this final version of the movie so that my timelines update themselves automatically with the final graded shots. I'm not entirely sure how relinking would work correctly in Media Composer (there is no "make offline" and then "reconnect" option as in FCP/PP that I can immediately see).

    I'm sent ProRes Proxy files (for the first stage) and then a ProRes422 of the final graded master. So far, I have been linking to the ProRes Proxy files and working with them that way, rather than importing and transcoding them. I'm yet to reconnect to a final ProRes422 file, and that's where I was hoping I could get some guidance on best practise.

    Hopefully that wasn't too garbled or convoluted, please let me know if anything is unclear. I really appreciate any advice or guidance anyone may have.


    Many Thanks,



    P.S. Apologies, I also posted this in the Film forum, before realising it probably wasn't the relevant place for such a query. 

  • Insert File Export tool issues

    MC 2018.11  Mac OS 10.12.6

    I have been beating on this tool, trying to decide whether it is safe to use during delivery to networks.  I have had issues.

    First, on my home system which is limited to El Cap OS I can not get it to work at all reliably.  Now testing on a system with Sierra, it is working BUT I am getting some errors.

    First, I took a show that I had output to MXF OP1a DNx 145 and changed about 5 Slates in the show.  This seemed to work well.  I tested the resulting file in MXF4mac player (RIP), Premiere 2018, Resolve 15 and it looked great.

    When I attempt to link back to this file in Avid I get:

    Exception: Cannot create the AMA sample mapper to play this clip - SelectFileMob() failed. OK


    So I did a bunch of test trying to recreate this error.    I made new MXF OP1a file and just started making small changes and linking back in Avid.   All of these worked just fine until I deleted audio in the same area where I was making a video only change.  I selected Use Marks and Use Selected Tracks in the Insert Edit Export menu.  I only had video tracks selected with my In and Out marks.  I did the edit.  After Avid was done making the fix, the following error message popped up:

    AMAMapper::Setup() floc is set to NULL.  OK

    Avid was not happy linking to this file UNTILL I quit and restarted Avid.  Then all was good.  The fix had worked as I wanted it to.

    All of this is to say I am nervous in using this tool for critical deliveries.  And all deliveries are critical!!

    I have started other threads on this tool and get little to no response.  Which surprises me based on the incredible value this tool presents.  I feel like I am just calling out “Bueller”.


  • AMA File Export render option?

    in MC 2018.11 when you open the AMA File Export dialog and choose MXF OP1a you will see an option for:

    Render Unrendered Effects

    This is new.  It is NOT addressed in the help for this version that I can find.

    I was under the impression that using tool automatically rendered anything needed to make a valid file.  If so, what is this selection for?


  • display durign segment drag

    is there a way to drag an audio clip, with "display during segment drag" set to "position bar." so that the video doesnt play opposite the drag direction -- but so that you can drag the audio to a specific visible point further down the video clip, and drop the audio where you want the beginning to be. Now either way you drag the audio, the video shows oppsite of the drag direction .

    pretty annoying.     

  • sync lock recall in 18.12

    Am I mis-remembering versions previous to 18.12 or did Media Composer used to remember which tracks had sync lock turned off when reloading a sequence in the record monitor?

  • Mixed framerate and relink.

    Hi all.

    Im here with a 25 fps project. So far all my material is filmed in 25 fps, except from last day delivery witch arrived with a frame rate of 24…

    According to this thread https://community.avid.com/forums/p/184086/856641.aspx#856641

    I should "Link to the source file, open source settings, choose playback speed to « project speed », then transcode." 

    But, by doing so I get a warning saying: “…Because of the new edit rate does not match the original clip, you cannot … relink or link (via AMA) to these new clips” And the idea on this project is to do the conform within the Avid, relink back to the original files and export. 

    I did a test with the above, and on relinking, I couldn’t get Avid to relink to my, 24 fps transcoded to 25 fps, files.

    AMC version is 2018.4.0

    Maybe there is a obvious solution that I don’t see?


    Thanks for any help or advice!

  • Constant License Renewal notifications

    I'm receiving constant notifications:

    1. License renewal not successful - Waiting for Media Composer license data update, please do not reactivate your license.

    2. License renewal not successful - Waiting for Symphony (option) license data update, please do not reactivate your license.

    Both Media Composer & the Symphony option are showing as activated. We are using an automated payment system so definitely all paid up. I can turn off notifications in macOS, but then I wont get ANY notifications, like updates etc.

    Looking forward to a fix for this.

    Media Composer 2018.12.1 / macOS 10.14.3

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