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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Play Calibration Tone with BM-Hardware crashes MC

    Just found out that apperently all my systems with BM-Hardware attached are crashing when playing a calibration tone.

    Testet on:

    iMac with 10.12.6, MC2018.12 and BM 10.11.4

    MacPro with 10.13.6, MC2018.9 an BM 10.11.2, 11.1

    Different macOS, different MC, all with BM Intensity Shuttle TB.


    Can anybody confirm? Or does anybody has a link for a thread?

    Just open Audio Tool, play Calibration Tone, stop Calibration Ton, play a clip and MC is not responding anymore.



  • Using 4K in MC 2018.8



    I am preparing to introduce quite a lot of 4k RED Scarlett footage into a long form documentary project that is 1080p/25. It will have a lot of archive and XF300 footage that is already transcoded at 185x. It is high res as I am firstly cutting a trailer to get more funding.

    But not knowing 4K RED files well, I cannot decide whether to transcode the RED material into a fairly good quality in REDCINE X PRO 50.5 to use for the trailer or download the RED AMA plug in as I will only need some for the trailer before figuring out a workflow for the long edit (at a less HD hungry offline resolution). 

    Has anyone run into difficulties using the RED AMA plug in with MC 2018.8.0? Also what graphics card would be necessary if I go the AMA plug in route? I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB.



  • Why does my 1080i look worse in Avid than Premiere?

    This is not, and I hope it does not devolve into, an Avid vs. Premiere conversation. I love Avid, it is my tool of choice, I root for it at every opportunity. This is a question about what I am currently experiencing and what I hope will ultimately be exposed as user error.

    I'm working with a bunch of 1080i/59.94 footage shot on, I believe, a Sony FS7. My MC project is set to 1080i/59.94 as well. I have the Video Quality Menu set to Full Quality 10-bit. I transcoded all the footage, but, upon discovering this issue, I have gone back to the original untranscoded clip and the problem is the same.

    There are several green screen interviews and, in the one that brings the issue to my attention, the subject is wearing a bright pink jacket. This over a well lit green screen provides pretty strong contrast.

    During playback I am seeing jagginess and subtle ghosting. This becomes more evident and problematic when I apply Boris Primatte Studio to key out the background. However, when I import the same clip in Premiere, I get a much cleaner edge, no jagginess. See illustration.

    Do I have a setting wrong somewhere?



  • Error in transition offsets

    I'm grouping in 2018.9. I've created a syncmap with add edits. Every clip gets subclipped out fine with Aux TC attached. There's one subclip, however, that I keep getting this Exception: Error in transition offsets. This is the first clip in the track. The thing is, the clip after it subs out fine (it's not a separate clip; it's a continuation of the previous one, only with an add edit). 

    Why am I getting this error only on the one clip? 

    Avid 2018.9, - High Sierra 10.13.6

  • ProRes not able to consolidate


    I have been experiencing an annoying issue with 1080/50i Apple ProRes and HQ from a post house not behaving properly in MC 8.9.1 on OS 10.12.6 Sierra. The symptoms are:

    Links OK, but displays in columns as ProRes, not Apple ProRes;

    there is no timecode detected on the audio tracks;

    the clips won't consolidate ("foreign compression type");

    the last frame of clip in the viewer has correct timecode, but goes to zero (instead of the next logical timecode) if advanced by one frame past the last frame;

    some clips sometime shows the framerate as 24.98 fps instead of 25fps and the audio (whilst present) is mute on playing the clip;

    If I cut the clip into a sequence and match the timecode, then export SAS direct audio, I get a clip which is totally useable, has timecode on audio, displays as Apple ProRes, will consolidate, has 25fps.

    This is a workaround but takes a huge amount of time (several 90 minute shows to get into Avid, export and then consolidate back in).

    I want to consolidate for efficient editing and media management and also so my final consolidated sequence will export for grading in DaVinci, and audio AFF - which I can't achieve if Avid thinks the clip is ("foreign compression type").

    I have also tried linking on another version of Avid, MC 2018 (same OS) with the same results.

    My point is that I don't get this with ProRes from other sources, yet the post house say they have checked thoroughly and everything is working fine their end. They say it's a compatibility / conflict issue with AJA + FCP7 / my Avid / my OS. I have seen a clip their Avid (MC 8.5.3) and it appears to display correctly there.

    They are using FCP 7 with an AJA card on a mac to capture to Apple ProRes mov files (which is what we want for archiving for future further editing use). One would think this would produce proper, kosher Apple ProRes movs - and it shows up in FCP7 as such. Right-clicking their files gives info as Apple ProRes. Everything looks as though they should work fine.

    They say say they never have any complaints from anyone else. I say I have never had any issues from anywhere else, including rushes shot as native ProRes HQ on Blackmagic cameras and other post houses.

    Is this a bug that Avid know about to do with versions of Avid on certain OSs with certain capture cards? Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried searching the internet and forums but no one seems to have a solution - other than "send it back to the post house", which I do but then we go round in circles...

  • upgrade from 8.5.3 to 2018.12 ??


    I would really appreciate ANY comments regarding the above upgrade.

    We have a perfecly working system with 4 x mac pro 6.1, 32GB, D500, OSX 10.11.4, Nitris DX with 8.5.3 connected to our Nexis 100TB v18.6.1.

    Our project started late 2018 and will finish end of this year.

    Our editors want us (we are technical separtment) to upgrade ALL the workstations to OSX 10.13.6 with MC 2018.12.

    As this is an important and very delicate project, does anyone have any feedback as to whether this would be a wise upgrade on a LIVE project ?

    Has anyone done such an upgrade ?

    ANY comments greatfully appreciated

    Thank you

  • Modify creation dates

    Is there an app or method for batch-modifying the creation dates for a folder of MOVs? I've found a couple of apps and a command line method but they don't seem to allow for the duration of each file, so that the time created is still correct. The MOVs were shot on an F5/Atamos in ProRes 1080p 25fps and have no separate metadata file. I would prefer a macOS solution but have access to a PC if necessary. 

  • USB audio interface recs for Audio Punch-In?

    We're looking at setting up a better system for audio punch-in. We have a suite with a sound booth behind the avid and would like to do be able to monitor the avid playback along with the mic that's being recorded in real time while doing a punch-in.

    Currently we've made this work using a Zoom F4 (which can act as a USB audio interface). Unfortunately the Punch-In tool won't let you do real time monitoring with the F4, so as a workaround we have the Zoom's sub out going to the tape input on a Mackie 4x4 mixer and the computer's analog audio out also going to the mixer, which we monitor on headphones. We're hoping we can streamline this a little more.

    Does anyone know of a USB interface that will let you do a Punch-In with real-time monitoring of the final mix?

    If not we're thinking of getting the Audient ID4 just so we have a quality mic input and will continue to use a combination of that and the 4x4 mixer.

    Or if anyone has had great results (low noise) with a different audio interface we'd love to know. We only need one mic input with phantom power.

  • Ama Link Problem

    Hi all of you,

    I am trying to relink a sequence to its original files but Iam having a weird issue...let me tell you..

    Workflow is: Ama link to H264 files from Canon MKII. Transcoded to DNxHD 36. Edited in DNxHD. Now that I am trying to AMA link again, some of the clips in Sorce browser are correctely seen (Quicktime Plugin and H264 codec) but some of them are seen as DNxHD36). My Avid MediaFiles folder is disconnected by the addition of a 0_ before name, so there is no connection at all between this folder and my software. I have tried almost everything I know but always the source browser sees these clips as DNxHD36. When I right click on the name I can switch between Link with avid generic or quicktime. When I choose Quiktime, always the DNxHD36 appears on the same clips as you can see on the attached picture.

    If I open a new project and link the same media, it works ok. It is seen as H264. So it makes me think that there is any kind of corruption or avid project memory that could be erased.... I have also deleted the content on AMA Management folder and I did not work either.... By the way my MC is 2018.10.0 but I started editing this project long time ago (4 years) and I don´t remember the former MC version.

    Any suggestions?



  • third party plugins

    Hi...How do I install third party plugins?  I want to install Samurai Sharpen unless you can suggest a better option for getting 2k footage to look like 4k footage?


    I am working on MC 2018.4.0



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