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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Graphic glitches in 8.9

    Made the move to 8.9 afer its release, the new toys being attractive...

    But I'm experiencing a lot of graphic glitches on Full Screen Playback, frame tears after a cut or randomly, pixellation. It's not a massive problem, but since I had none of that on the same machine a week ago on 8.8.5, I'm wondering if it's the new release that brought those. It's a complete clean install of Media Composer - new user, etc.

    And today I got a weird one on the TimeCode window:


    It only had the frame around it with a "hole" at the bottom. I couldn't click through the hole though, it would bring the window fore-front. The hole disappeared when I resized the window a tiny bit.

    Strange innit?

  • Can't AMA link



    For some reason I can't link to my footage :( We have shot in Sony a7s and it's MPEG-4 file.

    I get this message when trying to link: These were errors linking to Stock Footage Files. See the console for details.

    And under console: ------ AMA Link To File(s) ------

    The video track contains non-trivial edit list(s).Unable to autodetect plug-in for /Volumes/MANGO/Footage/OFFLOAD/DAG 2 - 2-8-17/SONY/Udenfor - havn og strand/CLIP/C0044.MP4.


    AMA plug-ins:

    AS-02 Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    AS-11 Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    AVCHD MSP Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    AVCHD MVP Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    Avid Image Sequencer Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    MSP_MXF Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    Avid MXF MSP Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    QuickTime Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    WaveAiff Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    MediaCollector MVP Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc.

    RED R3D Plug-In (SDK v6.1.0) Avid Technology, Inc.


    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks so much,


    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

  • Bin Column Info Overload

    Has anyone ever seen a bin view that looked like this:



    I think it is coming from having too much meta data, too many columns available for the bin.  There are hundreds of options.  Our post house got this from an ALE that came from the camera.


    Does anyone know how to delete this metadata? We don't need 99% of it.  We are having random slow bin saves.  We get a pinwheel that goes on forever, but it finally saves.  Happens at random moments, sometimes when we open a new bin and add something to it.  The bins aren't full of clips or sequences.  

    We are on a Unity Avid 7.0.7 Mac 10.9.5 24 GB Ram



  • MacPro6,1 and Media Composer 6.0.5

    I am no longer using Media Composer 6.0.5 but have a few projects that I would like to access.  I am in the process of getting a new MacPro6,1 and would like to reinstall Mc 6.0.5 to the new system.

    New MacPro - iOS Sierra

    Can I still use it? 


  • How to automatically highlight bin field when logging

    A little (but big) thing that is driving me nuts:

    I am logging several thousand clips to choose selects.   The workflow is:

    1)arrow-select clip in bin

    2) Control-enter to open in source window (I"m on a mac)

    3) Space bar to play and stop

    4) Command-tilde ~ to toggle window to make the bin active again

    5) Click in the "scene" column field to make a clip note

    6) Enter, to 'set' the comment and go to the next clip, or tab to go to next column to mark it with an x as a select (or esc if something is just selected, to deselect it so I can arrow)

    7) Arrow to next clip and repeat 1-6. 


    Here's the question.   Step #5 is a major hassle having to do it for each clip, with the mouse.   Can this step somehow be eliminated?  Is there a way to have the fields auto-highlighted in the bin when switching back to it, so I can just tab over to the scene column?  Or to press a key that would highlight it so I don't have to mouse click it?

    Tab does not work, and nothing else seems to either.

    Thank you


  • 5.1 Track order importing wrong in 8.9.0

    I am in the midst of finishing a feature film for a festival premiere and ran into an error with how Avid handles 5.1 tacks.

    My director asked me to create a quicktime file that we could screen with our newly produced 5.1 mix. I imported the 6 individual tracks into Avid making sure to set Multichannel Audio settings in the import settings the 5.1 order to SMPTE (L,R,C,LFE,Ls,RS). I sync’d the new mix to the assembly of the color graded reels. I exported a Quicktime with the 5.1 option checked in the audio format section in the output settings.

    I got word from the projectionist that the tracks were not in the SMPTE order and that what should be the Center channel was going out the R channel. He rewatched his speaker to fix it, but I decided to check the situation out to see what had gone wrong.I opened up the quicktime. at the Chaneel order read SMPTE (L,R,C,LFE,Ls,RS). I then went back into the Avid and turned on the Waveforms in the timeline and that revealed that the track order was not SMPTE but ProTools (L,C,R,Ls,Rs,LFE) but was saying it was SMPTE in the file exports.

    I decided to import the 5.1 mix again, but set the channel order to ProTools (L,C,R,Ls,Rs,LFE) and when I turned on the waveforms in my timeline the order was SMPTE (L,R,C,LFE,Ls,RS). I exported a new quicktime and looking at the movie info in the Quicktime Player (doesn’t matter if it’s X or 7.6) and the channel order listed was SMPTE (L,R,C,LFE,Ls,RS) there as well.

    I decided to do some further tests and no matter what order the channels are in Avid says they are always in SMPTE order when exporting a 6 channel wav or a quicktime with multichannel audio. This is a bug in my opinion and needs to be fixed.

  • Anyone SUCCESSFULLY running mc 8.8.5 on 10.12.6?

    Or any issues with Symantec endpoint protection?

  • First Major Problem with V8.9

    I just opened an older project that contains only AMA Linked 23.976 DNxHD 115 Quicktime Movies and I can't do absolutely anything in it.

    Every clip and timeline gives me the "Exception: Cannot create the AMA sample mapper to play this clip" error. Really this is Avid DNxHD Media and it can't play it back. Guess I'm going to have to move back to 8.8.5.

    I figured I'd give 8.9 a try because all my projects are completed and I'm starting a new one tomorrow. It's all going to be AMA Linked DNxHD 36 Quicktime Movies and I fear that it won't be able to play that back either.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

  • Auto Sync by Audio Waveform

    I've just installed MC 8.9 and there are definetly some nice new features.

    But Please, Please, Please Auto Syncing by Audio Waveforms is easily three or four years overdue.

    Please, Please, Please add this.

    Everyone esle has it and there's no excuse why MC can't have this feature too.

    The current show I'm working on is killing me, no slates, TC all over the place on up to 6 Cameras and yet every one has recorded refernce Audio. This feature is a ridiulously overdue must.

  • Shortcut to maximize active window?

    Hello, is there something akin to Premiere's tilde key that will maximize (to full screen) the active bin window without having to mouse click?  Then toggle it back? 

    Having to expand it by pulling the corners with the mouse or scroll to see the other columns, or click up in the corner, is driving me batty.

    Thank you

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