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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Media Composer 2023.3 - Available Now

    Avid is pleased to announce the release of Media Composer 2023.3 today. This will be available in the customer's MyAvid Master Accounts, through the Avid Link application itself, and from the Download Center. 


    Location at Launch: The Media Composer 2023.3 (Mac and PC) will be available in the customer's MyAvid Master Accounts, through the Avid Link application itself, and from the Download Center. 


    Status of Support Plan: The ability to launch this Media Composer 2023.3 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released. Media Composer 2023.3 is released on Tuesday March 28th, 2023.


    New in Media Composer v2023.3: The following are new for Media Composer v2023.3.


    - Copy Media from a Remote User to NEXIS Workspaces

    - Improvements to Pro Tools Session Export

    - New “Protect Project Bin” Command Added to Bin Context Menu

    - Right-Click to Add a Folder Within a Folder

    - New User Profiles and Workspaces for Editors Transitioning from Adobe Premiere Pro

    - Update to Creation Date Column in the Marker Tool

    - Choice of File or Folder in Relink Dialog

    - Live Link Support for UME


    What’s Fixed in 2023.3: The following has been fixed.


    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4850. Opening another sequence while in the Color Correction workspace caused the Edit workspace to load and altered the layout of the original Color Correction workspace.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4507. When switching between working and target settings for Dynamic Relink in the Timeline, the Source Browser window turned black and did not refresh properly until clicked.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4843. Floating bins changed position and size each time a project was closed and reopened.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4569. Color Correction panel disappeared when scrubbing in the Timeline with the Color Correction workspace activated and “Clicking the TC Track or Ruler Disables Smart Tools” option enabled in the Edit tab of the Timeline Settings window.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4512. "Assertion failed" TimeWarp error caused Production Management check-ins to fail when the Neat Video plug-in was installed.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4720. Keyboard shortcuts for parameter values in the Effect Editor did not work as expected after using sliders.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4948. In some instances, Media Composer would not relink all partially restored audio files when using Dynamic Relink.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4760. (MediaCentral | Production Management) In some instances, logging out of Production Management with media status indicators for Resolution enabled (black "dots" in columns within the Production Management Window) caused the application to hang.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4521. (MediaCentral | Production Management) The media status indicator in the Production Management Window, represented by a black dot in the corresponding format column, did not display properly when media was online and available.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4960. (macOS) Some user interface elements would disappear from the bottom row of the Markers window when the window or its columns were resized.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4738. Media Composer crashed while scanning and rebuilding the. database for UME folders containing a large number of MXF OP1a files.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4913. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Some audio tracks were offline after using portions of master clip in a sequence and delivering with Production Management Delivery Service.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4628. AAF files exported from Media Composer and opened in Pro Tools caused some values to change for fades, clip gain, and other audio parameters.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4784. Spanned media did not link properly and would revert to media offline when Dynamic Relink was enabled.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4870. Labels were inverted in the surround sound pan controls of the Audio Mixer for tracks panned between the front and rear (f/r) speaker positions. Although the labels were incorrect, pan controls for the Y-axis position of the panner were not affected.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4961. (macOS) Media Composer 2021.12.6 would not allow the creation of projects and bins on shared NEXIS storage.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4409. Users were prevented from creating more than 999 bins at the root level of the project folder.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4816. Group clips were incorrectly scaled in the Record monitor if a gap existed before the clips in a sequence and the resolution of clips did not match the project settings.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4882. MultiGroup clips with audio waveforms enabled caused Media Composer to crash.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4915. When performing a Dynamic Relink operation, audio was offline for clips with audio tracks not starting at A1.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4957. Adding a Baselight or Magic Bullet Looks effect to a sequence caused "an unrecoverable error has occurred" or "a serious error has occurred" message to appear when relaunching a project with that same sequence already opened.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4977. Enabling "Show Target Availability" or “Show Mismatches” for Dynamic Relink caused a decrease in performance while working in the Timeline.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4976. The "Override all Bin font sizes" option in User Interface Settings did not work when applied.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4587. (MediaCentral | Cloud UX) In some instances, the MediaCentral |Cloud UX panel would not load after logging out and logging back in with a different user.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4895. (MediaCentral | Cloud UX) In some instances, the MediaCentral |Cloud UX panel would not load after logging out and logging back in with the same user and a different project.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4503. Audio clip gain values were lost and returned to unity gain if the clip was re-rendered, after making an adjustment to any plug-ins that were already applied and rendered.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4970. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Ingesting P2 files and creating sequences of clips using third-party MintUpload software caused an "Assertion failed: *expectedBytesRead" error.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4706. Enabling Dynamic Relink caused linked .mov QuickTime files with a Matte Key (DNxHD with alpha) to go offline.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4602. Master Caption List was out of order when the SubCap effect was placed on two tracks and some captions were muted.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4803. Linking or Importing Apple ProRes 4444 Mov files created with an Arri Alexa Mini caused Media Composer to quit unexpectedly if QuickTime was installed.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4407. Selecting multiple lines of dialog in the Script window and pressing the spacebar (or right-clicking and selecting "play" from the context menu) caused the incorrect line of dialog to play back.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4814. (macOS) When loading a subclip in the Script window, an in point was automatically marked at the end of the clip.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-5029. When using “Transcode on Send to Playback" with a sequence that has Group clips, the Send to Playback would fail.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4953. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Audio waveforms for linked clips were very slow to draw, which significantly impacted performance and the ability to work within the interface.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-4573. Media Composer was slow to launch when using the Floating License backup server.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-3909. Media Composer appeared to hang on launch when using a checked-out license with no VPN connection to the license server.

    ·         Bug Number: MCCET-5027. The Timecode Window, accessed via the Tools menu, would not redraw properly after changing the size of its font, which affected the amount of black space in the window.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-17005. Splitter in Effect Palette changed position after a restart.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-15381. Highlighted text in the Comment field of the Marker tool was white on white and difficult to read when using dark interface skins.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-15832. Track names containing dots caused a triangle to appear on the Track Selector panel.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-16738. "Sync Lock All Tracks" button command did not work if Timecode (TC) track was hidden.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-17162. The Lock/Unlock Sequence commands, activated by Option+Right-Clicking (macOS) or Alt+Right-Clicking in the Track Control panel, did not lock all tracks and displayed inconsistent messaging.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-16680. Fast Menu and Quick Find Field were not always visible in the Markers tool or Timeline Clip Notes windows, until windows were resized to show scrollbar.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-15189. Source Browser would not attach as expected to other tools and windows via its tab in the vertical title bar.

    ·         Bug Number: MCDEV-17579. Double-clicking on a search results multiple times in the Find window caused the bin containing the clip to eventually float and close.

    For details on the complete bug fixed, see the attached document and the final update will be uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2023 Documentation page at launch.

  • Errors when trying to subclip AMA sequences as AAF for Resolve round trip

    Hey there! I've been having issues trying to export an AMA sequence as AAF for Resolve round trip. When I try to bring my AAF into Resolve, it's saying that lots of clips aren't found, however when I go to grade them, it appears they're all there. But when I render as an Avid AAF sequence with file name set as "SourceName", I get a trillion errors when trying to import the AAF back into Avid:

    "****Sub clip conflict found.*****

    The Clip you are importing "(clip name / every single one)" conflicts with one already found in the system. Do you want to replace the original with the one you are importing?"

    I'm naturally frightened to hit yes or yes to all, but when I click "no to all", the shots that I specifically colored all show up in that new AAF time line as MEDIA OFFLINE (while they deilver what I assume are repeats of the original subclip files all in the GRADED folder I made). Are these files the same name as my subclips so I can match them when I relink the sequence? Would it be easier to bring in a whole new timeline over my original sequence's audio rather than trying to relink!?

    In general I'm having a lot of issues just performing this round trip while following the instructuons here (which have been the same in other tutorial): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElWk3b9CZaY ; when I try to export with "Link to media" selected as export method, it tells me I need to have audio linked as well. And then when I try to return the AAF sequence into Avid, I'm having all the problems I said before. 

    I'd really appreciate any help or direction, thanks!!!



  • MC 21.12.2 can no longer be shut down


    Since installing MC 21.12.2, the AVID MediaComposer can no longer be shut down and I have to force it to close.

    I configured my cutting station a year ago to be able to use Titler plus and Marquee again:

    MACOS 10.14.6
    AVIDMC 21.12.2

    I then let the support contract expire after 8 years because it was my plan to make ends meet with this configuration for a few years. And because I didn't want to and couldn't work with the Titler+ and I didn't have to renew my BCC Effects every year.

    But since then I've had the problem that the AVID MediaComposer can no longer be shut down and I have to force it to close because the program no longer reacts. I tried different settings, also new ones, as well as different and new projects. Also a downgrade to 21.12.0 or 20.12. didn't change anything like a complete reinstall. Now in the last year the AVID suddenly could not be started 3 times (last sommer once and two times this winter) and I had to reinstall the program. Only when I had really deleted all the old AVID data from the hard drive manually before the new installation did the program run again after the new installation.

    I've tried different things and talked to some people. All without success. Does anyone know the problem and can maybe help me? That would be great, thanks a million!

    Greetings Frank

  • Export comments into an EDL?

    Hi there, 

    consolidating MP3 Files into the prioject I see the ID Tags / Metadaten in the comments, like Track name, composer, label, ...

    Is there a possibility to export this comments with in an EDL list? Would ne nice to use it creating a musik list for the broadtcast station or gema.

    Thanks, frank 



  • After Effects export format not recognized by UME

    What codec and wrapper should I choose from those available in After Effects in order to import files into Media Composer 2022.7?  QuickTime is the only obvious choice of wrapper with either DNxSQ or ProRes, but the Source Browser indicates that the resulting clips can't be linked.  The Animation codec doesn't work either.  I realize that 32-bit QuickTime is obsolete, but which of the formats available in the current After Effects will work?


    Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, OS 12.4, Media Composer 2022.7


  • Create a master list of source files that includes total duration

    Hello, I have searched the forums and couldn't find anything that addressed this specifically so hopefully it is not a duplicate thread. 


    I'm assisting on a feature documentary project that uses a lot of archival material. Most of this we have received low res. I have been creating a list of all the source files used in the edit by exporting an AAF and then re-importing that into an empty bin and exporting the bin as a txt file. I then upload this txt file onto airtable after converting to csv. This has been very useful for letting the archival team know what clips are currently in the edit. 


    We are starting to lock though and people would like to know durations. I can obviously export an EDL, but as this breaks the video down into events for each edit point and the editor has made significant cuts to the archival material the list is huge and reqquires the durations to be manually added up. if I select the durations or in - out columns in the bin, this doesn't work as duration is still for the entire clip and in-out is not working either. 


    I'm hoping that somwhere out there exists a way to generate a total duration or timecode range used in an EDL into a simple csv document. I have resolve and premiere pro as well in case there is a way to re-route the aaf through a third party app

  • ALT Key is working as "Previous trim"?



    I'm a Windows 11 user and I recently switched from Premiere Pro to Media Composer.  I hadn't touched MC since college in 2017, but now I'm re-discovering how sophisticated the software is, and I find myself editing with more joy.


    But I came across a small issue - The Alt key seems to behave weird.


    Whenever I click on timeline tab to highlight it and press Alt key, it somehow seems to behave as "Go to previous trim".  It does function as a modifier key, but it's pretty inconvenient when the playhead constantly tries to go back to the beginning of the timeline.


    Alt key works fine with other NLEs so I'm wondering if it's some settings that are causing this issue.  

    I'm using MC 2022.12.


    I'd really appreciate if you could help me out!

  • I purchased MC but Avid keeps launching MCFirst

    As title says I paid for a year subscription to Media Composer but after I download and install, the MC First software launces. VERY frustrating!

  • Best Instagram workflow?



    I'm sure there are lots of editors on here who have to deliver square format versions of the films they're editing.

    I need to make some 1080 x 1080 content from some 4k cuts. 

    I haven't quite nailed the best way to do this...


    I was wondering if anyone could pass on some tips for best workflow, like:

    - Do people tend to make a mask to lay over the sequence, and help recompose shots?

    - Frameflex the best way to reframe shots?

    - Best export settings?

    Any other best practise appreciated!




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