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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Why does Mac mute its audio?

    Why does my Mac mute its audio when I switch from Avid to any other open program and then switch back?

    I have been trying to find a solution on the normal Mac forums etc but cant find anything.  Does this happen to anyone else?


    Mac Mini M1, MC 2022.4, OS 12.3.1

  • Grouped audio losing its mind

    Hi all.


    I am working on a project that we move bins back and forth to other editors and producers.  99% of the time it works flawlessly.  But this week the following has happened twice now, on different sequences.

    Reality show, multicam, with grouped audio on each track.  For example 10 contestants, 10 mics, if you right click on an audio clip, you get to see all 10 microphones and you can flick between them. Each contestant is named and numbered. Works great.  However what has suddenly happened, on the entire sequence, every single audio clip has become the same person, the same microphone. If I right click on it now, it shows every 10 audios, but they now are all the same person?  on every single clip in the sequence.  If I match back it takes me to the original group clip and the group clip audio is fine.  The only solution I can see is to MANUALLY re edit every single audio clip.

    So this did not happen while I was editing. This happened as I opened the bin, received from my producer.  Avid somehow is losing the link.  Why 99 percent of the time does this work fine and then randomly this happens now?

    Producer is on a slightly older version of Avid, and I am on 2022.4


    Anyone else ever seen this?

  • playback doesn't stop at end of clip when using the motion effect editor

    IDK if this should be a bug report or a feature request, and I feel like in the past it didn't work this way, but currently (2022.4) playback doesn't stop at the end of a clip with the motion effect when you are in the motion effect editor.  Since it just keeps playing you lose the effect you were editing in the editor and have to move the playhead back to the clip with the effect in the timeline, which loses you time and is annoying to do again and again if you don't stop the playback yourself before the playhead leaves the clip. I would expect playback to be locked to the clip similar to how it works when in the effect editor/effect mode.

    EDIT: I guess this is the expected behavior so I'd like to suggest this as a feature!

  • General Feedback – Media Composer 2022 windows/interface

    Having now moved on from v2018 to v2022 , I've been working for a couple weeks on v2022 I have one large feedback note:

    The new windows are really not very good.  They are super cluttered (sidebar panel is un-removable) and have a tiny border to click on to move tehm with.   They also have all sorts of problems where they get stuck behind each other, and I suspect this is related to how "custom built" they are instead of more standard OS windows.

    But truly, from a design perspective I find them a huge step back.  Why would I want to see my whole project (sidebar) on every bin?  It's very frustrating to have so many little close buttons and be unable to easily and quickly move a window – because bins aren't windows anymore, they are inside containers. 

    I get the usefulness of containers perhaps, but a floated bin should just be a regular old window.  I dont' see the big advantage of opening everything in a container.  The old windows, which could be tabbed easily if desired, worked well.    If you want to have an "open as container" option, that's fine by me –– but why create so much overhead by having every window essentially doubled?   I fear that by trying to add so many bells and whistles, Media Composer will become irrevokably clunky/messy.   

    The difference between looking at a project in v2018 and v2022 is astounding:

    • in v2018 I see my project: every bin shows me my clips and is focused on that information – Bin name and clip names.  There is very little information except project information created by me and other editors/assistants.

    • in v2022 I see "Media Composer Interface":  There is so much unnecessary information, purple vertical bars everywhere with extra close buttons and names.  Every bin has it's name on top (beneath the window bar, weird) and it has a container name – "Bins.1", "Bins.2", etc.    I feel like my monitor has shrunk by 15% because there is so much interface dross (I work at at 2k resolution).  What is the use of "Bins.9" on the side of my bin?

    Please reconsider the presence of the sidebar panel on every bin window (I mean the purple bar that is there even when you "hide sidebar").   Please reconsider your decision to have 3 close boxes on every window.  Just pause and think about the weirdness of that.  If I open 2 floating bin windows, I get 4 names and six close buttons!  SIX!  

    And if the answer is "you're doing it wront" I would tell you that if I wanted to work in a regimented panel-centric way, I would work on Adobe products.  Don't kill one of your best features – flexibility.




  • BUG? Creating new bin focus is in timeline.

    When I create a new bin the name is highllihted but if i start to write I cant rename the name of the bin because the focus is still in the timeline and all keys are interpreted as edit keyboard shortcuts



  • Audio tracks order

    Hi! I have a prolem when importing multitrack audio into a sequence. I have a polyfonic audio clip with 5 tracks on it and the metadata shows: A3 BOOM 1, A4 BOOM 2, A6 RADIO 1, A8 RADIO 2, A9 RADIO 3.

    So I create a sequence with 10 audio tracks and when I drag the audio, the tracks obviously appear on A3, A4, A6, A8 and A9. 

    Is there any way to drag this clip so it shows as A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, even if the metada says otherwise?


    Thank you very much.

  • MC 2022.4 weird window behavior – not coming to front

    Trying to understand if this is a bug or some sort of "feature".  Windows in MC 2022.4 aren't coming to the front when I click on them.  It doesn't seem consistent, but mostly it seems like they don't.

    I mean I click on a window, or cycle through in standard Mac fashion (command-`), and the window becomes active.  I can move the window.  But it remains below the other windows.

    Minimizing the window to the dock and then clicking it open again will bring it to the front.

    Changing to another app and back to MC might also remedy the issue.

    ALSO - it seems like things like the Find Window react differently.  I got other windows to come to the front, but not the Find Window.  Then later it does come to the front.

    Could this be something amiss with MC & MACOS Monterey?


  • Help menu, Search option

    According to this tutorial, in the "Help" menu there is a "search" option:

    The problem is... I've never seen that option in my Media Composer 2022.4, and not even in any previous versions.

    My question is: is it an option only on PC version and not on a MAC or maybe there is something wrong with my Media Composer setup?

  • BUG. Noises in AMA linked mp3's

    If I link a MP3 a lot of noises and "clicks" are heared in the playback. O tested It on two Macs (Catalina and last Media Composer versión). If I consolidate It  noises are tranfered to the nee file. 


  • Avid Beachballing when switching between finder/apps and Media Composer

    Been using v2022.4 for a bit over a week and this problem just started today.  Nothing changed in my configuration, OS, hardware, etc.


    When switching between other apps and Media Composer, upon returning to MC it is unrepsonisve for about 5-15 seconds.  Pointer turns into a beachball.   This is in console:


    [MultiframeCombiner 0x7fce7f6cae30] AsyncExec::CheckIfReadyToExecuteByInput(sample 1800, exec tag 1) - returning false

       Still waiting on input 0 (slot 0), state No Progress Made

    [CATIFDecodeCvtr 0x7fce7f893000] AsyncExec::CheckIfReadyToExecuteByInput(sample 1367, exec tag 1) - returning false

    And sometimes I would get the SFPlayCosumer TIMEOUT exception in record monitor.  Searching the forums, I removed  OpenIO_VirtI.acf from MC app.  But nothing changed, I still get beachball when I switch back to Media Composer.  Now I get his in console:


    ProjectWindow::RefreshTable - expand shared & other -      0.000008

    ProjectWindow::RefreshTable - expand shared & other -      0.000008

    ProjectWindow::RefreshTable - expand shared & other -      0.000060

    qm2b is enabled


    I've trashed MCState, but still beachballs.   Any ideas?

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