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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Monterey 12.4 update ?

    Hey Macsters

    Anyone updated there Mac OS to the available 12.4 from 12.3.1. I am using MC 2022.4 and like to keep current with my OS and Version of MC if possible. Any issues with upgrading my Mac OS ?


    I am having a couple small issues with Media Composer. 1 - when I hide Media Composer, (ie Command H) I cannot unhide it as the app crashes. 2- Also I am continually saving as I am crashing a few times a day during regular work . This typically comes when I am working very fast and doing a lot of tasks very fast. Sometimes the saving to attic thing comes up before the crash. I have done a clean instal and trashed site settings MC state etc and new user settings. All the typical stuff. 3- real time effects play irregularly. That is if I put a green dotted effect on a clip it wil sometimes play and sometimes not even if I render it. A bit odd. All else pretty good. Still the best NLE on the planet despite Titler +.

    Finally has there ever been any thought to modernizing the interface of these forums ? It hasn't changed since I started on Avid during the paleolithic era. No spell check cluncky upload features etc. 



  • MultiCam playback is slow. Can't edit please help!!!

    I have a project that has 5 cameras. All footage is 1080p 29.97. Each clip plays fine until I go into MultiCam mode and then it plays back so slow and choppy I can't edit it. I was using linked clips at first the I transcoded averything to AVC-Intra 100. It took 14 hours. Made a new Multicam Group and to my dissapointment the same thing. Any suggestions.

  • Is it possible to create new user profile, and import previous settings?

    Everybody knows this one - every tech suppport contact usually begins with "have you created a new user profile", and while I understand the need for support to ensure user profile cruft isn't causing an issue, it's a nightmare request as to recreate all those little tweaks one makes to the UI, tools and workflow is next to impossible.

    Is it possible to create a new user profile that satisfies the requirements of cruft-elimination, and then import all one's previous settings,without screwing up this new profile with the problem all over again?   Without this ability, I am so frustrated with constantly creating new profiles.

  • Avid crashes when a new hard drive is connected



    Does anyone know why this might be? It seems to happen everytime without fail. I'm working on avid 2020.12 and my OS is Catalina.



  • Unable to import/link *.mp3


    I am unable to import or link mp3 files in Media Composer.

    If I drag the file from the finder to a bin nothing happens.

    If I drag it with the ALT key pressed to link it, nothing happens either.

    If I try to import it from a bin I get a message saying the file can't be imported but I can link and consolidate it. If I do that, a screen ends up with an error "The file ***** is an unknown file" and it doesn't work either

    Help please!

    Avid version 2022.4

    Avid Link 2022.4

  • DOMAIN_COPYOUT_FAILED Unsupported pixel format

    Hi This seems to be a well worn subject on this forum but I may be experience a sub variant like Omicron. I am using a new mac studio with 2022.4 and my couleague is using an older Mac Pro with MC 8.4 not the latest version of MC 8 which is 8.9.4. We were exchanging bins hapilly for a few days when he started getting the error message below. We were however successful in exchanging a bin with nothing in it. That worked but the bins with sequences got the warning as in the attached screen grab. To clarify bins he sent me bins to my 2022.4 MC which worked fine but bins I sent him on 8.4 have stopped working and produce the error below when he tries to open. I tried all the obvious stuff like trashing settings and making a new project but they do not change anything.  Any suggestion would be appreciated. Would a reinstall be of help ? Project specs are identical 1080 23.97

    Thanks much


  • DIDReader Error When Importing - MC 2021.12.2

    Hi all,

    When importing AAF files, 75%+ of the time the import fails and I receive the following error in the Console:

    Error: 'DIDReader::XraiseUnexpectedStreamStatus async file system error.'

    The AAF files contain DNxHD LB media, formatted at a frame rate and frame size that matches my project.

    I've read the Avid documentation that states that the error is caused by corrupt render files (and the threads that have said it could be corrupt media in general). However, that's not happening in my case; I created a fresh project on a system with no existing Avid media, and still received the error.

    My colleagues on Avid Media Composer 2021.9 (accessing the same shared project and media as I) do not have this problem.

    Has anyone run into this? Any fix or ideas out there?

    Thank you!

    - David

  • MC 2022.4 confirm "apply clip gain" with the keyboard


    We're using the current MC 2022.4 and encounter the following problem:

    With previous versions, we could use the "apply clip gain" command by selecting it in the audio tool, typing in the adjustment (f.e. "-5") and then hit ok on the keyboard.


    In the current version, using the keyboard doesn't work any more. We need to click the "ok" button on the dialog with the mouse.

    Is anybody else encountering this problem?

    Can something be done about it?


    Best, Mirja

  • Can't drag and import in 2022.04

    I have M.C 2022.04/

    I Can't drag and import from browser as I used to.

    I have to make "relink" and then to transcode it/

    Any sollution?

  • Avid keeps crashing during start up


    I am running Avid ( on my M1Pro 14" MacBook Pro, OS 12.3.1


    Everything was fine until a few days ago Avid won't start anymore. When I open the application it takes a few moments and then a failure notice pops up saying that Avid closed unexpectedly... I already uninstalled Avid and reinstalled a freshly downloaded version... same problem.


    Anyone here with a tip/solution?




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