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Avid Media Composer - Mac
Forum for advanced Media Composer Mac users.
  • Used Avid Nitris DX Hardware Shopping

    Shopping for an Avid Nitris DX with a DNxHD encoding module. I do not need an AVC module. Obviously Nitris DX is discontinued but they are available used. If anyone could advise me about models and compatibility so I know what to buy that would be much appreciated. Going to run a Mac Pro Tower 2012 with OS 10.12 and Avid Media Composer

    The trouble I'm having is understanding the model numbers of the box as it relates to the part numbers of the PCIe Host Card and Host Cable to connect the Nitris to the Mac Tower. Most of the used Nitris DX they sell are missing the PCIe Host Card and the Host Cable. Purchasing them separately I'd like to make sure I'm matching the right card/cable to the Nitris.

    Reading online I've seen three different Nitris DX Model Numbers:
    9900-65255-XX (is this the newest?)
    7020-30008-XX (what's the difference if any in these models?)
    7020-20084-XX (is this the oldest?)

    PCIe Host Card Part Numbers:
    7030-30048 (Is this card compatible with any Nitris or only the 7020-30008?)
    7030-20084 (Is this card compatible with any Nitris or only the 7020-20084?)

    PCIe Host Cable Part Number:
    7070-20036 (Only part number I've seen)

    If anyone can recommend anywhere to buy Used Avid Hardware other than eBay I'm open to suggestions, thank you!

  • Changing background color of source record monitors

    Photos that have black backgrounds are difficult to resize because I don't know where the edge of the photo ends & record monitor begins. Is there an option to change the background color of the source/record monitors? Don't want to deal with workarounds like adding a layer of white underneath; too much busy work for something that should be simpler. Thanks!


  • Mystery Window

    Does anyone know what is that big window that appears to do nothing but get in the way?  Oh wait, it does have a little menu at the top right that allows you to switch to custom workspaces.  Is that all it does except for getting in the way?  I just installed 2019 from an earlier version.  For the first time in 20 years I feel that I'm in over my head.  

  • Big thanks to Avid! Timeline Waveform Sync

    The relatively new (to me anyway) Timeline Waveform Sync just saved me at LEAST a full day of brutal hand syncing!!

    A two camera shoot where the A cam had time of day TC, the B cam had record run TC and the stand alone audio recorder had a different time of day TC.  And the B cam just LOVED starting and stopping the camera!!!!


    I just set up a timeline with everything tossed in, selected it all, right clicked in the sequence, found the Timeline Waveform Sync, hit go and walked out for a LONG coffee break.

    When it was finally done cooking I had an almost perfectly prepped sequence.  Just a couple shots had to be hand placed.



  • Disable automatic keyframes?

    Hi there

    Is there a way to disable the automatic creation of keyframes when changing a parameter in the effect editor? By this, I mean the creation of keyframes when there are no existing keyframes for that particular parameter. I read that it used to be an option in MC, but was removed at some point. Just wondering if there is now an option again to disable it... I have not been able to find it. I'm using MC 2019.11



  • Odd, hard to recreate trim bug in 2020.06

    I'm getting a slightly weird trim bug and have had it a few times. When I'm working on a sequence with about 3 video tracks and 10 audio tracks, I sometimes do a trim (which I may have rushed into) and I get 'Invalid Trim'.

    Normally nothing would happen after this message, but I'm seeing the trim complete on the timeline, but not on the sequence. So now you start playing the sequence and the video/audio doesn't match what you see on the timeline. I undo, but it thinks there was nothing to undo, so undoes the previous edit.

    If I close and open Media composer, it restores itself to sanity again.

  • Imac and external monitor - how to get timeline on the left side!

    I am running MC 2020 on a 2017 27' imac with an external monitor.  No amount of playing with the dispays setting or swapping the monitors can get me the timeline on the left and bins on the right as the default! Does anyone have any ideas or do I have to manually adjust the workspaces?

  • AVC Intra 2K LT files shot with 200frames not readable in Avid


    I have a technical problem. I'm working on footage with the codec AVC intria 2K LT which are working fine if I link them with the source browser. Only a few files aren't working and I know from the shooting reports those shots are 200frames slowmotion shots. These shots appear to have no image, it's all black and when I try to play them I get a consistency check failure. I have a feeling Avid is having trouble converting the 200frames to 25fps. I did install the latest codec link files, but I'm working on a older version of Avid: 2018.12.6.

    I could get these files through Davinci Resolve, so the footage is fine.


    Anyone have a solution to this problem?

  • Exception: std::exception, what:ameAMAFl::AMAFlVideoWriter::Execute(): TIMEOUT - pipe stall detected

    Hey, guys. I've been trying to export a h264 (and also tried prores with same bad results) of a 14 minute timeline I have that was a test shoot with the Canon C300 mkIII and the Canon C500 mkII. Inside the timeline i have footage from both cameras in their raw files as well as XVAC files and I have som effects to portray both shots on the screen at the same time (two 16:9 images shrunk to take up the middle of the screen with text above to signify the settings on the tests). 


    Everytime I try to export I get the error: " Exception: std::exception, what:ameAMAFl::AMAFlVideoWriter::Execute(): TIMEOUT - pipe stall detected "


    It won't let me export an AAF either, as I was going to try to then export it from DaVinci. I've also tried exporting only certain parts of the timeline but I still get the same error everytime, so i don't think it has anything to do with the specific raw files... but then again I'm awful at this stuff! 


    Any help would be so appreciated! I'm working with the newest Ultimate Avid 2020.60 and on the following laptop:

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) (CATALINA 10.15.4)

    Processor: 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

    Memory: 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

    Graphics: Radeon Pro 450 2 GB / Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB


  • T+

    Has anyone had any luck finding documentations, tutorials, anything that can help speed up the learning curve of this new titling application?  Thank you.

    Shift for audio scrubbing?  

    Nice to see Avid fixing things that aint broke.

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