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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Weird sub cap text alignment issue

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue with subtitles.

    For some reason I'm getting a weird alignment issue with the second line of text that causes ugly looking extra space on the coloured box. See the image below.

    It's odd beause I'm using the exact same settings for each SubCap effect.

    Has anyone come across this?

    Thanks in advance.

    (Latest version of MC)

    Image link: https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501739872095

  • Media Composer 2012.12.2 Available Now 19 Mar 2019

    Media Composer 2018.12.2 - Launched Today 3.19.19

    Avid is pleased to announce the December release of Media Composer 2018.12.2, which is available today, Tuesday March 19th, 2019.


    Location at Launch:  This update to 2018.12.2 is available from MyAvid Master Accounts, Avid Link, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required).  


    Media Composer Notes:  Listed below are a few hot items that customers need to be aware of.  Please check the ReadMe for additional notes relating to Media Composer 2018.12.2. 

    -  Avid Artist DNxIO and Avid Artist DNxIQ: If you are using Avid Artist DNxIO, Avid Artist DNxIQ, or a BlackMagic Designs video device, please update to Desktop Video software version 10.10.1 or higher. The minimum Desktop Video version that will work with Media Composer v18.5.1 is 10.9.11. Older versions will be rejected, and you will not be able to use your hardware until you update.


    -  When installing the Sentinel Driver:  check your System Preferences and select “Security and Privacy.” You may need to choose to Allow the driver to be accessed. 


    - NVIDIA Driver: The editing application supports Nvidia Driver v390.77.

    - DX Driver installed separately: Starting with Media Composer v8.9.4, the DX Driver was not automatically installed on Mac systems. With this release, the DX Driver is not automatically installed on Windows systems. See Avid DX Driver Separate Installer.


    Additions to Media Composer 2018.12.2:  The following additions have been made for this release.


    -  Avid Titler Update:  In previous releases, you could animate only one text layer, and no shapes. With this release, you can animate up to a total of 10 layers (any combination of text and/or shapes).

    -  Multiple Groups: With this release, you now can select the clips, right click and select Multigroup.  Enable Multiple Groups. When this is checked, multiple groups are created instead of a Multigroup clip. 

    -  New DNX Uncompressed Format - S2.14:  This release supports DNxUncompressed S2.14.

                • For YCbCr projects: DNxUncompressed 4:2:2 16 (2.14) bit MXF 

                • For RGB projects: DNxUncompressed RGB 16 (2.14) bit MXF 


    Fixed in Media Composer 2018.12.2:   The following have been fixed: 


    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2825. An AAF embedded export from Media Composer did not import properly into Pro Tools v12.7.1 and earlier. If you experience this problem, enable the “ProTools 10/12 compatibility” option in the Export as AAF dialog. The exported AAF will be compatible with earlier versions of Pro Tools. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-10448. (Avid Titler+) In some instances, selecting active windows did not work properly if you were working with an Input Method Editor (IME).

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-10384. (Avid Titler+) Unrelated buttons inadvertently appeared in the Effect Editor when working with an Avid Titler+ effect. The buttons have been removed.

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-10383. (Avid Titler+) Changing the font or color, or editing your text in your animated title would break the animation.

    -  Bug Numbers: MCCET-2804, MCDEV-10291. You could not enter Japanese text when working with the Avid Titler+.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2835. When working with MetaGlue media, you might have received an exception error when Media Composer tried to build the database for 16mm media, and 35mm 3 perf media.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2837. Dynamic Relink settings were not retained in shared projects when saved as a site setting.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2867. In some instances, frames were mixed up after rendering some effects on linked H.264 media.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2851. The editing application crashed when selecting multiple audio keyframes using Alt+Shift+drag.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2463. Intermittently, AMALogger files incorrectly appeared in the User folder.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2813. In Media Composer versions after v2018.5, when capturing from a deck, you might have received a “Communication error had occurred” error.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2808. The editing application would hang if you performed a search in the Marker window, followed by changing the camera angle on a Multigroup clip.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2659. The Timecode Burn-In effect did not accurately display the sequence name if the sequence had filler at the start.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2788. Exporting XDCAM media with Mono audio enabled resulted in an exception error.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2519. In some instances, depending upon the font and size, Subcap titles were cut off.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2774. The Source setting, Auto function was not working properly for Canon C-Log color transformation.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2503. In some instances, effect parameters were not updated when rendering a Timecode effect.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2814. (Windows) On some systems, you could not mute or adjust the volume using the Monitor Volume button.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2766. If the Movement During Play is set to Page in the Timeline Settings, and Clip Frames are enabled in the Timeline, the Timeline page movement does not work properly.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2765. Some uppercase characters in the Hungarian alphabet were cut off in the Subcap effect.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2840.  Effects added to video on V1 were actually added to filler on V2.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2829. (Interplay) The “Root Folder for this Project” value was not always maintained in the Production Management Folder Settings dialog.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2838. Timeline Views mapped from the Command Palette were not retained after you restarted the editing application.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2842. You might not have heard audio when linking and importing .MTS files.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2826. (Mac) Language options were not available for PhraseFind and ScriptSync.

     Bug Number: MCCET-2784. In some instances, the blue Position Indicator would hang or disappear during playback if you zoomed in on the Timeline.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2603. The Dyn3 Compressor Limiter (Side Chain) Audio Track Effect was not working when activated

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2795. Languages written from Right-to-Left were not supported in Avid Titler+..

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2777. In some instances, Avid Media Composer read the timecode incorrectly on native files.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2831. Occasionally, playback would stop when it reached certain stereo clips.

    -  Bug Number: MCCET-2761. In some instances, after opening and closing the window, only a small portion of the Deck Configuration window opened and you could not increase the window to normal size.


    Limitations: The following are known limitations (**notice there are much less than before - Great effort Avid Engineering **)


    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-10219. Titles created with Avid Titler+ do not render in the background. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-8641. (AMD Graphics). Systems with AMD graphics cards might display tearing when performing Full Screen playback. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-9837. (Interplay) If you receive the error “DeleteLocalBinMedia FormatDescriptor is not known” you can only delete the media using Interplay Access. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-9460. Windows 7 systems with Nvidia Maxwell or Nvidia Pascal cards might experience playback issues that could result in “Play Consumer timeout” errors. Workaround: Select “Disable GPU Effects” in the Render Settings dialog box. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-9142. You might experience hangs or crashes when performing a video 
    mixdown with a 16K project on systems with less than 64GB RAM. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-9269. (Media Composer | Cloud) After performing a remote download operation on a sequence containing AVC-I 100 remote media, the downloaded media appears as XAVC-I 100. Workaround: Download the entire master clips. 

    -  Bug Number: (Mac). You may occasionally see the menu bar flash followed by a brief beach ball. To fix this, deactivate “Displays have separate spaces” under System Preferences > Mission Control settings.

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-9011. Intermittently, when working with the XDCAM Nablet Plug-in, you might see “Failed to get the sample position from the AMA Plug-in” errors if you have waveforms enabled in the Timeline. 

    -  Bug Number: COGS-2560. While working in the Script Window, text operations (cut/copy/paste/delete/editing) can only be done in edit mode. See “Editing a Script” in the Help. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-5650. When working with Panasonic LongG media, you might receive an “SFPlayConsumer Timeout” error if audio waveforms are enabled. Workaround: Turn off audio waveforms. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-5385. MultiCam editing with Panasonic LongG media is not supported 
    with this release. 

    -  Bug Number: MCDEV-5384. Currently, when working with LongG media, you might see dropped frames when editing 4 streams. This might occur when playing from a single stream to multiple streams (and from multiple streams back to a single stream). The dropped frames usually display around the edit point (transition to a different stream). 

    ReadMe:  Uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2018 Documentation Page at launch.


    How to obtain Media Composer 2018.12.2 Updates:  

    1.  Customers who have already installed the 2018.18 version of Media Composer will be notified of the availability of the upgrade to 2018.12.2 via Application Manager and Avid Link.  The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update when desired. 

    2.  Customers on current Update & Support plans can download the Media Composer 2018.12.2 update either from their Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Center (login and password required).

  • MC crash: all saves since session start lost and more !

    I've been working for more than one hour on CC work when MC crashed.

    To my big surprise, when I relaunched, ALL work done in that session had been lost, *regardless* of the background bin saves (set to 5 minutes !) AND some intermediate CTRL-S just to be sure. The state of the bin is just the same as the latest found in the Attic. This is so unbelievable !!!! How is this possible ???
    To make things worse, it appears that the latest version of the sequence in the bin is corrupt and exhibits "Range specified for DUP is outside range of component" when I try to duplicate it (http://community.avid.com/forums/p/126451/723821.aspx#723821)...
    The same yields for many generations of this bin in the Attic, which contains 100s of hours work.
    So now I have to not only redo all the work from the crashed session, but I also have to find which clip causes the corruption that prevents to make a new version of the sequence ! Not sure yet how to do that in this 45 minutes multicam sequence. Let alone investigating why and when did corruption creep into this sequence ???

    Sorry for the rant  -- I'm just extremely angry -- MC stability on my Avid-supported system has been so problematic since months (a couple of cases still open, and I'm not counting the crashes that I don't even bother reporting because they seem so random and unreproducable) - OK dumping my anger here isn't a good idea and I apologize for the tone of this post, but I really needed to express my frustration of past hundreds of unexpected crashes and hours of work lost. Every other minute I wonder if I should change editing software and take the pain to start the uphill battle of a fully new way of working - or are other editing systems just equally fragile ?
    Or it's perhaps just me -- and I should start growing vegetables instead.

    I also wonder how many people here, professional or amateur editors (like me) actually get at least one crash/hang a day when working with MC ?

    At this point, I will now, every hour at a minimum:
    - Create a new version (duplicate) each sequence I'm working on
    - Save and *EXIT* MC.

  • Using BCC 8.1 with Avid 2018.12.1

    Hi all - I've just upgraded to 2018.12.1 and I find that Avid FX 6.2 (Boris Red) as well as a great many of the BCC 8.1 plugins (ie from the last time Avid bundled in Continuum for free) work fine. But some (eg Chroma Key studio) cause Avid to give the 'serious error has occurred' message.

    What's the word on this - should BCC 8.1 work just fine with the latest Avid, be a bit buggy or theoretically shouldn't it work at all? 

    Cheers as ever!

  • Go to In Mark on Multiple Clips

    I know how to mark in/out marks on multiple clips with the TQ2E method.  My question is: is there a way to go to the In Mark on those multiple clips without loading each one in the source monitor and hitting Q?

  • Evidence MC Uses 18 Cores, 36 Logical; At Least

    Below is a screen shot of my system exporting an MXF file from Media Composer 2018.12.1

    I was told by an employee of Avid that MC can use up to 24 physical cores (48 logical cores)...but not more than 24 at this time.  This screen shows all 18 physical cores averaging ~87% utilization...in a i9-9980XE.

    In the screen shot CPU #35 is the 36th one because it starts with CPU #0 (zero)

  • Loading seqs in left-hand monitor

    Just checking there isn't yet a way to set a given sequence to always load into the l/h monitor, by default? I'm sure lots of us have sequences we only use as sources - it'd be nice not to have to drag them each time.


    Just noticed this notion came up in a previous post - from 2011. Do tell me that 8 years later it's possible...





  • MC 2018.12.1 Avid Processor and MFX OP1a XDCAM export unavailable

    Hello Avid & Community.

    I have a clean and fresh installed Media Composer 2018.12.1. Running on Windows 7 - 64 Bit professional, well managed and updated.

    After my update to 2018.12.1 I don`t see the Avid Processor anymore. In my Export-Option-List I have the ability to select AS-11, DPX, HDCAM SR, XAVC and MXF OP1a as formerly known Avid Processor options, but MXF OP1a allows me only to export some sort of DNxHD flavors.

    Please check the pictures attached.








    Importing and reading XDCAM 50Mbit footage works very well, I can also do transcodes to XDCAM 50 but I can`t do any kind of export in XDCAM 50.


    As plugins for AMA I have installed:


    AMA PLUG-IN NAME              COMPANY NAME             VERSION     
    AVCHD MSP Plug-In             Avid Technology, Inc.
    AVCHD MVP Plug-In             Avid Technology, Inc.
    MediaCollector MVP Plug-In    Avid Technology, Inc.
    Avid OPAtom MSP Plug-In       Avid Technology, Inc.
    Avid Generic Plug-In          Avid Technology, Inc.
    Avid Generic Plug-In          Avid Technology, Inc.
    QuickTime Plug-In             Avid Technology, Inc.
    AS-02 Plug-In                 Avid Technology, Inc.
    AS-11 Plug-In                 Avid Technology, Inc.
    Avid Image Sequencer Plug-In  Avid Technology, Inc.
    MVP_MSP_CanonXF               CANON INC.               3.4
    MSP_MXF Plug-In               Avid Technology, Inc.
    nablet HDCAM SR Plug-in       nablet GmbH    
    nablet SONY RAW Plug-in       nablet GmbH    
    nablet XAVC XDCAM Plug-in     nablet GmbH    
    nablet XDCAM EX Plug-in       nablet GmbH    
    PanasonicP2 MVP_MSP Plug-In   Panasonic.     
    RED R3D Plug-In (SDK v7.0.7)  Avid Technology, Inc.
    WaveAiff Plug-In              Avid Technology, Inc.


    As recommend, I installed the new Nablet AMA plugins for Sony. Did I forget something for XDCAM 50 export? Or is it a bug?

    I also have a support plan, but I hope we can fix this on the informal way.


    Thanks a lot









  • Reading Renderded Clips on other computers?


    Hello all,

    The wierdest thing is happening.  Imagine computer A, B and C.

    Computer A renders in to out.  Set to render to the media partition on the Nexis in media creation.

    Computer A sees it as rendered. Computer B see it as unrendered.  Computer C see it as unrendered.
    Delete render on Computer A

    Computer B renders same in to out.  Set to render to the media partition on the Nexis in media creation.

    Every computer sees the render.

    The data bases off Computer A's have been rebuilt.

    The media has been moved into Computer B.2 media directopry.

    Deleted Computer A's project reference so that rebuilt on Media Composer start up.

    Changed the user settings to default.

    Reinstalled the Media Composer. 

    No matter what Computer A cannot render properly so that other Computers can see the render?

    Currently Media Composer 8.6.5 is being uninstalled to install 8.5.3 (computer A is 8.6.5, B is 8.5.3)

    But there is other 8.6.5 in the company that work perfectly with other versions of Media Composer.

    Has anyone had anyone had any similar experiances?
    Any ideas about what to try next if this downgraded doesn't fix it or what might be cause the issue?

    Any help is greatly apreciated,




  • Dolby AC-3 activation

    Can I activate Dolby AC-3  / mts files / with MC 2018.12.1 or shoud I transcode consumer *mts files ?

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