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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • playback not starting at playhead position

    So since I'm starting a long form documentary, at the same time as doing a personal project, I updated to 2018.12.3 and I'm getting a strange behaviour on my on going project. Playback does not start at parked point, but rather from a previous parked point. Marking an in and doing a play in-out does not remedy the situation. This very strang. Any thoughts. Thanks.

    I haven't started assembling on my new peoject yet so I can't duplicate that behaviour on a new project


    all info helps


  • MC 4.05 doesn´t start with analog Mojo

    MC 4.05

    I used to work with the combination MC 4 and my Mojo a lot many years ago.

    Now I need to digitize Hi8 tapes and need to use the combination MC 4.05 and analog Mojo again.

    But now, when starting MC, I get the error: "problem with hardware, power cycle your hardware." then MC quits.

    I power cycle Mojo and start again, but same error. I restarted the computer, but same error.

    Without Mojo I can run MC.


  • Transition Manipulation in Ultimate

    Hi all it could be something really simple here, in the past I have used the smart tool to adjust the duration of transitions I have applied into the timeline. with the new version of Avid Ultimate I can toggle on and off the smart tool to get my variouse selection and trim modes but the Transition Manipulation option is not there. I have added the button manually to my tools in the timeline but I can not seem to get the ability activated to adjust the duration of transitions. 

    I am trying to shrink the transition to about 10 frames  but am at a loss as to how to do it, Help!

  • Missing Audio Effect Slots for A1 in Timeline


    I'm on MC 2019.9.  Anyone notice their Audio Effect Slot Boxes missing on the timeline?  I can use the boxes on the mixer under the pan knob but can't do it from A1 anymore.  Other audio channels are ok.


  • Import/AMA-Linking Windows shortcut files

    Say we have a Windows directory with some video files, and another directory with Windows shortcut link files to those videos.  It appears our editors (I'm a software guy with no Avid experience) can use the File->Import command to bring up a file selection dialog, choose all the videos, and bring them in.  They can also File->Import to choose the shortcuts in their separate directory, and import the actual videos as expected.

    They can also choose "File=>Link to AMA Files()", and select the actual videos from the dialog.  But if they AMA Link using the shortcuts, they get an error.  The same thing happens when using Alt-drag-and-drop to AMA link the shortcuts.  I'm thinking that the AMA linking code is somehow retrieving the contents of the shortcut file itself, instead of it being dereferenced to point to the video file.  This would be strange, as my understanding of the WIN32 CommonItemDialog/IFileOpenDialog stuff (and I believe the older equivalents) is that it returns the user's chosen files already dereferenced in regards to shortcuts, unless a flag is explicitly passed indicating that the caller wants the actual shortcuts.

    Does anyone know why the AMA Linking of shortcuts wouldn't work in the same way as importing them?  Is the Avid software doing some sort of older/custom file chooser dialog that is somehow bypassing shortcut resolution?  They are using I believe Windows 7 and Media Composer 8.x - it would be interesting to know, if this is a glitch, whether it might work differenty when they move to Win10 and the current MC software.

  • Keyboard Focus - New Sequence

    Search for answer, couldn't find existing discussion.

    After some keyboard shortcuts to create new items - in this case Ctlr+Shift+N to create a new sequence while in a bin, the keyboard focus doesn't jump on the bin name. I have to go to the mouse and click on the new sequence to rename it. Seems like in most cases after creating a new sequence you end up changing the name. Would be nice to lose that mouse intervention.

    Is there a trick for doing this via the keyboard, or should 'create new item' just always assume you want to edit the name? If I right righ click in the project window to add a new bin, it does open the bin name for editing automatically.

    (latest MC 2019.9 on Win10)

  • Bin Question 2019.9

    Hello Avid,

    I'm just getting new to 2019.9n and the new Bin layout. 

    When I add mulitple bins into one bin. How can I see the name of the bin, that I chose, instead of Bins.1, Bins.2, etc?




  • Blu-ray disc 1980x1080 25i from MC 2019


    At present I work with MC 2018.12.3 on Windows 7. To make Blu-ray discs (PAL) I export a QuickTime Reference file and transcode it to MPEG2 with Adobe Media Encoder CS4 (AME). With this file I create Blu-ray discs in DVD Architect.

    I wish to migrate to Windows 10 and upgrade to MC 2019.x. However, it seems there is no AME version available for Windows 10, and any Win10 compatible Adobe Software is expensive to rent.

    Transcoding to H.264 mp4 files transforms 50i (interlaced) video to 25p with slightly visible image degradation (slightly stuttering movements).

    Is there an alternative way to produce 50i Blu-ray discs from Media Composer 2019.x?

  • Video Card recommendations?

    I have some older quadra cards that sometimes don't play nice with Avid (4000 and k620).  What are some less expensive cards that people know work? I don't stack endless video tracks nor do much effects in avid.

  • Is there a way to read a crash report?

    I updated Windows and my avid wouldn't open and would kick back a crash report (version 2018.3 I think)  I updated avid and now it opens with a crash report.  The latest version of avid is very different, so I don't know if my inability to see source record monitors and timeline have to do with the new version or whatever is creating the crash report.

    so is there a way to read the crash report?  I tried using notepad, but it resulted in a few good lines followed by tons of gobbledy gook icons.



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