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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Time for new keyboard default keys?

    ...In the midst of making custom stickers for a travel keyboard and it led to rethinking the default key setup.....

    ....I never use the move 10/1 frame controls at 1-4.  They are duplicated elsewhere.

    ...also the V1, 2 & A1-4 keys....they just never get used...

    ...and the play button at 5 or the play in to out at 6

    ...basically the entire top row never gets used for the default settings.....


    It is easy to create new stickers for the keys. 

    One downside is covering backlit keys but regular keybords don't have that issue.  It is also possible to leave the regular symbols and letters backlit and just cover the AVID function.  


  • Issue bringing in LUT from ALE created by ARRI Alexa Mini

    We've been having an issue getting Avid to apply LUTs that have been assigned to shots on set. We've supplied production with a few bespoke LUTs in the form of Cube files for them to choose which one they want to use in the edit, using the ALE created by the ARRI Alexa Mini camera. We've also imported these cube files to the Avid project, which are appearing as options in the User Installed LUTs drop down menu. My understanding is that we should be able to apply the to our linked clips and the correct LUT automatically be applied in the colour encoding section on source settings, but it's not appearing there for some reason. When importing the ALE we've been using 'merge events with known master clips', and we've tried in both a UHD and HD project, but the ALE will only import in UHD. 


    We've opened the ALE in a text editor and can see that the correct LUTS are being referenced because the Cube file names are in the metadata, as well as corresponding AML file names. The only way we can seem to get any representation of this in Avid is by adding a custom column called 'Lut_File_Name' which displays the Cube file name present in the ALE. Does anyone know why the Avid isn't transferring the metadata from the ALE into the colour encoding tab? Or am I misunderstanding how this should work? 

  • Mac or PC for Avid


    We've been running Avid MC mostly on Macs (Intel / 32-bit) for the past few years and are now trying to decide if we should go with M2 macs or Windows.   We have only 1 windows machine running Avid on Windows .

    Main concern is being able to playback and online 4K streams.

    We understand that upgrading our MC to the latest Mac versions will basically force us to lose access to our entire suite of plugins, but trying to understand if Windows is more flexible in that regard, apart from upgrading.

    Our windows specs:

    Windows 10 Pro

    Intel Core i7-7820X @3.60 Ghz
    32 GB RAM
    64-bit OS

    Avid MC version 2020.12.2.55399

    All our machines run well, but need more speed.  

    Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts!

  • Magnet to end of clip????

    I'm sure I knew how to do this before, but I can't find any refernce to it on the forum or the manual.

    When laying or moving a clip on the timeline, and you want to align the tail end of the clip with the head or tail of a clip on another track, or an endit point, is there a way to get the "magnet" to help align the clip? Perhaps a keyboard shortcut that I've forgotten?


  • I have version 8.5.1 perpetual can be upgrade to...?

    What latest version can I upgrade from 8.5.1 without having to purchase anything?  I'm looking here to at least download the 8.5.1...its been awhile since and just wanted to make sure I have an installation copy.



    Thank you,


  • MC with VHD/VHDX drives

    Has anyone used VHD or VHDX virtual drives to store media.

    Reading about these drives makes me think they should be recognised by Avid.

    If anyone has any info in relation to linked files or the Avid Mediafiles folder, I'd be interested to hear about their experiences.

  • MC 2023.8/2023.8.1 Failed open with Voice Meeter Audio
    Hello, I would like to report an error that is occurring with the new versions.
    I'm trying to use Media Composer in Trial but it doesn't open on the PC if the Voice Meeter application is installed.
    causes a Hardware error.
    If the voice meeter is installed, when i try to open i receive a error called 
    "Exception: Failed to initialize audio hardware"
    I was testing it for my company.
    In the previous version, it worked normally with the virtual audio drive installed in the machine.
    in the app event i found this
    20230919012859 FatalExcpt Exception: Failed to initialize audio hardware 20230919012911 QtMsg [CRITICAL]: QEventDispatcherWin32::wakeUp: Failed to post a message (Invalid window handle.) thank you for your attention
  • Linking imported AAF from Premiere to AMA files

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to do the following and even though it seems like a pretty simple thing, I can't get it to work.

    I have exported rushes for my director, per shoot day (e.g. all clips of one day). She is using those (mp4) exports to spot in Premiere and create sequences of selects. From Premiere, I have exported those sequences as AAF, and got them back into MC. So far, all is good. Sequences load into my system, with offline media.

    The problem now is, that I want to relink the offline media from those AAF's (the master clips that were created on import) to my exported mp4 rush-files. This should be the simplest of tasks, if only I could hit 'Link to AMA' or 'Link to File' somewhere. It seems however, I can only relink to media that is currently in my system.

    Does anybody have an idea or workaround that could help me any further?

    Thanks, Wouter

  • URGENT:Removing MC builds from Avid Download Center & MyAvid Accounts

    Reminder - Removing Media Composer builds from Avid Download Center & MyAvid Accounts on Sept 29th 2023

    As of next Friday, September 29, 2023, all Media Composer builds pre-dating Media Composer 2023.8 and will no longer be available for download from Avid. This includes the Avid Download Center as well as the MyAvid account. 

    Important:  Please be sure to inform anyone in your network of this change and we suggest you download and archive any versions of Media Composer pre-dating 2023.8.x that they have licenses for to retain access. 

    Learn more: FAQ.  

    We will have new Long-Term Maintenance (LTM)  builds available by this time (2022.12.5 and 2012.12.10).

    The Knowledge Base article on this topic is located at:



    Questions, let me know via email at marianna.montague@avid.com

    Thanks folks


  • Dolby AC activation

    I have some video files in MTS format from a Sony HDR-CX625 camcorder. When I try to import these into Avid MC, I get the message that it requires activation -


    In order to receive license.bin file, copy the following information and use a computer with an internet connection to go to:


    You will need your license System ID, Activation ID and system Device ID


    I have my system ID and system device ID but have no idea where to find my activation ID - can anyone advise me how to navigate this hurdle?

    Or is there any other way to make these files readable?

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