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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • TIFF Import

    Is there a way to import TIFF files directly into MC?   I have a huge amount of photos for a documentary and it will take time to open each TIFF in Photoshop and save as a JPEG or PNG.


  • Re: Command Palette "Add ALT Key" v8.8.4 PC

    It's been a very long while since I tried this on a PC MC.

    Command Palette/Other Tab/ Add Alt Key  using Button-to-Button Reassignment.

    I *thought* one merely had to drag that little Add Alt Key dot onto an existing icon, to Add Alt to a tool.

    I tried it on Mark-Out Icon, after I tried it on Find Bin, but both were no cigar, with no little "Alt" dot added.

    I tried it with and without Settings/Interface/ Use Standard Windows ALT ket behavior ON.

    Am I doing something/anything wrong? Can anyone confirm that it is working well on PC MC v8.8.4, please?

  • basic 101 editing question: extract splice in

    so I have a sequence and I wanted to rearrange some clips. I have the extract yelllow arrow highlighted on the smart tool, I grabbed a clip from the end of the sequence and brought it into the middle of the seqeunce. With sync locked on my tracks, my thinking was that everything to the left of the moved clip should have shifted to the right to stay in sync but it didn't. Only the track that the footage was moved from moved. All tracks are highlighted. What am I missing here. Geez I need to edit more. 

  • Can't Link Pro Res files via AMA - did 8.9 change something

    I was always able to AMA pro res files from a the oydessey recorder - today I could not - had to import - I was always able to use AMA - is my problem or did avid change something in 8.9?


    thank you

  • 4K Camera Recommendations?

    Any 4K camera recommendations for use in Avid Media Composer?

  • 708 Closed Captioning workflow?

    Just upgraded to 8.9 from 5.5. This means I am leaving my faithful mojo behind. I have one broadcaster that requires me to send a beta because I haven't been able to close caption my hd files which is why I have kept my old software and Mojo so long.  However, I was hoping that by moving to 8.9 I would be able to somehow create an mpg file that has 708 captions.  If I can do this, then I am finished with betas forever.

    What are people doing for 708 captioning?  I need to be able to do it in house.  I have Sorenson Squeeze 10 pro and an older version of caption maker.  

    I followed one tutorial on the web and it said to use the Subcap effect in media composer.  However, this gave me open captions.  My work computer which is a mac running 8.4.5 has a closed caption effect in addition to the subcap effect.  In any case, I need to be able to caption from my home editor.  Am I missing an effect on my home system?  What do I need to make 708 closed captions?  Can someone walk me through the process?  Do I need to get something else to make this work? Is this something I need to do outside of Avid?  Everything needs to be file based as I have no hardware to process or see the captions.  Any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance!

  • Timecode Window all messed up

    Sometimes I have a problem where tyhe Timecode window shows other elements of the Avid application inside its own window.

    Take a look at this image:


    Doesn't look very good Marianna :((((

  • Relinked Sequence Crashes Avid

    Hey all,


    Strange issue that just popped up on a project when trying to open up a relinked sequence - it locks up Avid and eventually forces a crash.

    Workflow - RAW media is on an ISIS 5500 partition. AMA to the Raw media --transcode to DNx45--edit -- relink back to RAW for mixdowns.

    This is the first time the relink workflow has just not allowed us to open up a relinked sequence. I've tried copying the timeline to a new sequence, relinking on other machines connected to the ISIS, rendered the entire timeline, and reindexing the media drive. Running out of ideas of why I can't open the relinked sequence.

    Any ideas?

    Workstations I've tried relinking on:

    AVID 8.8.3 and 8.8.9

    z420 & z840

    Native media includes XAVC, h264


  • Software to crop black bars

    Sorry if this has been answered, if it has please feel free to point me in the right direction. 

    I need something to crop my bars out. I do a lot of 1:85 wide screen work, my free software I use works  about 75% of the time. I've tried every export setting for Sorensen and It always looks degraded. 


    I export same as source keep legal range. Import 4k video af SQ. running latest avid. 

    I cannot stand the black bars via Facebook and Vimeo. Budget for a real program doesn't matter. 

    Thanks everyone. 

  • ? KB Mapping CUSTOM Toolset/Bin Layouts?

    We can go beyond the customizable & mappable STOCK Toolsets, but MC doesn't seem to permit KB mapping for Custom-Named Toolsets or Bin Layouts. Is there a work-around? Can KB-mappable linked Workspaces include a Custom Toolset?


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