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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • PSD with alpha changes to matte when adding 3D Warp?

    Why does it do that? And how can I use 3D Warp on the PSD without turning it into a matte?


    Edit: I promoted it to 3D instead and that let me 3D Warp. 

  • Audio Mixdown MXF files

    When completing a project, besides the various export master files, I also make two video mixdown files - one with captioons and one withour, plus a audio mixdown.

    I presumed that the audio mixdown file is stereo - like the timeline, but when I examine the file using the "Reveal file" feature in MC and then open the file in an external player, it is certainly a mono mix file.

    I notice that MC actually creates two MXF audio files of identical size - if the file that is shown in the bin is - for example -

    called 601-140-07 LIGHED F629925EB.mxf

    then there is also a file called 601-140-07 LIGH629925EB.1.mxf

    these two files have the exact same sixe and both play back a mono files, though only the second is referenced in the MC bin where I stored the mixdowns. As one can see, the filenames are almost identical too.

    If I open the file from the bin in the source viewer, it plays back as a stereo mix - but if I open it from the windows folder using the "Revale file" it is mono.

    Simple question - why? Can MC not create a stereo MXF file when running a mixdown?

    Of course for archiving I can (and have) also made an Export to File as 24 bit 48K stereo wave file, which can also play as stereo and be reimported to MC if necessary.

    But I don't udnerstand the logic of MC  making a stereo mixdown, the file of which as "Revealed" is only mono?

    What is the point of all tis? Any wisdom out there?


  • UME Plug-in sync issues with ProRes 50 FPS Clips

    I work with a combination of DNxHD 59.94 and ProRes 50 FPS clips and have been seeing sync issues with certain PR clips for the past few months. The amount of frames out of sync varies from clip to clip, and can be anywhere from 13 to 3 frames off. The sync also changes with each bootup.

    The clips play fine outside of Avid.

    After digging deeper, I was able to isolate the issue to 50 FPS ProRes 422 HQ (1080p) clips linked using the UME plug-in. If I force MC to use the Quicktime plugin (in Windows) in the Source Browser, the clips play in sync.

    I've seen this issue on 3 different Windows 10 systems and on an M1 Max MacBook Pro all running 2022.4.

    On the Mac, my only solution is to transcode the ProRes clips outside of Avid before linking them.

    Is this a known bug?

  • Timeline Clip Highlight - when NOT in Effects mode - Interface issue?

    Media Composer 2022.04 running on an HP Z800 workstation.  Windows 10 Pro OS build 19043.1766.  64 gig ram.  NVidia Quadra P2000.

    We recently went facility wide from MC 2018.12 to 2022.04.  My system is running with the Symphony Option installed.

    When working in the COLOR workspace in color correction mode, when you click on timeline clips, they highlight like you are in effect mode.  Meaning, if you are working and have the effect editor open and you click on clips, they highlight.  However, I do not have the effect editor open.  Nor do i have the effect palette open.  I am in the color workspace only. 

    When you do click in the timeline on a clip, it highlights, however you can move the blue marker line to another clip and the same clip stays highlighted.  I go to apply a color correction to the clip where the blue line is and it applys correctly, however the other clip stays highlighted.  I then click to another clip and it might change to highlight that clip or stay where it is.

    Color correction mode works fine in the Symphony option, however having clips be highlighted like you are in effect mode is cumbersome.  There is no pattern to it and i have looked to see if there are any other reasons the clips would be highlighted when you click on them in the timeline. This only happens in the color workspace with the effect editor closed.  I have even tried opening and closing the effect editor while working in color mode to see if it would reset it, and it does not.  Very weird and i believe it may be an interface bug? 

    I have included a screen grab below.  My highlight color is the standard Avid Purple.  My blue line is parked on a ajacent clip that I clicked too.  However the clip to the left stays highlighted.  Again, this is all with the effect editor closed. 

    Any insight or esscalation to the engineering team so they can investigate would be great.  Thanks all!


  • Playback stops on it's own

    Hello all,


    I hope someone can help me with this annonying new behaivor.  well it's new since I upgraded MC.  I was on one of the 2019 versions and playback was fine.  So now.. playback will always stop after 11 minutes.  Doesn't matter which sequence, project, etc.  Always stops after about 11 minutes of playback.  I hit play and it will play for another 11 minutes.


    Weird.  I see some media cache settings.  I didn't change them yet.. since the documentation wasn't totatly clear in my opinion.  Could this setting be a cause of the issue?


    Any ideas on why playback just stops after this preset amount of time.  I'm running 2022.12.2 on a Windows 7 machine.  HP z820.  Sequence is just a basic ProRes HQ 1080p file with no effects on it... pretty basic.  Playing from a NEXIS.  Only thing that changed was the MC version.  I did setup a new project and user settings since uninstalling and then installing the new 2022 version.




  • Group containing more audio channels than original media

    Hi all, 

    I'm trying to create a multicamera group based on a subsequence that I have created. The workflow is as follows:

    1. Create autosync sync map with audio and a/b cam in sync.

    2. Mark clip and subsequence out synced audio and a/b cam clips into their own 'sub' sequences.

    3. Within the synced subsequences, Right-click > Create group. 

    When I create the group, I notice that the multicamera group contains many many more audio channels than in the subsequence. Why? How do I remove them? The editor I work with goes mental when he sees 8 channels of empty audio channels in a group.

    Here is a screenrecording of my issue: https://youtu.be/y10qqfXgpnU

    Thank you in advance.

  • How to stop metadata from being refreshed

    Hi all,

    I've encountered some strangest thing I've never seen/heard for over 10 years... 

    We've got an episode of a show locked and when I try to create the EDL/AAF turnovers, noticed that a bunch of the clips are missing critical metadata, including timecode, tape name, source name, etc...

    I've created a fresh project and tried opening the original dailies bins and the metadata is all there, but as soon as I open the locked sequence, all the metadata got "refreshed" back to be missing again.

    At this point it's hard to tell when exactly did the corruption/glitch start to happen because of the "refresh" function. I've tried roundtripping with EDL/AAF via Resolve and Premiere Pro and still no luck, which makes sense since the metadata is wrong/missing upon creating EDL/AAF to begin with.

    Now the temporary solution I've found is to use Resolve to isolate the glitched clips and recreate an AAF. Back to Avid without opening the locked sequence, and start manually replacing the clips, based on frame count. Which worked for now.

    Wondering if there's any easier solution for this (moving forward)? Like anyway to stop Avid from "refreshing" the metadata? Or other workarounds?

    Thanks and appreciate.


    Avid Media Composer 2021.12

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    - Also tried on other systems and it's the same...

  • How to connect external broadcast monitor



    I just installed Avid Media Composer and would like to run my JVC broadcast monitor (as a grading/qc monitor) via my Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4k.

    How do I enable it as I can't seem to 'enable' the HW/SW button. 


    Any advice would be great.


    Thanks so much



  • Dual GPU?

    Hi everyone! 

    I was wondering if Avid MC (2022.4) would accept and benefit from adding a second Quadro P2200 GPU to an Avid qualified PC workstation. There's a lone P2200 sitting on a shelf and the workstation is already running another one, maybe they could join forces?

    I'm wondering if that would help with 8K projects and real-time effects. If so how does it handle two GPUs? Would MC see them together as a single GPU and use the total amount of their added memory bandwidth/size?

    if anybody knows about that subject I'd be glad to get some input! 




  • How to replace watermarked stock footage with final purchased footage.


    I'm running Avid MC Ultimate 2022.4 on Windows 10 Home.

    I'm currently working on a project that will be all stock footage. So far I have used AMA clips to cut the watermarked stock footage. I'm ready to finalize the sequence and swap in the purchased stock with the watermarks removed.

    What's the best way to go about this in Avid? I'm very new to Avid and coming from Premiere, this would be a simple "Replace Footage" situation where I would just point Premiere to the purchased stock and the replacement would happen without fuss.

    I've tried relinking by selecting all the purchased clips in their bin, then selecting my final sequence and running "Relink" on all open bins, but it only seems to successfully swap out a few clips. I'm not sure why those clips work when the rest don't—all the watermarked stock footage also have the exact same names as the purchased stock.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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