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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Export for HDV – no multiplexing


    For making DVDs, I export my DNxHD 185 X files for HDV, transcode the resulting m2t files to mpg and make a DVD in Adobe Encore. This workflow no longer works because multiplexing in Media Composer no longer works.


    What is going wrong? Is there an alternative to make DVDs from DNxHD 185 X files?

  • Dual screen, not seeing the whole of MC on one screen.

    Hi, I haven't used Media Composer for a while, but I opened up yesterday to do some editing and on my second monitor MC has moved up a bit so that I can't see the minimise and close buttons.  I can minimise the Composer and the Timeline, or whatever components are there according to my Workspace, but I can't move MC's main interface down so that I can see the very top of the UI.  I can adjust the lateral size of the UI. 

    Not a big issue of course, but could somebody please help with that?

    I'm using MC version 6 on Windows 7 Professional.

    Thank you.

  • Pro Limiter - Pro Compressor Activation

    Downloaded and installed Limiter/Compressor.  When i booted up MC i was asked to activate each product.  Both are still listed on my Not Downloaded Section.  When i click on Activate Product I get a "Your bill address needs to be validated-visit this page".  Address is okay, I press Confirm and get an error message, told to contact Customer Cares and an error code: 067817521 with Firefox, 067818832 with Chrome and 067819047 with IE. 

    Why are both products still listed as not downloaded and why can't i confirm my correct billing information? Without that confirmation the activate product function will not go to the next step.

    Not sure who to go to for help.


  • select a clip on the timeline


    Can i select a clip on the timeline without the mouse? 

  • frameflex needs one more axis of rotation

    Somtimes I get video thats upside down, not sure why.

    But when I frameflex and rotate 180 degrees everything is mirrored/flopped/reversed

    It would be nice if frameflex had an axis of rotation to fix this little dilemma.

    And by frameflex I mean, when i right click the clip and modify source settings.

    Thank You :)

  • Export for YouTube

    I am trying to export videos to Youtube but having some issues. Youtube says they accept MP4 and H.264 files but when I try to export/upload these files I get error message (do not recognize format,etc.) and very slow upload. Can someone point me in the right direction regarding optimal export settings to get my videos onto Youtube? Its almost impossibe to get a response from Youtube so I thought maybe someone here can explain it to me. Thanks a bunch!

  • WAV file freezes Media Composer

    I'm running v8.4 and have been for a few years.  I'm currently cutting a short film and yesterday encounted my first crash ever on Avid.  I have some VO that was recorded on a Zoom H4n and while playing the timeline, the application would freeze up any time it got to this one section of the VO.  I dropped in the VO on Saturday and everything had been working just fine up until last night.  

    So my first thought is "corrupt media", so I closed MC, and replaced the file on my hard drive with a back up.  Relaunch Media Composer, same issue, same spot.  The software just hangs.  If I mute that audio track, everything plays just fine, so it is that audio file.  

    Next I tried exporting a QT of my sequence.  Everything, including the problem clip, sounds and played great on the rendered file.  I sent an XML to Resolve and the audio plays fine there too, no issues.  So it seems like the WAV is actually okay, as it renders fine and can be sent to other software, but there's something wonky going on that's affecting playback in the MC timeline.  Any ideas what could be going on?


    Thanks in advance!

  • Export Problems with older software and PC

    I recently brought my old PC back to life that is about 10 years old. This PC is Window XP based and is currently running Media Composer v2.8.3. Yes, as I have said, it is very old. The software works great just as it did a decade ago, although exporting a sequence (and having it play on a newer system), will not work. When trying to play the exported sequence, an error apprears saying that the codecs are wrong. I have even attempted to convert the file, but even that is unsucessful.I do realize that the Quicktime vwersions are outdated as well. I am reluctant to update a lot on this computer, for there is no longer support for Window XP. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • MC Ultimate 2018.5 Match Frame pre computes (titles) gone :\

    Where has this feature gone? Match framing back to titles was a god send on last version... Not so ultimate - Avid please patch this asap!!

  • No timeline window when opening MC - workspace muddle



    when opening MC it does not show the timeline window. I have to explicitly switch into Source/Record Editing workspace even though it´s highlighted in the workspace menu. I had this minor but annoying problem for a year now, so I made new settings, and it was fixed. Today, it´s back, with the new settings. Is it a bug? Does someone else have the same issue?


    Cheers Thomas

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