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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • CONFIGURING AVID DNXHD output to quicktime - QUALITY

    Using setting 1080p 29.97 DNXHD 100. 

    Unable to change data rate and profile is locked at MEDIUM QUALITY

    Data-rate control is not operable    ?????

    Trying to push best possible quality to You Tube

  • Media Composer RAM allocation


    I've noticed that every time I start Media Composer these two lines about memory is written to the EVENTLOG.LOG (located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Avid Media Composer\Avid FatalErrorReports).


    20190523095416 Ready      Application ready for user

    20190523095417 Memory     AWEPhysMemAllocWIN::ToggleLockPagesPrivilege LookupPrivilegeValue Failed Error:1300

    20190523095417 Memory     PhysicalMemoryAllocatorWin32::Create will NOT use AWE Allocations

    Should I be worried about that?

    I've looked around the web and found out that AWE is "Address Windowing Extensions" that is "a set of extensions that allows an application to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB" according to Microsoft https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/memory/address-windowing-extensions

    The page says that for it to work "An application must have the Lock Pages in Memory privilege to use AWE. To obtain this privilege, an administrator must add Lock Pages in Memory to the user's User Rights Assignments."

    At Avid I've found a couple of mentions of this "Lock pages in Memory":

    http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/How_To/Windows-User-Rights-Requirements-for-Media-Composer says that the MC installer creates a usergroup with the requered privileges.

    And the ReadMe for MC 8.5 has a section about AWS - page 9-11 on http://resources.avid.com/SupportFiles/attach/README_Avid_Editor_v8.5.pdf

  • Settings.xml


    I'm just wondering what the point of the settings.xml file is, if not all the settings are stored in it?

    Eg. As far as I can tell, something as basic and fundamental as format settings for projects (ie. the parameters in the format tab in MC), are still stored in the *.avp binary project file, and not in the projects settings xml file (at least in my version:2018.12.3.51505). Is there a good reason why settings are stored in multiple locations in this way?

    I understand that not all settings can be changed effectively without the possibility for errors ie. changing timebase - but still no real reason to reserve them or store these seperately in the project file?

    Let's say I want to change a bunch of interlaced projects into progressive ones, or even create a bunch of projects at once, change the raster or framerate of some - can't do it by editing just the settings xml, as all these settings are hard coded into the projects .avp binary.

     This means that if I want to automate this kind of thing, then I have to overwrite or bundle project files and xml's, one for each format type / configuration of settings I need. It gets really complicated fast.

    Also, let's say I'm working with multiple editors. When I create a project, the basic settings such as raster and framerate are written into the avp file, and a bunch of defaults are written into the xml. When I enter the project, MC creates a user/machine folder and copies the settings and project file from the root, into the machine folder. If I edit any setting with a 'Project' status in the settings tab, then this setting is only unique for the current machine, and not global for the actual project - which you might expect might happen if you edit a 'project' setting. Surely this is a unique 'Machine Project' setting? and the User, Site and Project distinctions now become confusing and complex too.

    This means then, that if I truly want these settings to be simple global settings for the project, then I have to use windows to copy the files from my machine folder into the root of the project folder and overwrite the settings and project files there.

    We call this the 'Cowboy Trick' - because it is a trick for a cowboy ie. a non-prof, shabby person, doing a half hearted and bad job Huh?

    I have not yet found a tick box or setting in MC, that enables me to 'Apply project settings globally for all users' - is this at all possible?

    If not, a truly external project settings xml that all users can inherit from would be a giant step, and a huge help for people like me who want to create and change lots of projects at a time for multiple users. It would be a much cleaner and tidier, better way to keep global project settings in one place.

    I'm sure there are more pros than cons for most typical users if MC worked this way.


  • How will it work? Mix XAVC Intra 100 and xdcam hd 50 media?

    We have a project where all OB media will be in xdcamHD50 1080/50i

    and all ENG fotage in XAVC Intra 100 10bit 25p

    I assume that we should have separate projects for each media. The work project will be in 1080/25p.


    So, a timeline with above mixed media, will it work smoothly?


  • Media Composer and AE Pro Import

    Hello everyone!


    I am trying to use Pro Import in After Effects. I cut my video in Avid Media Composer, exported an AAF, and attempted to use AE's pro import feature. I am getting the error message below in AE. Media Composer is working as it should. Has anyone had this issue before and how did you resolve it? I am 100% certain all of my settings are correct. 


    Thank you!!


  • pillarbox letterbox frame flex bug

    Any time I use pillarbox/letterbox in my frame flex settings to reformat media I'm getting a single pixel black vertical line along the left edge of picture. 

    Current work around requires a slight blowup to our delivery master to pass QC. Has anyone else run into this issue?

  • Is MC's UI snappy for you?

    I've come to accept that Media Composer is a little slow. It can't keep up with me. I'm a fast editor. But I always get ahead of my own keystrokes. I'll make an insert edit, and I have to wait anywhere between .5-2 seconds before the edit happens.

    Does this happen for you? In Final Cut, Resolve, or Premiere, this is not an issue.

    I wonder if it has to do with the project being hosted on shared storage. I'm using an Avid-certified computer. A Lenovo P710 with a Quaddro M4000. 

    The footage is 1080p23.98. 

    There is nothing terribly taxing about the work I'm doing. 

    The project is also pretty small. 

    Any thoughts on this? 

  • Exporting Screenshot

    Whenever I export a single frame (Windows Image NTSC) as a screenshot, it includes all the video tracks, even if some of the tracks are not selected.   For example, if I want to export a shot on V1 without overlaying graphics on V2, I have to temporarily delete V2 before exporting a screenshot of V1.  This is different from a video mixdown, where only the selected tracks are included in the mixdown.  Am I missing something or is this the way it is supposed to work?

  • Remove all Audio effects from the timeline



    having an issue, I can't seem to remove all the audio effects from my timeline without removing the audio itself. 

    Usually I would open the effects editor, select everything right to left and press the remove effect, but in this verions its removing everything inc the audio.


    I assume they have changed how you can do it, but I can't figure or find what I need to do in order to do it.




  • Difficulty opening older project

    I have the project files archived and the drive ready. I tried copying the old project file, Avid 8, into the 2018.12.3. It's not showing up in Avid but does appear in the harddrive folder where the projects are stored. 

    Any thoughts or workarounds?



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