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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Buying multiple Support re-instatement plans.

    Dear Avid,

    For one of my customers I'm buying 3 $399,- support re-instatement plans from the online store.

    But to my amazement I can only buy one at a time. However I try to change the quantity even by continuing shopping the amount of upgrades always remains 1. Is this intentional to protect the customer base from spending too much money at Avid products at once? Wink


  • Composer upgrade

    I currently have Media Composer 7.0. If I upgrade to the New 8, is there a monthly fee that also needs to be paid besides the $399? or does that monthly fee start after 1 year? Also, will I need a faster processor to run the new Composer 8 ?

  • Importing photoshop file with Alpha results in no image

    Everyday I seem to find some new quirky problem in MC.

    I'm running MC 8.8.3 on Win10. I created a number of photoshop PSDs which are just text on transparent backgrounds exported from After Effects. Something I've literally done thousands of times. I imported one and it was fine, overlayed onto my video on a second video track. I imported several more and was shocked to see just black in the source viewer for the entire clip. Thinking I'd done something wrong I double checked my import settings and re-imported the images. Same problem. They open and appear fine in Photoshop.

    I closed MC and even rebooted the system and still have the same problem. If I import the image ignoring the alpha the text in the image appears. But no matter which alpha option I pick, invert or not, the image comes up blank.

    To make matters even worse, the existing image that I imported correctly and overlayed onto my footage is now blank.

    What the heck?

    I just imported a Quicktime Animation with an alpha channel and the same result. Just a blank image.

  • Capturing old dv tapes with 32 k audio

    I'm working on a project that relies on old dv tapes from 1996 that have 32k audio.  The audio drop down menu only goes to 41k.  I'd like to capture the video and audio an then up convert the audio.  

  • QT not installed error... except it is

    Hi, I have MC version 8.8.2 installed and have been working happily all day, suddenly I am now getting a 'QT is not installed' error upon launching MC.  I unistalled the version I had, checked the version matrix and installed QT 7.7.9 however I still get the error message, I have disabled my firewall and antivirus thinking it was something to do with that but hasnt made a difference.  Any ideas?


    Much appreciated, John 

  • Windows 10 Update - Disabled our GPU

    A Windows 10 update on Friday disabled our Nvidia GPU. When I downloaded the lastest qualified driver that Avid points to, I get an error that the version of the driver is not compatible with the current version of Windows. Anyone else get this?


  • Stabilise effect's premature start.

    When I add the stabilise effect to a clip, it immediately charges off analysing the clip, before I get a chance to set the thing up to suit my requirements. Is that just the way it must be or is there a way to add the effect, that avoids this wilful behaviour?

    Does it make any difference whether the adjustments are made before or after the analysis of the clip happens?

  • Dreaded time change system error

    Avid won't open because the time on the computer has been set back? I've been reading the solutions for others, but nothing is working.  Nothing opens up even after a reinstall.... Final Cut?

  • Current day opinions on administrator vs normal accounts for Avid.

    I've always run my system as an administrator account in order to avoid issues with permissions and so forth when installing and running more "complex" software such as an Avid system.  However, I see more and more recommendations these days saying that there are too many potential security issues with doing this -- i.e. that you should run as a "normal" user instead of as an "administrator," and use the "run as administrator" ability when needed.  Based on my reading over the years, the problem up to now has been that this does not always work -- i.e. that some installs, for example, would not complete correctly or would not result in full functionality.  The most common recommendation for people running more "complex" software (i.e. audio or video editing and creation software, for example) has therefore typically been to just use the system under an "administrator" account.

    Now that security issues have become so common, have we reached a point where the recommendation for Avid systems is to use a "normal" account and use the "run as" capability?  Or, is it still recommended to use an administrator account with Avid systems?  I want to use the highest level of secuity I reasonably can, but I just want to avoid any potential headaches down the road.

    For this coversation, I'm requesting that we don't get sidetracked in a discussion about creating an "avid only" system and using another system for everything else.  A lot of people don't have the luxury of using seperate systems.  It's quite common to create a single, powerful system and use it for everything, so I'd like to keep the discussion along these lines.

    Thanks for any feedback on this,


  • TV Broadcasting - REC 709 or REC 709 Full Range

    Hello! I haven't exported something for TV for ages. I think this should be a simple question.

    I'm looking at the composer monitor or the full screen alternating from REC709 to REC709 Full Range. Which of these two displays (REC709 or REC709 Full Range) will better match what I will see on the TV when it's broadcasted? Thanks!


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