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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Latest Version of Media Composer and Blu Ray Format

    Can the latest version of Media Composer export to the Blu Ray Disc format?

  • Is it possible to rent MC Ultimate for 2 month at once?

    I have a production that is sensitive for disruption, and it will run for 2 month, so I wonder if I can pay for 60 days at once, so there is no risk for interruption after 30 days (for example issuies with VISA card an so on)

  • Bought new laptop, need to install MC


    I just bought a new laptop and need to install my MC.  I am out of town, away from my main computer.  I have no idea what my system id is or any of the pertinent questions I am sure Avid techs will ask.  I lease the current Avid MC and have several months left.  How can I install it on my new laptop without all the system info?


    Dave M

  • Where to set the timeline font?

    Greetings all. Using MC 2019.6 and loving it.

    I just have one minor but still annoying issue I'm unable to find the setting for: where do I set the font the timeline uses for the timecode and individual clip names? See attached. MC is presenting me with increasingly weirder font choices for this every time I sit down to edit...


    Much appreciated  

  • Can I set the default size and location of newly created bins?

    It's been a few years since I looked into this, so I figured I'd ask about this again.

    Is there any way to change the default size and location of new bins when they're created?  I know it may seem like a small thing, but I work on some projects that use lots of bins for organization, and it gets irritating to always have to move and resize every new bin I create.  If I could tell avid to create them at the size and in the position that I'm going to end up putting them, it would save some of the tedious "fiddly" process.



  • about subscription payment for help~

    I have just finished avid media composer subscription last month. Maybe I accidentally repeated it. just received two re-payments. Can I cancel one?

  • QT MOV export problem

    Hi there, 


    im having issues converting exported QT Mov file since uploading to MC 2019.6.


    i used to export same as source (or any other settings) and convert the file in sorenson squeeze or adobe encoder to MP4. 


    however, the files exported from MC 2019.6 is working with QuickTime but showing black screen in Adobe encoder preview, and once converted i got a black screen video with only the audio, and in sorenson squeeze sometime even craches the software. old QT file i have exported for MC 2018 is workign fine. 


    • video transcoded to  DnxHD 36 before exporting
    thanks in advance

  • AMA link to clip, but have it play at slower project framerate.

    Is there a way to link to AMA media but have it play at the framerate of the project rather than the framerate of the clip?  In other words, if I have a 23.98 fps project and a 29.97 fps clip, I'd like to AMA link to that clip and have it play at the slightly slower framerate of the project.  Note that I'm NOT talking about a framerate conversion -- I do not want the create a 23.98 fps clip from the 29.97 fps clip.  I want all of the clip's frames to play -- I just want the sequence of frames in the clip to play at the slower project framerate.

    Again, this will mean that the clip is not playing at the original speed.  One second of the clip will take approximately 1.25 seconds to play in the project.

    I know that there are ways to re-encode the clip to slow it down and then change the framerate, but the math doesn't necessarily work out precisely depending on the exact framerates of a given clip, and the process can easily lead to artifacts.  I just want to tell avid to ignore the clip's framerate and play each frame in sequence at the project framerate.

    Sorry if I made a simple question sound more complex, but I feared that without all the detail my question could me misinterpreted.



  • How to move a set of tabbed bins together?

    I have a set of tabbed bins on the left and stacked bins on the right, all in one bin container.  I'd like to swap the columns, so the tabbed bins are on the right.  There are two actions I can't seem to figure out:

    1) Move a set of tabbed bins as one unit.

    2) Move a set of stacked bins as one unit.

    I could move the bins one by one to swap the columns and mirror the setup here in the picture.  But I assume that I'm just missing a simple command or button?

  • 5120x2160 in 2019 Media Composer

    Can anyone help? I selected the 5120x2160 in source browser (footage shot on Scarlet W dragon sensor in anamorphic), but my 2019 Media Composer Ultimate composer window stretches the image even though the composer is selected to 16x9. When I switch from UHD to 1080p 23.98 in project settings it does the same 4:3 aspect ration. It's my first time working with 5k, so maybe Avid UHD is designed for 4k, 8k, 16k (not 5k)? This is my punishment for spending too much time in Resolve.

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