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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Quicktime still necessary?!


    I don't follow development updates or stuff like that but somehow I thought the latest Avid wouldn't need a deprecated software/codec to be installed anymore?

    I just installed the latest Avid Media Composer and when I start it it says there should be Quicktime installed? Quicktime hasn't been updated since 2016 (!).

    What am I missing?


  • Workflow for multi-format needed

    I have a show that was shot mostly in 4k, both DCI and UHD. Partially in 1920x1080, and will also have both HDV and SD DVCPRO50 anamorphic footage.

    I want to cut the show in 1920x1080 DNxHR HQ. At the end I want to also conform the show in 4k.

    ! have a 32TB array for the HD and a 72 for the 4K, my thought to source link and transcode all the ftg to both at the outset.

    How do I do this so when I am ready to conform to the 4K I can just easily switch arrays and the project ses the same show, only in 4K (i.e. uses the HD was a proxy).

    How do I ensure that if I have to go back to camera orginal, it will relink and find it easily?

    Do I need all the camera orignal on its own array?

    Do all the arrays have to be named the same and only one connected at a time?


    Thank you

  • Changing timecode of clips has changed...

    It used to be you could type in the new start timecode of a clip, Avid would ask you if you wanted to change it and you said yes and the tc was changed.  Now (2018.12.8) I find that in order to change the timecode of a clip, I need to first modify it to add a tape name which obviously adds extra time to every roll I need to change (which is all of them).  

    To confuse things further, on clips with a start tc of 00:00:00:00 changing the tc works in the old way i.e I don't need to add a tape name.  Changing it on 1080p clips seems to work the same way too. Changing it on greater than HD clips seems to require a tape name.  

    Can we have some consistency please and ideally the fewer steps the better. Something like changing a tc should be straightforward and not require a bunch of extra steps to make it work.  


  • MC 2012.9 slows right down (to usless) in Colour Correction mode

    I have a 5 minute corporate that I'm working on. It is a 1080p project, but some of the interview footage was shot at 4K (to give re-framing scope).

    I have been doing some basic CC work, but MC slows down to a snail's pace, often hanging for minutes at a time before it comes back. Swirch back to SourceRec mode and MC is back to normal speed.

    Anyone else seeing this? It's driving me nuts!

    I'm on 'edit 1' of the systems in my specs - basically Win10 Pro (1903), Core i9 (10 core HT), 64GB ram, Quadro P4000 driver 441.12.

    Any suggestions appreciated


  • 2019.7 and 2019.11 compability issue? SOLVED



    I have two versions in different workstations. Usually I work on 2019.11 but yesterday I had to work on 2019.7 workstation.

    The bins I used in 2019.7 don't open in 2019.11 anymore, giving the error: "Unable to open file (bin name). File does not contain a valid Avid domain header. 19.11.5322. It doesn't matter if bins contain sequences or only master clips.

    What should I do? Really need to continue work with these bins in 2019.11


    thank you,




    Well, strange... Luckily I had a back up of the project also in my ftp. Using this all opened up as it should. 

  • Grading separate shapes in Symphony...

    I feel like I know the answer but obviously it would be great to be proven wrong. ..

    Now that one can grade within shapes in Symphony I have found that adding more than one shape and then grading one of them, affects the other. In other words, the shapes are not independent and changing the grade on one applies the same grade to the other. Obviously this is totally useless for many situations.  Is this still the case? I'm on 2018.12.8.

    While I'm here I also hate the way you have to choose the "CC effect" option from the drop down menu in order to start using shapes.  Why doesn't simply clicking on the shape place you in the correct mode?! Needless extra steps. 



  • Important Support Notice

    You may be aware of the unfolding situation in the Philippines and the Taal Volcano eruption, which took place about 37 miles (60 kilometers) outside of Manila, which is the location one of our support centers.

    Effective immediately, we are at minimum site operations as many team members are not able to report safely to the office. We are enacting coverage plans so our customers can continue to receive the support and services they need.

    To minimize support disruption and allow us to focus our limited resources in critical areas, we are asking customers to use our web ticketing/portal creation option first before calling Avid support directly.

    We also are directing them to the “how to create a support case” knowledge article: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/How_To/Support-Plan-Case-Creation

    Our thoughts are with our co-workers, partners and customers in Manila for their well-being. 

  • Progressive out of sync



    I was trying to synchronize material of documentary I'm editing and came to quite a strange problem (or at least one I've never experienced in Avid). I've a single file of two and half hours recording, and about a dozen of video files. First, I tried to make Autosync based on waveform, but got an autosync of about a second, so I've tried to sync with inpoints, which should have solved the problem, but surprisingly the result was frustrating.

    While the close seconds to the inpoints I've used are fine, everything that comes before and after them are still out of sync by a second (more or less). I suppose it should be a symptom of Progressive out of sync, which can be caused by difference in FPS, but both seems to be on 25 (if I believe the information in file itself and in Avid).


    Do you have any idea what could cause it and are there any solutions that come to your mind so I can synchronize the files correctly?


    Thanks in advance!

  • Is there a way to force multiple audio files to import as monographic group?

    I've received sound from a sound OP who's recorded JAM SYNC but has delivered the files as 7 (in this case) seperate files. 

    However even with auto detect broadcast wave monophonic groups selected the files won't import as a multichannel audio file into avid.

    This means to apply the JAM SYNC TC to all the files I have to read the timecode and then apply it across the 6 other files. This seems unnecessary, especially when dealing with what will be several hundred files buy the end of the project.

    Is there way to force avid to import all the files as a multichannel file?



    MC 2019.12



  • Project settings for tv movie

    Hello everyone,

    First time on a TV movie (used to work on features), in France, for french TV. I'm wondering if these programs are still broadcasted in interlaced fields nowadays.

    I think it will be shot in 25p, but I wonder if I should set my project in 25i. It's confusing me.

    Thanks for your advice.

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