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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Antivirus use on MC edit platform?

    For years, I've prevented my edit platform from accessing the Internet directly, but now I'm in a situation where I have to do this at times -- it is unavoidable.  I don't have to be online while editing in MC, but I'm concerned that I don't have an antivirus and firewall installed.  I've searched the forums for information and see that antivirus should be turned off while editing, and that media drives should be excluded from running scans.

    Does anyone have advice on how to run antivirus and firewalls on the PC where MC resides?  Are there any best practices that work for you?

    Thank you.

  • Can you have Aux Timecode on a Sequence?

    It doesn't seem like you can, but my Media Composer crashes every time I try to add it. Are there any other options to have 2 sets of timecode on a sequence?


    This is not in reference to my home Mac system, but a work PC running 8.2.12 on an HP Z420 with Windows 7.



  • Matrox MX02 mini max utility

    Does anyone know which utility version of Matrox MX02 mini max is certified by Avid for MC7 on PC?



  • Can not open MC because of Activation Error

    Hi everybody,

    it has been a long time since I write the last post here. We maade the switch to another editing system, so I have not been here for a long time. We have a permanent licence but did not renew it one year ago. Everybody in this forum made me think, that the old software would work but I can not install any new version because I did not renew my account. Until today it worked perfectly in that way when I had to use my MC.

    Today I had to open an old project on my MC 8.6.4 

    After opening the electronic activation pop up shows so I hit the "activation via internet"
    The last time I had this problem with the activation I selected "deactivation" for my MC software licence and activated it directly after the deactivation. But now when I click on deactivation I get the error message "deactivation failed: response is out of order with previous responses"

    So what can I do now? I have to get into my old project. 
    Is there any help for me with my old permanent licence?Greetings from germany 


  • Which NVIDIA Driver: Old NVIDIA Quadro 2000D & MC 8.8.4

    While waiting on my new Quadro card I have to continue working with

    NVIDIA QUADRO 2000D and MC 8.8.4


    I now have installed the NVIDIA driver 375.86 but Avid crashes every 10 min when working with FX.

    I'm not 100% sure that the wrong driver causes the crashes. Could be anything. But PrPro, Media Encoder and other Adobe CC apps are working fine...


    So my question is: What is the right NVIDIA driver for this outdated combination - and where can I get this driver?




  • Audio punch-in tool not working with MC7.0.6

    I updated my MC7 to MC7.0.6. Before that the Audio Punchin tool was working fine if, while in AVID, I switched off Matrox Mini. Now i cannot get it to work. All I get is The Punch-in decice is not ready. I tried also power down and power up again after disconnecting the Matrox completely, not just switching it off in AVID. 

    Anyone any ideas  

    I am an HP Z400 with Win7 Professional with Service Pack one. 6GB RAM. Processor Xeon W3540 @ 2.93GHz.

  • Can I get an Admin?

    I've had to push back a weeks worth of editing because of this issue...I've got publishers asking for work, brides asking what the hold up... What am I supposed to do here?  I can't save a project because I get this error, I have to redo everything from scratch then I get the error again.  8.9.2 has been a disaster.  To be honest I would have dropped Avid years ago for Final Cut, but I've been editing on this system since I was 12 in 1998.  Can someone PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I FREAK OUT.

  • Change aspect ratio of media

    Hi all,

    I tried to search a lot but found no topics around the problem I have. I shot 1920x1080p footage at 25 fps but I want my film to be 4:3 so 1440x1080 to keep the best quality. However from what it seems and from what I found Media composer doesn't allow for such dimension. Even if it doesn't what would be the easiest workflow to edit my footage in a way that I get an idea what it looks like in 4:3 and I can actually choose what I want to show in the frame (using frame flex i suppose) and then to export it in 1440x1080p? Thanks.

  • AMA Media Stream

    I am rebuilding a project I did last month when I was still on Windows 7 Pro. I have since upgraded to W10. I also have upgraded Avid MC to the newest version.

    I have all the media reloaded with no problems but now when I try to play the timeline, I get this error...

    "Exception: Cannot access the AMA media streamplug-in to play this clip".

    I have checked the AVX2 Plug-ins folder and see a number of files, but I thought with the most recent upgrade, 8.9.2, it would be all included with the main download. Why would I have to go somewhere else (nablet) to get a core plug-in? But maybe I do.

    In the plug-ins folder I hve AS02, AS11, AvidImageSequencer, MXF and WaveAiff.


    Any help would be much appreciatted. THANKS!

  • NVIDIA Quadro / Z420 Questions

    In my HP Z420 [E5-1650v2], I want to replace my old NVIDIA Quadro 2000D card.

    If I want to stick with a Quadro card and stay in my price range, I see two options:
    - NVIDIA Quadro M2000
    - NVIDIA Quadro P2000

    (They cost roughly the same. And of course I would prefer the newer and more powerful P2000.)

    Now I have these questions:

    1. Is the P2000 compatible with the Z420?
    2. Do I have to buy the HP branded version of the P2000 card - or is it ok to buy the PNY NVIDIA Quadro P2000?

    Any other suggestions regarding a new graphics card are very appreciated, too.


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