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Avid Media Composer - PC
Forum for advanced Media Composer PC users.
  • Any Media Composer news at NAB?

    Can anyone at NAB share any news about updates or new features for Media Composer? It was the first day of Avid Connect and I haven't seen anything specifically about Media Composer on the Avid blog or twitterverse.

    Are more announcements coming tomorrow? Hopefully?

  • Nitris DX/Symphony Communication

    After having our Nitris DX in operation for almost 10 years, I thought it would be high time to open it up again and not only give it a good dusting but also to replace the rather old and noisy 80 mm Delta main system fans. I decided to pick up a pair of Austrian designed Noctua fans which are very nicely made and extremely quiet. However, these fans don't have the same specs as the original Delta's (RPM speed is lower in the replacement fans). More on this to follow.

    In addition, there is a 40 mm PSU cooling fan which sounds like a turbine when powered up and given the hard mounting to the metal PSU chassis which in turn makes contact with the main fan metal support "leaf", the sound the NDX was emitting had some nice harmonics producing beats in the 90 dB range..., borderline unusable I/O box unless rectified. Actually, one could argue a health hazard. In short, I replaced this fan too and while the overall cooling might not be quite as effective as it was before, the unit is virtually dead quiet and I actually can hear my timelines now! I couldn't wipe the grin off my face after connecting everything and powering up.

    I won't go further into the hardware and noise issues but I wanted to lay down the foundation for my questions. Why? Because Symphony is now complainig intermittently about a "fan malfunction" and stops timeline or clip playback. Clearly, there is no fan malfunction because all three are working perfectly well. But..., evidently NDX communicates in some fashion (over the PCIe bus) with SYM telling it that there is a problem. Of the three fans, only the main two PCB 80 mm fans are three pin and are therefore in principle speed controlled by the NDX hardware. The PSU fan is a two pin fan powered internally by the PSU so it is not controlled by the PCB nor has direct communication with it other than possibly through the 20 pin molex power connector to the NDX hardware. So, with that out of the way, I was hoping someone with NDX hardware knowledge could help answer the following:  

    1) How does the NDX box communicate with SYM at the fan "malfunction" level?

    2) Does the communication only happen between system controlled 3-pin fans (i.e., the main fans) or is the system also monitoring the PSU fan through the 20 pin connector?

    3) What does the NDX hardware expect in terms of fan performance/specs? Is it RPM based only or is there more to it?

    4) If I know the now quiet NDX box is operating properly without excessive heat (I haven't noticed the passive chip heatsinks or the PSU overheating after having the system on for a day), is there a way to disable this notification in software (e.g., through the console) which prevents proper functionality of the software?

    Any insight or advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks, David 



  • Unrendered graphics will only appear when played, not scrubbed or paused.

    I have .png files on V2 and V3 of my timeline...boxes with transparency around them. They don't appear in the source monitor when the timeline is paused, or when I scrub over the timeline. They only appear when I hit play...or render them out. "Render on the fly" is checked. That's the only setting I know about for sure that could've been the issue...although I think things usually play while scrubbing if they're working normally when that's unchecked? Any suggestions on how I can get them appearing again? I'm on Media Composer 8.8.1

  • windows problem when using a laptop

    hello when i use avi din my laptop, when i open certain windows, when they are long...i can t get too see the button at the end..generally ok and cancel

    It is like the windows goes out o the screen and i can t move it up

    It is not avid related..i have it in other similar sw...but may be you can help

    thanks a lot

  • open source timeline with just a double click on clip in bin


    is there a way to open the source timeline with just a double click on a clip in bin only? Without the additional step toggle from record to source timeline.


    Thanks in advance,


  • SFPlayConsumer::Excecute TIMEOUT error messages

    Hi All

    Hopefully some Avid guru can help me with this.

    I have the latest version of Avid 8.8.2

    my OS is Window 10.

    After the update, I have trouble to open the old project. 

    it kept giving me this error messages on both reord and source window: "SFPlayConsumer::Execute TIMEOUT".


    I googled for existing answers. someone suggest to turnoff the "Fast Scrub" in timeline setting.

    so I did turn this off, but I still got the same error msg.

    Some people suggest to install the AVCHD plug in. so I went on Avid.com to download the plugin.

    but apparently, 8.8.2 version doesn't have the AVCHD plugin available anymore.


    So, If someone has the same problem like I do.

    Could you direct me to the right path.

    Many thanks.



  • Refreshing R3D Clips with RedCine Looks or Metadata?

    Hey there everyone.  This kind of a lingering thing that I found a workout for in the past but it took forever. Basically, in a project, as far as I can tell... when you link to RED (R3D) files, whatever 'look' you shot it with, that's what sticks.  Or, if you want to do RedCine color grading, you'd better do it before you link or you'll never be able to do it in that project again... for some reason. 

    Does anyone know of a way to "refresh" the clips to gain the graded RedCine look simply by refreshing clips in a bin?  You can see them in a new project, but in that current one, even if you relink in a new bin... that same look (pre-coloring) comes through. 


    What's nice about V8 (I think V8.6+?) is that at least as a "sequence" you can refresh a sequence and it'll get the look that you did to you source clips now.  However, the issue is getting that sourcework done.  In the past, I'd go into RedCine's bin of looks that it saves (like Attic) and manually apply that meta data to every clip, matching each clip to a look with the same name.  Definitely tedious, but it works.  Then, when you refresh the sequence, the colorwork sticks.


    I created a new project, relinked to all of the same clips and in 'that' project... they come in perfectly.  With that said, I was trying to link my cuts to that footage but it's not taking for some reason.  (I can't figure out how to 'unlink' these cuts.


    So yeah, basically, I'm just wondering if there's a simple "right-click"... then "something" to simply get the clips to look at their current metadata or looks to update themselves.




  • HELP ! Importing-Editing Video from Pan DVX 200

    I recently purchased the Panasonic DVX 200 about 6 months ago.  It's a great camera, but had no idea I would have trouble importing video into AVID Media Composer.  I shot Ultra High Definition (UHD) 3840x2160 as an MP4.  AVID says I need to convert the video to .MOV but no one so far can tell me how to do it.  Help is appreciated.

  • what are these symbols?

    hello, it seems to me that these signs in the image are new..or at least i never noticed before

    what are?

  • Avid M C 7.02. is crashing when editing a Conceal or LConceal Effect


    When I place the effect Conceal / Lconceal in the timeline and then I edit this effect with the effect editor I get the following message:

    Assertion failed !("WHo\'s calling this?!?!?") File:..\..\src\Consumers\EffectMan\ARealTimeEffect.c, line: 102

    I have allready tested the same effect in another project and also in a testproject and I 've got the same error ! Other effects don't give this error message when editing.

    I have found the same item in this forum without a solution mentionned ....

    I am working with Avid 7.0.2 under Win 7 Prof SP 1 64 bit - IntelCore I7 CPU 920 @2.67 GHZ - Ram 24 GB

    Is ther anyone who can help me ?

    Thanks for yor response !




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