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Avid Options Forum
This Forum is where community members can discuss Avid Options such as the Symphony , ScriptSync, PhraseFind, NewsCutter Options and the new VM Option along with upgrade information and eligibility requirements.
  • Symphony upgrade option on perpetual MC licence

    As the title suggests, is this still available for a Media Composer perpetual dongle?

    I know this was an available option in December of last year (for the new price of around $90) when I was renewing my year's support. Looking at my account info, I can add another year of support, but there seems no mention of upgrading to Symphony.

  • Media Composer bins in MC | Ultimate


    Is it possible to open the new Media Composer's bins in Media Composer | Ultimate? Even in Nexis/ISIS environment?

    Let's say I'd like to pre-edit some material on set with Media Composer which I later want to finish in the Ultimate verison with shared storage.




  • MC/Symph Perpetual - Want to keep shared projects. Now what?

    This new licensing has me a bit confused.

    I have two MC perpetual licenses (one dongle, one software) on a home setup, both with Symphony.  At my normal workplace, there are three MC perpetual dongles, all with Symphony.  All are making use of shared projects within their own environments - on third-party storage solutions.

    I just want to make sure I read this properly.  From the FAQ:

    Can I still buy a Media Composer perpetual license or will I need to transition to a subscription?

    A: Yes, we will continue to offer Media Composer perpetual licenses, as well as 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan renewals (previously known as Annual Upgrade and Support Plan renewals). This software provides all of the same collaborative workflows of Media Composer | Ultimate, but does not include the software add-ons. If you’d rather convert your Media Composer perpetual license to a Media Composer | Ultimate subscription license, we offer options to do this too.

    So - this means - all those licenses can stay perpetual, we can keep getting support renewals currently at roughly $299USD, we keep shared project functionality, they do NOT come with PhraseFind/ScriptSync, but we can optionally add those on per license - all correct?

    Just want to make sure we're not losing features during our existing support, or getting hammered with a nearly double-cost renewal in order to keep our existing feature set in a year.

  • ScriptSync and Mandarin Chinese

    Hi all, 

    Apologies if this is redundant, but I scoured the forums and couldn't find an answer.

    We are gearing up for a new documentary consisting mainly of interviews in Chinese.

    As we begin to farm out transcriptions, the question has arisen as to whether transcripts should come back with Mandarin characters or written out in pinyin (phonetic romanization). Has anybody used ScriptSync with Chinese yet? 

    When I did my last film in Russian we used Cyrillic characters, and ScriptSync worked just fine.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help.  


  • Script Sync documentary transcripts: Am I missing something?


    I'm ready to try Script Sync with documentary transcripts. Sounds brilliant.

    Here is what I don't get, though.  Once I have a bunch of transcripts and they have been matched line-by-line to my media files, what I really want to do is write a script:  A writer/ producer will pick a section of one interview, butt it up against another interview, write a few new lines for a narrator, cut to another interview clip, etc...  This would likely be a Word file that's a script for the whole show.

    It's this newly-rearranged script that I'd like to have linked my media files.  Can Script Sync operate on a completed script cobbling together sound bites from multiple interview clips, arranged out-of-sequence from the way they were originally shot?

  • How do I permanently set Phrasefind's default language to English?

    When I open Phrasefind maybe halfway through a project, I find that it is stuck on "Choose Language".   I then choose English and it starts to index the project and of course I have to wait for this to complete before I can then try the search again.

    Since I only use English, it would be much more useful for it to default to English, so projects are indexed automatically in the background from the start of the project, like they're supposed to.  

    I don't have any other languages activated, but they are there on the dropdown list.  Maybe if there was a way I could delete these it might help.

    If anyone knows the answer to this, I'd be very grateful to hear.

  • ScriptSync in a selects timeline

    I have a timeline of subclips from a single interview an editor made and I have a transcript of that timeline in Avid. I also have the transcript of the orignal interview. How do I get ScriptSync to sync the selects script to the selects timeline in a way that is useful for reference?

  • how to optimize program track CC on Symphony timeline with filler

    Pretty urgent:

    I have a long track containing mixed PiP media, some being regular video clips, some being stills (using BCC Pan & Scan).

    When I apply a Prog Track CC, the segments containing still images (BCC P&S on filler) are NOT corrected (seems to be in line with the documentation).

    I there a simple workaround, a way to CC the whole track at once (or quickly) i.e. without adding a CC effect to every still segment on the track (there are many of those) ? Since this is a PiP track, the underlying track should not be affected.

    Suggestions ?

  • Media Composer plug-in

    Hi!  At work, we used to have Grass Valley Geeked, which had a plug-in that linked to our AVID iNews rundown, to make it easier to see which stories needed to be edited and what was coming up next.   They finally decided to upgrade our system to have AVID Media Composer, and now we no longer have the handy "Assignment list plug-in", which boggles my mind because Grass Valley wasn't even an AVID product, and they had it.  Does anyone know if Media Composer has something similiar? We have the NRCS tool, which has the entire rundown, but the assignment list plug in we had before filtered out all of the extra stuff so all we saw were the lines with the video ID and the edit notes, Thank you!!!  

    plug in pic



  • Updated Color Tool in 2018

    Does anyone know if the Color Tool is getting updated in 2018?

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