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Avid Options Forum
This Forum is where community members can discuss Avid Options such as the Symphony , ScriptSync, PhraseFind, NewsCutter Options and the new VM Option along with upgrade information and eligibility requirements.
  • Script Window Shortcuts

    Hi All,


    When I'm manually script syncing I constantly find that I would prefer not to have to use my mouse to activate the script window and take line I'm marking. Is there a shortcut or way to create a custom shortcut to activate the script window via the keyboard, so I don't have to go back and forth between the mouse and keyboard? 


    For example, when the script window is active and the take line is highlighted, I can use the up/down arrow keys to easily navigate the lines of the script and put script markers down. However, once I press JKL or any play button to rewind or fast forward, the source monitor is activated, I lose the ability to navigate up and down script lines with my arrow keys, and I have to use my mouse to click back to the scrpt window and take line. 


    Is there a way to make it so I can do everything from the keyboard? Ideally, I'd never have to use the mouse. It would make scripting manually much faster. 


    If anyone has created shortcuts or if none are possible at this time, please chime in!

  • Latest Avid Version won't allow click applying color from bin?

    Hey there, long time Symphony user and I finally upgraded to the latest version of Avid from 2018.12.7.

    It's takking some getting used to, some things I love, some I don't. Trying to get bins to do what I want, is extremely counter intutive and frustrating but the main thing that brought me here is that I can no longer apply color effects I've saved to a bin by clicking on them while in color mode?
    When did this go away? It's a huge part of my work flow and now I cna to drag and drop them which is a pain int he butt to do on long sequences, compared to somply clicking.
    Is there a workd around? Is there any hope for this fucntion coming back? This is the kind of slow down that will push more projects for me into Resolve for sure.

  • phrase find indexing

    I want to start using phrase find on my TV series.  But I think my workflow (well the shows) may hinder using it.

    Our dailies are done at a post house, and as we are all working from home now...myself and my assistant download the dailies.  He does his thing and sends me the bins.  But when I go to use phrase find, I get nothing.  The icon is green.  When I look in the PhoneticData folder there is a vo folder and a 1 folder in there...and nothing in the 1 folder.

    I deleted them and started up MC again and the same thing.  I think only I have the phrase find option on my system.  Not sure if the post house has it.  My assistant does not.

    Any advice from the world out there?



  • sluggish playback in CC mode


    I usually work for TV shows, full HD 1080i.

    When I play the sequence in CC mode and the CC is not renderd I get really sluggish playback.

    even if it 1 or 2 clips not renedered form the whole sequence (Only CC on the sequence I'm not talking about other FX)

    recently I upgarded my Ram from 32GB to 128GB in my HP Z840 computer and this problem is more or less the same.

    I remember that not long ago, CC didn't have to be rendred to be playback smootly.

    Is there anything to do about this issue? 

    Mabye anything to do with the Media Cache settings?



  • VM licensing and using Avid with Teradici

    Hi Community,


    I'm a new forum-poster, though I've worked with Avid for many years.  3 questions today -

    We’re supporting a New Zealand production company with 13 Avids.    The production company is affected by Covid 19 (Auckland New Zealand has just gone into second-wave lock-down).

    They're running Media Composer Ultimate v 2018.12.10.  Teradici have provided trial PCoIP licenses to help during lockdown, but attempts to run Avid over Teradici get the Avid message “This program is not supported on VM instances”.  (Note that they are not running MC virtually but have physical host workstations on premises that they want to reach remotely and have installed Teradici’s PCoIP host software on these).    

    1) I suspect the production company needs the Media Composer | Cloud VM option in order to work over Teradici, although I was told from one Avid source that the very latest MC versions will work with Teradici without needing special licensing.  Does anyone know if this is true?

    2) If special licensing is needed as an add-on to their exisitng perpetual (and under-maintenance) Avid licenses, then what is this add-on called and what does it cost?  (I've not seen it as an option in the Avid store).

    3) This is a question for Avid Corporation directly.  I was impressed by Avid Corporation's generous 90-day free-of-charge asistance to users earlier in the year.  As Covid 19 has struck different countries at different rates and different times, I wonder if this production company in New Zealand would be able to be helped with a FOC trial of Cloud VM option, if that's required, in order for them to work remotely during the current lockdown?

    Thanks all for your advice.  Smile

  • Play it again, Sam

    I want to "loop play" from a Mark-In on some clip before and a Mark-Out on some clip after, what's in the Center (Current) monitor.

    Can this be done, and if not, why not?

  • Symphony option: Isolating shd/mid/hlt in vectorscope ?

    When performing Hue Offset corrections using the shd/mid/hlt color wheels, I'd like to be able to distinguish the corresponding ranges in the vectorscope.

    Is there a simple way to do that ?

    I remember that Avid Liquid had a vectorscope that could be 3D rotated to see the vectors at any luma level...

  • Is Symphony the only way of color correcting?

    Hi there, I'm a Windows 10 user of AMC of about a year, so still quite new to the Avid platform. My question is related to color correcting.

    I am hoping someone might be able to tell me whether Symphony is now the only way of color correcting in AMC?

    I have version 2019.7 of AMC and have been attempting to grade an online TV show but have been met with a very bare bones set of correction tools, compared to previous versions of MC. When I select the color correction workspace nothing happens - like literally nothing. When I find the color correction effect in the effect palette and drag it on to a clip, I'm presented with some brightness, contrast and hue adjusters but that's it. Surely there's more CC controls in there somewhere?

    If anyone can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I have two more episodes to grade and don't really want to have to run it through Premiere again (tried sending the AAF to Da Vinci Resolve which of course just ended up in lost time due to unseuccessfully trying to help DVR find the project's clips - which Premiere had no problem locating).

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide on this.


  • Script Sync - is it possible to update the Script?

    Hello, a quick question, I am new to Script Sync and I was wondering if it is possible to do the following (haven't found it in Editing Guide manual):
    Say I have a certain (current) version of Script which I import and start Script sync-ing dailies. What if there is coming a new updated version of the Script? Is there an easy way to slide in the newer version (replacing the old one) and keep already Script sync-ed clips synced to the outdated Script?
    Or what is the best practice to deal with Scripts being updated and changed? I assume one way to do it would be to edit manually the Script but I am hoping for some more sophisticated procedure...
    My preferred workflow would be to break down the Script per Scene (which would effectively solve my problem) but I am requested to work with FULL Script...
    Thanks in advance for any hint or help.

  • Symphony option won't activate after re-install

    Upgraded my workstation, almost all new parts. Had to reinstall Avid, which went fine after -deactivating licesne and then reactivating it. Changed Computer name on Avid.com product profile to new one.
      But Sympony keeps telling me "INVALID SYSTEM ID" on Avid link and won't show up when avid is launched.

    I do have a lot of color work to get done, it owuld be great to get this figured out ina timeley manner.



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