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Terme Definition
subsys monpane debug (nothing)

Commande "utilisable" dans la console Avid Software

Allows precomputes to be loaded into monitors and played

SYNTAX Subsys monpane debug

NOTES This command allows rendered effects (precomputes) to be loaded into a monitor and played. This is useful when doing cleanup to determine which precomputes to delete.

Before you use it, you must make precomputes visible in your bin. To see your precomputes you need to select the BIN menu, and choose SET BIN DISPLAY. Place a check mark beside

PRECOMPUTES to make them visible. You may need to toggle this selection ON and OFF repeatedly to update the precomputes you see in your bin. Precomputes travel with their sequences so the precomputes you see are those attached to any sequences in the bin.

Now run Subsys monpane debug and you will be able to load the precomputes into your player monitor for screening. You can actually edit with them as well‐ to be safe consider a video mixdown of any portions of your timeline made from precomputes.

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