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Navigation News Softron informations et nouveautés NAB 2015

Softron informations et nouveautés NAB 2015

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Softron_NAB2015_210pxSoftron était présent au NAB 2015 stand SL12216, l'éditeur de Pro logiciels vidéo de numérisation et de play out pour plateforme MAC a présenté ses nouvelles mises à jour et innovations autour de Movie recorder 3.2, On The AIR CG3, M|80 ... Pour rappel, CTM Solutions distribue et intégre les solutions Softron en France en vente et en location :

                                                                  MovieRecorder 3.2

MovieRecorder 3.2 is being officially released at the show and it comes with a lot of new features.

Integrated Remote Control

One of the new feature is the ability to control any number of recorders on your network from the same application. No more separate application needed for the remote control. Once you have added a remote recorder, you can control it just the same way you do it with a local source.


The REST API has been available since version 3.1 but it has been improved since then. The nice thing about it is that from any computer (even Windows) or device that has a web browser, you can control your recorders on the network. For that, just enter in the IP address of the computer that runs MovieRecorder, followed by the port number 8080.
And that's it, you will see a nice web user interface to select the source and control it, all that from a simple web browser, we have done it all for you.


But the REST API is much more than that as the protocol is openly available, you could have any decent web developer create the application you want. If you are interested, send us a quick email about this as it is really easy to do...

Custom naming :

Amongst the really neat features of MovieRecorder 3 is the ability to automatically name the files that are recorded by using "tokens" such as the date, time, etc... You can even create subfolders automatically by using the / character. The user sets this up once and never has to worry about naming the destinations again !

Activity Window :

Another addition to MovieRecorder 3 is the Activity Window which allows you to observe exactly what is going on during the ingests. This allows you to instantly visualize any bottlenecks that the system may have.


                                                                          On The AIR CG3


We'll be showing off OnTheAir CG 3 with its completely redesigned interface. It is also a completely new Application that we have started to develop a few years back with the rewriting of our playout engines. OnTheAir CG 3 offers so many more features than our original CG and is even easier to use. You can publish CG text items for use in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node. You can add animated sequences and video clips i.e. clips for videos as windows or backgrounds. And you can control the CG remotely either by AppleScripts or via a REST API. There's so much more to say about OnTheAir CG 3, come and see at NAB !

                                                                  New Menbers of the Mfamily 

The M|80 has been with tremendous success. Many of our resellers have already sold multiple units – sometimes to the same customer! That's when you know that a product is accepted – when the same customer keeps coming back for more! But one of the more and more prominent suggestions we hear is that Softron Media Services should offer not just an ingest solution but a combined ingest/playout solution. We have heard you. So Softron Media Services is announcing for immediate availability the M|62 and the M|44.


Licenses of MovieRecorder are included for every inputs and licenses of OnTheAir Video Express with every output. Upgrades to OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node and additional options are available.

Everything is provided: the expansion chassis, dongle, card, DIN to SDI adapters, Thunderbolt cable, etc... You will just need a Mac to connect a very small factor box to. These bundles are really a bargain the more so when you need an option as you only need to purchase the option once for all the inputs or outputs (for example you will only need one pro codecs option for all the MovieRecorders).

Who are these bundles for ?

There are several customers who are keen for these solutions.
The first ones that come to mind are the multicam ingest / edit / playout users. They are ingesting TV shows using multiple camera and they need to edit the clips immediately and put them out to air – or web as fast as they are available.

Another customer is the multichannel time-slip customer who is ingesting multiple camera angles or inputs from different locations and is time slipping the same for multiple destination. Then there is the user who wants to ingest and output using the same video card – who does not really need 8 inputs.

Effective June 1, 2015, Softron Media Services will reduce the price of Multicam Logger from 2 495 € HT to 1 495 € HT

  • In addition, there will be an new additional option for the M|80 - the Multicam Logger option - which will retail for 695 €.
  • These are substantial reductions in price. They are made possible because the patent holder and Softron Media Services have worked together to reduce the royalty payments that Softron Media Services pays for the patented IP that is incorporated into Multicam Logger.
  • Multicam Logger can stand alone without any additional software from Softron or it can work with any number of MovieRecorder 3 licenses. And of course it can work with the M|80.
  • Simply stated, if you are involved in an event that will be edited using the multicam function in Final Cut Pro (7 or X) or Premiere - using Multicam Logger is the easiest and most logical solution available.
Multicam Logger - the essential add on for any system used for Multicam editing.

MovieRecorder 3.2 :
  • MovieRecorder 3.2 is the ultimate ingest software that allows one to edit while ingest or edit when done with the event. 
  • MovieRecorder 3 is bundled with every M|80. The picture below was taken at the Softron Media Services booth at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. It shows a multicamera ingest using the M|80 on the right screen and a multicam edit in FCP X on the left screen. Of course, MovieRecorder 3 and Multicam logger can be used together without an M|80 - but the most cost effective way to get 8 ingest with Multicam editing capabilities is to get the M|80 and Multicam Logger option.

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Navigation News Softron informations et nouveautés NAB 2015