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Navigation News News Audio Merging Technologie informations et nouveautés NAB 2015

Merging Technologie informations et nouveautés NAB 2015

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Merging_NAB2015_210pxMerging Technologie était présent au NAB 2015 stand C3239. Fabricant de solutions de montages et mixages audio numériques et serveurs vidéo, Merging a dévoilé ses nouvelles configurations, les dernières versions en 64 Bit de Pyramix 10, VCube 6 et Ovation 6. Pour rappel, CTM Solutions importe et distribue en France la gamme des produits de Merging Pyramix et VCube :

  • The introduction of Pyramix 10, Ovation 6 and VCube 6 moves all products to 64bit operation exclusively bringing new features and simplifying the future development path. Removing the limitations of legacy 32bit operation plus the increasing availability of 64bit plug-ins improves operational efficiency and allows powerful new features to be developed. Recognizing the need to address new trends for immersive audio in the film, events and music recording markets, the new 3D panner and revised bus structure allows sound designers unparalled creativity without having to adhere to traditional 5.1 and 7.1 formats. Pyramix has already been used for Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D® projects and is fully ready for NHK 22.2 or any other ad hoc loudspeaker configuration.
  • In a move to streamline the post production process, video playback has now been fully integrated into Pyramix. Two video streams can be monitored directly from Pyramix without the need for external players. Clip based rendering for effects is another addition that responds to user feedback.


  • VCube's recent integration with the Blackmagicdesign DeckLink range of PCI Express capture cards has made the switch to 4K very cost effective as well as providing a significant leap in the performance from this popular workhorse. VCube also offers option cards from AJA, which combined with revised pack configurations, make VCube a very affordable choice for the audio post studio that wants to be able to play or record virtually any video format.

  • Merging has achieved extraordinary acclaim for the Horus and Hapi Networked Audio Interfaces which have now completely replaced the company's Mykerinos platform which has served it well for many years. Having separate hardware dramatically increases versatility and the addition of RAVENNA/AES67 network connectivity brings remarkable benefits in the number of channels that can be handled and the flexibility of the routing. By abandoning the on-board Mykerinos cards, the Merging Networked I/O family can be used with any DAW or music server so the benefits of RAVENNA networking can be experienced by all. The new ADA8 combination AD/DA board has doubled the analog I/O count for both products meaning that Hapi handles 16 microphone or line inputs and 16 outputs and Horus really packs a punch with 48 in/48 out.

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Navigation News News Audio Merging Technologie informations et nouveautés NAB 2015