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Solutions Softron en location pour vos évènements live

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stacks_image_4414Plusieurs évènements en 2013 nous ont permis de proposer les solutions Softron en ingest avec Movie Recorder et en diffusion plateau avec On The Air. Pour les Evènements sportifs, et des captations dont la post prod doit se faire en live, nous mettons à disposition un Bundle jusqu'à 20 canaux en ingest selon le Codec utilisé: en Apple Pro res HQ, Pro Res NQ ou LT :

Les medias sont directement déposés sur un stockage Isis 5500, dimensionné selon vos besoins et accessible immédiatement en montage sur Avid Media Composer ou Apple FCP 7 : Equipés de Mac pro 12 coeurs 12 go de RAM et de carte Black Magic, une station peut gérer jusqu'à 4 canaux en ProRes HQ.

C'est cette solution que nous avons mis en oeuvre sur une de nos prestations pour Roland Garros en 2012.

Et bien entendu nous pouvons vous accompagner sur la durée de l'évènement 24/24.

Record multiple streams on one Mac
With MovieRecorder you can record up to 8 streams of SD video on one single Mac and up to 4 HD streams. And the limit is only the CPU (and the storage of course). When new Macs are released, it will add more possibilities. If you need more then 4 then you can have multiple computers but control all ingest from one workstation using MovieRecorder Control or MovieRecorder Remote. Doing a multi cam ingest is very easy with the gang record.

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Edit while ingesting - also on Proxy !

Users very often need their media to be “edit-ready” even while the event that is being recorded continues. MovieRecorder enables Edit while Ingest on multiple destinations (for redundancy), and even supplies a proxy file (optional) that is created at the same time of recording... MovieRecorder allows users to either schedule recordings for later use or edits, to record them interactively and to edit clips while they are being captured, for example using Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe's Premiere Pro. When used in conjunction with a PCI or PCIExpress video I/O card such as those from AJA, Blackmagic Design or Matrox, MovieRecorder can capture in most quicktime codecs in SD and HD.

Schedule recordings or crash record

The simplest way of recording to disc is called crash recording. No need to be a specialist to get it to work. Simply push the record button in the user interface and your recording will start right away. To automate recordings so making unattended scheduled recordings is also possible. The ability to schedule recordings is a must for any recording device and will greatly improve your productivity. With MovieRecorder scheduled recording is as easy as programming your VCR, because it is integrated into the program. You can schedule recordings to automatically start at a specified date and time.
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Add metadata (optional) to your files on the fly

Real-time live logging with customizable metadata fields and logging templates for QuickTime and Final Cut Pro.
Metadata is data about data. It's the kind of information that helps people find what they're looking for and gets them organized. Storing as many metadata tags as possible inside a movie makes sure the metadata will always remain associated with the image and that nobody will have to manually enter it again, even if you change your video editing software, archive your movies, or share copies. Luckily, one strategy doesn't preclude the other. Metadata is a valuable component of movie media. Accurate and complete metadata helps you and other users successfully search and categorize media.
Multichannel Remote Control from your Mac

MovieRecorder Control is an application that is supplied with MovieRecorder. It allows the user to monitor and control one or more networked ingest stations from one workstation freeing up resources in any suite. Moreover, with MovieRecorder control, you can do gang recording: imagine you have several feeds incoming at the same time. With the gang recording mode, you can start several MovieRecorder applications all at the same time and keep them perfectly synchronized.
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Multichannel Remote Control from your iPhone or iPad

MovieRecorder Remote is an iPhone application, MovieRecorder Remote HD is an iPad application. Both are available from the AppStore. It allows the user to monitor and control one or more networked ingest stations from your iOS device. Making it very easy to take control of your ingest stations. Moreover, the iPad application also has the gang recording feature, and you can even customize your layout.
VTR Control and Batch Capture (optional)

Unlike manual capture, where you just play your tape and press the start button when you get to a point you want to start capturing, batch capture is a much more controlled process. You can type in the start and end timecode values numerically and control precisely what will be captured. You might do this if you have logged your tape and decided which clips to capture offline and don't want to capture everything that is on the tape.

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