Merging - Pyramix 9.1.7, VCube 5.1.7 mise à jour

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Capture_decran_2014-12-08_a_07.51.02Merging Audio - Up-Date Info : nouvelles versions, Pyramix 9.1.7, VCube 5.1.7 annonce disponible en téléchargement ses différentes mises à jour disponibles sur le site de Merging, découvrez ces nouveautés, améliorations :
The development team has been working overtime to get this latest round of fixes to our software ready for the world. We are happy to announce the following versions of software are now available. be sure to read through the release information below, as well as have a good look over the release notes available on our website. Hot Fix updates contain a number of fixes that might be crucial for your workflow, so it is really important that you take a minute to find out if you need to install this latest round of updates.


Pyramix 9.1.7 Build 26325 Hot Fix version contains the following updates :
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VCube 5.1.7 Build 26325 Hot Fix version contains the following updates :

• MT5117: Fixed. Black Magic Card Green frame in Output at start playback
• MT6432: Fixed. VCube Some MOV files cannot be read
• MT6394: Fixed. VCube AVI: cannot read some MJPG files.
• MT6371: Fixed. Quicktime Reference file doesn't open in VCube 5 QT (One File Per Reference)
• MT6351: Fixed. XDCAM HD RENDER video quality
• MT6301: Fixed. Video Card delay compensation not working for BMD cards
• MT6320: Fixed. Black Magic delay compensation for video projector
• MT6326: Fixed. VCube MXF: incorrect resolution in wrapped IMX D10
• MT6355: Fixed. Exported to VCube cannot be reopened
• MT6355: Fixed. Exported to VCube cannot be reopened
• MT6357: Fixed. Unknown Crash importing mp4
• MT6347: Fixed. PMX Mixdown Place in VCube removes VCube video track
• MT6382: Fixed. Allow\fix H264 Wrap (only) in mov (refer to release notes for details)
• MT6204: Fixed. VCube: Image sequences with spaces in file name not correctly imported
• Fixed. Avoid crash when disabling Black Magic VideoIOPlugin
• Fixed. MXF correctly wrap IMX

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