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Terme Definition
Playlength (minutes)

Commande "utilisable" dans la console Avid Software

Allows “look ahead” to be restricted for faster start of playback

SYNTAX playlength 2

NOTES By default, before the Avid begins to play it maps the entire timeline into memory. This can take a long time. Use playlength to tell the Avid to map only a certain number of minutes into memory, and thereby begin playing faster. Necessary to allow you to work faster when editing in a very long timeline.

Type the command in, and then use the Playlength Toggle button to activate this shorter playlength time when desired.

Playlength is reset upon next startup of the application.

CAUTION In previous versions you simply typed in the command and it worked. Current Avid products require you activate the Playlength Toggle button (which is not mapped by default) before the command takes effect.

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