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FAQ DS 10.5

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altToutes les questions que vous vous posez (peut-être) concernant Avid DS 10.5 sont ici ... mais aussi les réponses :

Q. If I purchase Avid DS 10.5.x, can I add AJA hardware to this system at a later date to create a full hardware I/O system?
A. Yes, as long as your system meets the Avid DS hardware solution specifications. Please visit the Avid DS Support Center for the requirements.

Q. Is Nitris (classic) supported with Avid DS 10.5.x?
A. No. The full hardware I/O system requires the AJA Kona 3 (Xena 2Ke) or Kona 3G hardware.

Q. Is Nitris DX or Mojo DX supported with Avid DS 10.5.x?
A. No. The full hardware I/O system requires the AJA Kona 3(G) hardware.

Q. I have a Symphony Nitris DX - can I run Avid DS Software only on this system?
A. This configuration has not been qualified and will not be supported by Avid.

Q. I have a Media Composer Nitris DX system - can I run Avid DS Software only on this system?
A. This configuration, like the Symphony Nitris DX, has not been qualified and will not be supported by Avid.

Q. Will I still be able to purchase an Avid DS 10.5.x certified CPU with the AJA Kona hardware from Avid?
A.  Yes. You can either purchase this as part of a new turnkey system or purchase it as an upgrade to your existing CPU. 

Q. If I have an active DS support contract, am I entitled to a free upgrade for my Avid DS Assist software to Avid DS Software?
A. No. You are entitled to a free upgrade for your Avid DS turnkey system but there is an upgrade path for Avid DS Assist to Avid DS Software. 

Q. If I have an active support contract and upgrade to Avid DS 10.5, am I eligible for a free upgrade to MC version 5 in order to retain version compatibility?
A. Yes. Customers must request a version 5 Software Licensing upgrade serial number or dongle updater file on the Avid DS License Request page. All new Avid DS 10.5 kits will ship with the Media Composer 5 license.
Note that the Avid DS 10.5.1 update requires Media Composer 5.5.2, and Avid DS 10.5.2 requires Media Composer 5.5.3.

Q. Is Avid DS 10.5.x qualified with any of the Euphonix controllers?
A. No, not at this time. but this is being evaluated for a future release.  

Q. Is Avid ISIS 5000 qualified with Avid DS 10.5?
A. Yes since release 10.5.2 and with Avid ISIS 3.2.

Q. Do Media Composer AMA sequences conform to DS 10.5?
A. In Avid DS 10.5, you need to consolidate in Media Composer before sending your AFE to DS. Conform enhancements has been implemented in Avid DS 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 to better support Media Composer AMA sequences.

Q. Is the AJA Kona LHe still fully supported as I/O in 10.5.x?
A. Yes, for monitoring purposes only. Note that a bug prevents the LHe card from working in 10.5 and 10.5.1, but this is fixed and working again in 10.5.2.

Q. Does the Avid DS 10.5.x turnkey solution still have an Avid DS Assist license with it?
A. No. But you can purchase the Avid DS Software option if you need a second system to compliment your turnkey system.

Q. What file based workflows does Avid DS 10.5.x Software support?
A. The software only supports the same file based workflows as the hardware-based solution offers. These workflows include DPX, R3D, QuickTime and more information can be found in the Avid High-Resolution Workflow Guide.

Q. Will Avid DS 10.5.x enable 10 Gbit client support for ISIS connection?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Does Avid DS 10.5.x support native playback of XDCAM media?
A. Not at this time. Use Media Composer to transcode your XDCAM media and conform/relink in Avid DS.

Q. Is the Kona 3G supported with Avid DS 10.5?
A. Yes. Support for the AJA Kona 3G hardware starts with the Avid DS 10.5.2 update.

Q. Does Avid DS 10.5.x support Dolby-E audio?
A. No.

Q. Is the Xtore StudioRAID 16Re 16TB local storage qualified with DS 10.5.x?
A. Yes.

Q. Are the HP Z800 Dual Intel 6-Core workstations supported with Avid DS 10.5.x?
A. Yes.

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