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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid DS Version 11 : Release disponible

Avid DS Version 11 : Release disponible

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UP_DATE_AVID 2 L'équipe de CTM a le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie officielle, ce jour, de la version 11 de Avid DS ; avec notamment de nombreuses améliorations et nouvelles fonctionnalités relatives entre autre à la création graphique, la correction couleur et les effets. Le workflow avec Media Composer / Symphony 6.x est maintenant supporté.


 Quelles sont les nouveautés Avid DS Version 11 ?

Inclusion de Media Composer 6 dans le package DS (new version & upgrade - Attention les 3rd party software ne sont pas inclues)

  • Support des interfaces de contrôle notamment pour la correction couleur : Artist Color et surface de contrôle Artist Transport
  • Paramétrage de la résolution pour les "sources generators" et pour les effets
  • Application d'effet "blending" directement dans la timeline à 1 ou plusieurs clips ou containers.
  • Conformation Haute résolution dans Avid DS à partir se sources Media Composer 6 ou Symphony 6 (excepté pour la stereoscopie 3D)
  • Lecture/Support des Essences Long-GOP MXF  (comme le XDCAM) lors d'une conformation provenant de Media Composer ou Symphony, éliminant ainsi les temps de transcode
  • Edition des medias (en temsp réel) Avid DNxHD 444
  • Utilisation du HDR dans des projets avec le support pour les formats EXR/TIFF DCDM
  • Capture et sorties jusqu'à 16 channels d'audio
  • Support RED EPIC & SCARLET footage avec le nouveau RED SDK
  • Intégration du nouveau Hardware KONA 3G, validé sous Media Composer 6 & Symphony 6, rendu aujourd'hui utilisable aussi dans Avid DS


Avid DS 11 Release Overview


  • Avid DS 11 sera distribué à partir du 26 Juin 2012. Il est supporté sous Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

Core Features of Avid DS

  • Have the tools you need to edit and finish high-end, file-based projects
  • Create high-end graphics and visuals using full paint and compositing tools
  • Accelerate and fine-tune storytelling with the includedMedia Composer software
  • Speed up RED workflows with R3D native conform and support for the RED Rocket card
  • Work with 2D and stereoscopic 3D material
  • Move projects from Media Composer or Symphony to Avid DS—without any re-creation—using Total Conform
  • Get high-resolution conform—including RED, ARRIRAW, DPX, 2K, and 4K support
  • Increase productivity in a complete shared storage environment
  • Get the look you’re after with effects, grading, and 3D tools, plus AVX2 and OFX support
  • Complement Avid DS with a range of I/O, storage solutions, computers, and other compatible hardware

 Unique Selling Points for Avid DS 11

  • The only solution that offers complete editing, compositing, finishing, and Total Conform from industry-standard Media Composer and Symphony
  • Unique palette of tools offers everything within a single application, without the need to export to third-party applications
  • Easily handles high-resolution files, such as ARRIRAW and RED, natively, at any given resolution
  • Works with the RED Rocket card to accelerate rendering and HD transcodes
  • Available as a cost-effective software-only system for complete file-based editing, conform, and finishing
  • Advanced conform from Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6 provides a complete end-to-end workflow
  • Provides deep color correction functionality at any resolution and color space (4:4:4 or 4:2:2)

Minimum System Requirements (for Software-only Version)

  • Computer: HP Z800, Z400, xw8600, or other Avid-qualified workstation
  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Xeon Core 2 processors (Quad or higher)
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM (for HD, HD-RGB, and other high-res format support); 6 GB RAM (for SD and DNxHD)
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700, 4800

What’s Included

 Avid DS Software

  • Avid DS 11 software (with one license)
  • Avid DS Remote Processing (RP) System Option (with one license)
  • Media Composer 6* software (with one license)

 Avid DS System (Hardware/Software Bundle)


  • HP Z800 Workstation
  1. o
  2. oWindows 7 64-bit Professional
  3. o6 GB DDR SDRAM 
  4. oNVIDIA Quadro 4000 OpenGL graphics accelerator card
  • AJA KONA 3G Dual Link I/O card with K3G-Box breakout box 
  • 320 GB SATA boot drive 
  • Avid 16 TB StudioRAID storage
  • HP ZR30w 30-inch flat panel LCD monitor
  • 9x12 graphics tablet with pen, keyboard, and mouse

What's new in Avid DS 11

Get Media Composer 6
included with Avid DS for full
editorial and color workflows
Accelerate color correction and
editing with support for Artist
Color and Transport controllers
Gain flexibility with the
resolution independent,
Apply blending operations
directly in the
Avid DS timeline
Fully conform high-res sequences
from Media Composer 6
and Symphony 6
Connect to and play
Long-GOP MXF essence,
saving conforming time


  • Avid DS 11 software (with one license)
  • Avid DS Remote Processing (RP) System Option (with one license)
  • Media Composer 6* software (with one license)

 * Please note that the Media Composer software bundle—Avid FX, Avid DVD, and Sorenson Squeeze—are not included.

Complimentary Avid DS 11 Upgrades

Customers with valid Avid support contracts—or customers who purchased and registered Avid DS 10.5 (full version, upgrade, or Avid DS System) on or after May 27, 2012—are eligible to receive an upgrade to Avid DS 11 at no charge. Qualified customers can download their Avid DS 11 upgrade from the Avid Download Center and request a DS License here.

Avid DS 11 Pricing and Part Numbers

There are no pricing changes for Avid DS 11. Local pricing can be found in today’s updated price books. 


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: When does Avid DS 11 start shipping?

A: June 26, 2012.

 Q: If I purchase Avid DS 11, can I add AJA hardware to this system at a later date to create a full hardware I/O system?

A:  Yes, as long as your system meets the Avid DS 11 hardware solution specifications. Please visit the Avid DS 11 product page for details.

Q: Does Avid DS 11 support Mojo DX, Nitris DX, or Nitris (classic) interfaces?

A:  No. Avid DS 11 works with AJA KONA 3 and Kona 3G I/O hardware.

Q: If I have a Symphony Nitris DX or Media Composer Nitris DX system, can I run Avid DS software only on this system?

A:  This configuration has not been qualified and will not be supported by the Avid DS Support team.

Q: Will I be able to purchase an Avid DS-qualified CPU with the KONA 3G hardware and breakout box from Avid?

A:  Yes. You can either purchase this as part of a new Avid DS System hardware/software bundle or purchase the components individually as an upgrade to your existing setup.

Q: If I have an active Avid DS support contract, am I entitled to a complimentary upgrade to Avid DS 11 software for my Avid DS Assist software?

A: No. However, you can take advantage of the Avid DS Assist to Avid DS software upgrades. 

Q: Can I use Avid DS 11 with any of the Avid (formerly Euphonix) Artist Series controllers?

A:  Yes. Avid DS 11 currently works with Artist Color to speed up your color correction tasks, and Artist Transport for quick and easy hands-on editing and project navigation.

Q: Is Xtore StudioRAID 16Re 16 TB local storage qualified with Avid DS 11?

A:  Yes.  

Q: Can I conform Media Composer AMA sequences to Avid DS 11?

A:  Yes, simply transcode your sequence before exporting your AFE to Avid DS. For the complete workflow, please refer to the Avid High-Resolution Workflow Guide.

Q:  Is the AJA KONA LHe still fully supported as an I/O interface in Avid DS 11?

A:  Yes, for monitoring purposes only.

Q: Does the complete Avid DS System still include an Avid DS Assist license with it?

A:  No, but you can purchase the Avid DS software-only option if you need a second system to complement your turnkey system.

Q:  What file-based workflows does Avid DS 11 support?

A:  Avid DS 11—both the software-only version and complete system—supports DPX, R3D, RED EPIC/SCARLET, OPEN EXR, TIFF DCDM, QuickTime, and more. Media Composer 6, included with Avid DS 11, directly supports many more file-based formats through AMA (Avid Media Access), including ARRI ALEXA MXF, RED, AVCHD, ProRes, XDCAM, P2, Canon XF, and more.

Q: Media Composer 6 is included with DS 11, does Avid FX, Sorenson Squeeze and Avid DVD come with the bundled Media Composer 6?

A: No.

Q: Will Avid DS 11 enable 10 Gbit client support for ISIS connections?

A: Not at this time.

Q: I have a KONA 3G card for my Avid DS system—can I use this with Media Composer 6 or Symphony 6?

A: Yes. Thanks to Avid Open I/O, you can use many popular third-party I/O devices with the latest Media Composer and Symphony software, including KONA 3G hardware.

Q: Can I run Avid DS 11 and Media Composer 6 on the same system and use my KONA 3G hardware with both?

A:  Yes. In a standalone environment, you can have any combination of these three products on the same system. That said, Avid does not support running Media Composer and Avid DS at the same time (you should only run one application at a time). Avid Interplay environments cannot run both Media Composer and Avid DS on the same system.

Q: Is Avid DS 11 qualified with ISIS 5000 and ISIS 7000?

A: Yes. Please refer to the Avid DS 11 Read Me file for the latest supported hardware.

Q: Does Avid DS 11 support native playback of Long GOP or XDCAM media?

A: Yes. Avid DS 11 supports Long-GOP MXF essence (such as from XDCAM) when conforming from Media Composer or Symphony, eliminating transcoding time. Please note that you will need to either natively capture or consolidate the XDCAM material first using Media Composer or Symphony. 

Q: If I send an AFE with 16 channels of audio from Media Composer to Avid DS 11, will I be able to use all 16 channels of audio in Avid DS?

A: Yes.

Q: I see that there’s an Avid DS 11 and Sapphire 3 bundle offering. What is Sapphire?

A: GenArts Sapphire is a huge set of high-quality AVX plug-in effects that enables artists and editors to create organic, high-end visual effects. Sapphire 3 comes with over 200 effects plug-ins such as glows, lens flares, lightning, film effects, warps, textures and transitions. For more information, visit theGenArts Sapphire webpage.

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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid DS Version 11 : Release disponible