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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Deko Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet

Deko Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet

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Retrouvez quelques conseils afin de diagnostiquer lus facilement la source d'un problème sous Avid Deko.

First steps to take when troubleshooting Deko

-Where can I find the system ID/serial #/Windows license for my Deko?
            White sticker on front metal work, or on dog tag on dongle
-What color is the Deko?
            Grey if Pinnacle built, or Black if Avid built
-What version of software am I running?
            After booting program check Help menu => About Avid Deko
-Is the system not powering up at all?
            Is it plugged in?
            Do the fans turn?  If there is no power it could be the motherboard.
-If you get a no Operating System found message
            Unplug connected USB drives and correct the boot order
            Check boot order to make sure not trying to load from drive or RAID controller
-If you found something is broken in hardware test
            Failed drive means replacement hardware, call support
            For replacement procedure search KB for “Removal and Replacement of Corsica Board”
-Where to find new software? 
            Download center (avid.com/downloads)
-Can’t see current software? 
            Need to register Deko product
-I want to reapply the original image on my Deko, where can I find it?
            For current versions image is on E drive in folder called system restore, for older products it would be on DVD sent out with purchase
-What is the default password after imaging my machine?
           Either logon as “administrator” password “avid” or username is “deko” no password. 
-If you’re seeing flashing outputs or having audio problems?
            First check reference, if that doesn’t resolve, run Inflexion Input/Output (I/O) Diagnostic software test
            Shortcut location – C:\ProgramFiles\AvidSupport\Diags
-My clips are no longer available, what could be the problem?
            Check if RAID controller is listed in device manager or BIOS, if not there it could have failed.  If a drive has failed there would be network degraded messages on RAID controller during BIOS bootup, or in GUI interface on later models. 

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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Deko Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet