FilmLight : mise à jour logiciel Baselight version 4.4m1

Filmlight_NAB2015_210pxLors du NAB 2015, FilmlLight a dévoilé de nouvelles configurations Baselight ONE basées sur les stations HPZ840 et la dernière version de son logiciel d'étalonnage Baselight version 4.4m1 : plus de 18 nouveautés à découvrir :


We've added compelling new features ever since the release of Baselight 4.4, and here's the first maintenance release with a whole lot more—including support for the latest Generation VI hardware.

Generation VI Baselight hardware :

Varispeed handling :

Baselight 4.4m1 provides a sophisticated framework to support variable speed events:


As part of the same development, we've also added support for transforms—such as re-racks and zooms—to the FCP XML and Avid AAF round trip workflows.

Direct DCP rendering :

Project consolidation*:

True-to-life video with Dolby Vision* :

We've partnered with Dolby Laboratories to provide high dynamic range (HDR) mastering and grading within Baselight using Dolby Vision. This technology, first shown at the recent CES exhibition, can be mastered in post- production using a combination of Dolby hardware and FilmLight software with a licence from FilmLight.


Major content providers are now evaluating HDR masters— contact FilmLight or Dolby Laboratories for more information.


Scene templates :



Subtitles :

When you're generating a DCP, you often need to provide subtitles just like in print distribution. Of course, you can provide a separate XML file but many short-run films and film festivals insist that subtitles are burnt in to avoid any issues.
To solve this problem, you can now add subtitles to your Baselight timeline in the Digital Cinema Interop (CineCanvasTM) version 1.1 format.

It's as simple as adding a new layer to your timeline and setting the layer mode so that it comps from a foreground alpha channel—you can then select the subtitle XML file as the source for the alpha. Marks are inserted in the timeline to indicate where the subtitles lie.

CDL Grade for CDL conform :


Colour Matrix :



Rationalised formats :

Chalk for Slate*

Following on from the release of Slate—our compact, high- quality grading surface—we've had a lot of requests to extend the Blackboard 2 Chalk application to allow you to customise Slate too.


By its nature, a smaller control surface has an even stronger requirement for customisation to achieve productivity than a full-sized desk. We've addressed this by extending the Chalk layout engine to enable custom areas or 'Slates' that can be paged in on demand.


XML conform for even greater flexibility*

Baselight has a new conform engine. It separates the file system scan and the actual conform into two operations with an XML handshake between them. This gives you more speed and more options with:

The command line interface includes all the same options as the user interface conform, so it's particularly useful for post facilities with their own internal scripted pipeline for job handling.


Simple command line conform :


There are over 30 options available to specify the details of the conform, such as scene name, working format and search directories—see the Baselight 4.4m1 Reference Manual for full details.

Faster decode for RED camera files*

Support for ARRI Look Files :

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