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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid annonce la version Media Composer version 8.5.2

Avid annonce la version Media Composer version 8.5.2

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Avid-Mediacomposer-logiciel-CTMAvid annonce la sortie de Media Composer version 8.5.2. Cette mise à jour est désormais mise à la disposition de vos comptes Avid. Cette nouvelle version inclue un certain nombre de corrections de bugs et de fonctionnalités :
  • Exporting a sequence that was longer than 20 minutes as a QuickTime movie would crash the editing application if the system was using El Capitan (OS 10.11.)
  • The estimated time to complete a QuickTime export would not display correctly
  • "StreamingPlaConsumer Timeout" error messages occurred when playing back in 12-bit quality mode in full stereoscopic projects when I/O hardware was ON
  • Import of EDLs with 64 audio tracks was not supported. This has been fixed
  • In some instances on Mac systems, after about 15 or 20 minutes of editing and playing back the spinning beachball would appear and you would have to force quit
  • Duplicate keyframes might have been created when using saved effect templates
  • If an item in a bin reference a nonexistent UNC path, the bin was extremely slow to save
  • In some instances, changing the Capture tool audio channe from Stereo to Mono caused the editing application to crash
  • Waveforms did not draw correctly if you zoomed in
  • In some instances you might have received an "Assertion failed" error when playing back linked MXF media with a data track
  • In a film project with imported or digitized audio, locators on audio tracks on clips did not display correctly in the Timeline

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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid annonce la version Media Composer version 8.5.2