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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid HD & Color Workflow Guide

Avid HD & Color Workflow Guide

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Retrouvez dans ce document proposé au téléchargement une présentation détaillée du Workflow de gestion Couleur & HD/DI

Digital FilmMaking / Workflows / Managing Shared Storage for Avid Editors / Setting up Storage and Media for High-Res Projects on Avid DS/ Editing Film-based Projects in Avid DS/ Color Management in Avid DS / Using Lookup Tables / Using Avid MetaFuze / Avid MetaFuze Reference

Avid provides an easy and cost-effective way to manipulate high-resolution digital motion picture images during the finishing and mastering stages of post production. You can capture and edit material directly from file, or perform the offline editing as film-to-tape. Using the original high-res media, you can then finish as file-based for the mastering and delivery requirements to film (2K+), HD or SD formats.

Avid High-Resolution and Color Workflow Guide ( PDF - 2,631 KB )

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Navigation Support, Services & SAV Avid HD & Color Workflow Guide