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Our know-how

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Our expertise

Manufacturing and a wide range of competances

At Debrie Technologies the entire manufacturing process is in house, we have control over all the complete process (mechnical, optical, software, electronics). This allows us to have a great flexibility in order to quickly evolve to the demands of the marketplace.

Our vital statistics :
• Workforce of 30 to 40 persons.
• Workplace area of 2100 square meters.
• Manufacturing workshops : equiped with 7 MOCN (3 towers, 3 machining rooms, and alignment machine) as well as the typical machine shop equipement.

We manufacture all the necessary pieces to construct all our Debrie Technologies machines. From this manufacturing experience we have acquired a vast knowledge of how to manipulate and handle film mechanically. Our surface area of 400m² offers the possibility of installing extra machines if and when they are needed. There is also finishing room equiped with high precision drills in order to finish the construction of small and delicate pieces and/or sub-assemblies.

There are assembly rooms where the final products are put together, where they are tested before final delivery
Stock Rooms : We have a stock area for the parts used in the manufacturing process of over 350m² .
The design service and software department is in house as well.

A full range of laboratory and archiving products.
Film development machines : wet and dry film printers : Video color analysers

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