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US-Intégrateur Services

Training and Certification

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Training and certification programmes for your work tools
We can set up a customized training for all your needs at our AFDAS compliant training center jets.

We can propose two different of training
• An "applied" training ( systems and softwares)
• A "maintenance" training ( CPU hardware and in-depth NAS/SAN )

2 to 5 days of training
• On-site training : according to your specific needs and your availibility
• "Custom" training : training done for very specific needs and specific products
• Education Center Training : done on our campus site
•  our facilities are specially equiped : desks, internet, projectors
• A work station dedicated for a hands-on experience duplicating the user's real work environment
• An "Expert" an qualified engineer or experienced operator to guide you throughout your training
• A program "made to mesure » for your needs

A large panel of training and certifications
• Post-Production systems – AVID DS10, AVID Nitris DX, Digidesign ProTools HD, Apple System software, Wiindows XP, AVID ISIS 7000, Apple XSAN,AVID Interplay, Telestream Episode 

Services according to your needs and level of knowledge
• Getting started levels all the way to "perfectionist" levels

Our rôle
Applied Training
We can assure you that our training includes a hands-on experience or a very advanced user's « tips and tricks » to increase their productivity. Our professional trainer by the means of specific exercises will teach you how to get the most out of your system.
• Installation of cards and system
• Explanation of the rôle of the cards and their functions
• Explanation of the different hardware and software modules


Maintenance Training
Specially developed by our team of techniciens, it goes into depth concerning the structure of the systems and/or NAS/SAN on the following subjects:
  • The intregration of the various hardware peripherials and their corresponding software.
  • The detection and trouble-shooting of a problem
  • Information concerning proper maintenance and spare parts management
  • Information concerning the possibilities of the "loaner" program of  CTM Solutions
  • Email technical information follow-up service is possible

Support Contracts

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The « hot-line » the answers to your questions
• A technical service on line, open from monday to friday from 9H30 to 18H30. You benefit from our focused answers, provide by our specialists
• A specially developed software allows us to record all the incoming hotline requests and allow us a follow-up effiency that is unequaled and give us a precise refererence of all the technical problems that occur.
• Availibility of all the free software updates
• Management of all the changes concerning your equipement (reports, RMA) and after-sales service
• Availibility of tools to do daily routine maintenance (updates, drivers...)

"Service Checkbook" your peace of mind for on-site serviceit
• Uou sometimes have long delays to obtain the proper service for an urgent invention , CTM SOLUTIONS has an answer to make it easy to get maintenance. We created a « Service Checkbook » which permits you to manage your maintenance.
• It is made up of 10 checks that are valid for a period of 1 year
• It is valid for all the stations in your facility
• 1 check = 1 on site intervention, the duration of the period of the contract can be varied according to the size and complexicity of your facility

The  "Tele-Maintenance" Contract
• The  Tele-Maintenance contract includes 10 tickets for the maintenance or intrevention done from our premises remotely
• It is valid for all the stations in your facility
• The value of a  Tele-Maintenance ticket : 1 ticket corresponds to an intervention of between 10 and 120 minutes on your equipement
• In order for the  Tele-Maintenance to work, the client should authorize the opening of the internet system necessary for our intervention
Loaner equipement, the solution to your equipement failure problems
• On-site delivery  from monday to friday from 9H30 to 18H30 for a diagnostic of the equipment, the replacement by an emergency system,  and the recuperation of the « loaner » and replacement by the newly repaired equipement.
• In under 48 hours a complete system or those elements that allow you to be working again.

The Periodic Technical Visit
• To serve you better  CTM SOLUTIONS can also propose periodic visits to your site and verify that it is totally up to date and at its maximum potential
• We can verify the administration of your systemes, the proper amount of storage space, the inbuilt security as well as the coherence of the various software (system, applications, plug-ins....) and your equipment

24/24 an instant answer to all your problems from our dedicated team of specialists
• Telephone support 24H/24H 7 days a week with your own dedicated number
• A Management system (reports) for the changes to your system
• In under 48H a spare system available to you in case of equipement failure
• Free on-site visits during normal working hours from 9H30 until 18H30

Email notification Contract
• A supervision tool permitting the solving of the occasional malfunction of a Post-Prodution system by an automated sending-out of an email alert : temperature alerts ; hard disk crashs or annomalies ; Disk space headroom problems ; prodblems with power conditioners

Services and Service Partners

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AVID Priority Contract
Avid_logo_purple_horizLockup_whiteBkg copie copie
CTM SERVICES is your contact point for the following :

• Telephone support monday to friday from 9:30 to 18:30.
• Spare parts exchanges or advanced replacements concerning your AVID systems.

The AVID services provided by our Technical Service Department
• Guaranty extensions.
• Upgrades and updates of your software.

CTM is an official "Avid Support provider".

  SONY Prime Support

Sony prime support  brings you a personalized assistance that include :

• PrimeVox, a telephone support manned by experts trained on the products themselves.
• PrimeFix, offers the repair of a defective product (the repair acceptance, the repair, transport,) including as wall the loan of
  equipement if your equipement is gone for over 7 working days (see conditions).
• PrimeUpgrade provides the software updates and corrective patchs.
• Other services are proposed by Sony concerning the High Definition equipement.

The HP Care Pack offer provides for the maintenance of  your wordk station ; because its you who choses the length of time for the  intervention:

• There are several levels of coverage, 9 hours per day, 5 days a week (9X5),  or 24H/24H  7 days a week (24x7).
• Support by telephone.
• A quick access to the HP spare parts stock for all the various platforms.

New HD 5 year guaranty contract

• This contract addresses itself to the products in the P2HD range. It gives access to a guaranty of 1 year plus a 4 year extension for a total of 5 years. Panasonic also gives you a commitment to repair their products in under 5 days.

Apple' Care Protection Plan extends the coverage for your Mac to three years of support. It gives you support for Apple Equipment, the Apple OS operating system and Apple applications.

Maintenance of your equipment

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 Our service facilities
  • Can provide preventative maintenance for your machine.
    You can leave your equipement with us for a tune-up with a fully detailed report issued afterward

  • Diagnostics and repairs at our facilities:
    You leave your equipment that needs looking after  to see if a repair is necessary, our technical facilities at CTM Solutions have all the latest equipement to answer any questions about servicing.
After sales service
CTM SERVICES  can propose technical assistance to all the user of Software based editing systems.
Over 10 disfferent specialists dedicated to the latest software and hardware solutions can ensure that you get the very best after-sales service done in the briefest of delays possible, so your production doesn't suffer.
CTM SERVICES has put in place a series of procedures that give you total satisfation concerning your maintenance and after-sales service.

Return Authorization management for every type of equipement that has to go back to the manufacturers
  • ldespositing the equipment
  • Diagnostic and After-sales Service follow-up
  • Exchanges or repair quotations
  • After-sales service with re-intregration of the equipment
We can propose loaner equipment
  • To avoid any posible intreruption of your production we can loan equipment or spare parts
  1 maintenance


2 maintenance
Spare parts
We can provide a quick « turn-around » and a very fast service.
Here is what we can propose by putting at your disposition a catalogue of spare parts. Because there are repairs that can't wait, you can build up a stock of spare parts, just in case, to avoid your production being stopped. CTM SERVICES brings you the solutions to al your maintenance and After-sales Service.

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