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Navigation Services Support Contracts

Support Contracts

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The « hot-line » the answers to your questions
• A technical service on line, open from monday to friday from 9H30 to 18H30. You benefit from our focused answers, provide by our specialists
• A specially developed software allows us to record all the incoming hotline requests and allow us a follow-up effiency that is unequaled and give us a precise refererence of all the technical problems that occur.
• Availibility of all the free software updates
• Management of all the changes concerning your equipement (reports, RMA) and after-sales service
• Availibility of tools to do daily routine maintenance (updates, drivers...)

"Service Checkbook" your peace of mind for on-site serviceit
• Uou sometimes have long delays to obtain the proper service for an urgent invention , CTM SOLUTIONS has an answer to make it easy to get maintenance. We created a « Service Checkbook » which permits you to manage your maintenance.
• It is made up of 10 checks that are valid for a period of 1 year
• It is valid for all the stations in your facility
• 1 check = 1 on site intervention, the duration of the period of the contract can be varied according to the size and complexicity of your facility

The  "Tele-Maintenance" Contract
• The  Tele-Maintenance contract includes 10 tickets for the maintenance or intrevention done from our premises remotely
• It is valid for all the stations in your facility
• The value of a  Tele-Maintenance ticket : 1 ticket corresponds to an intervention of between 10 and 120 minutes on your equipement
• In order for the  Tele-Maintenance to work, the client should authorize the opening of the internet system necessary for our intervention
Loaner equipement, the solution to your equipement failure problems
• On-site delivery  from monday to friday from 9H30 to 18H30 for a diagnostic of the equipment, the replacement by an emergency system,  and the recuperation of the « loaner » and replacement by the newly repaired equipement.
• In under 48 hours a complete system or those elements that allow you to be working again.

The Periodic Technical Visit
• To serve you better  CTM SOLUTIONS can also propose periodic visits to your site and verify that it is totally up to date and at its maximum potential
• We can verify the administration of your systemes, the proper amount of storage space, the inbuilt security as well as the coherence of the various software (system, applications, plug-ins....) and your equipment

24/24 an instant answer to all your problems from our dedicated team of specialists
• Telephone support 24H/24H 7 days a week with your own dedicated number
• A Management system (reports) for the changes to your system
• In under 48H a spare system available to you in case of equipement failure
• Free on-site visits during normal working hours from 9H30 until 18H30

Email notification Contract
• A supervision tool permitting the solving of the occasional malfunction of a Post-Prodution system by an automated sending-out of an email alert : temperature alerts ; hard disk crashs or annomalies ; Disk space headroom problems ; prodblems with power conditioners

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Navigation Services Support Contracts