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LLP "Friends Network"

Republic of Kazakhstan,
Postcode: 010000,
 Astana city, distrist Of Almaty,
Abilai han street, house №29/1-36,
Phone number: +7 (7172)33-58-14   
LLP "Independent Development Technology"

Republic of Kazakhstan,
Postcode: 010000,
Astana city, distrist Of Almaty,
Adolf Yanushkevich street, house №1/2 office 154,
Phone number: +7 (7172)43-83-27      


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The partnership with VTCAM has permitted to put in place a shared operation that guaranties our clients a quick response for their video equipement maintenance needs.

A sophicated process is in place for the maintenance needs worked out by the two companies in order to service quickly the needs of the clients. CTM Solutions can also propose maintenance contracts including preventative support (regular maintenance) for all types of video and computer equipement. A real Audiovisual Specialist, VTCAM brings all its know-how and competence to the clients of CTM Solutions.

Laurent Vauclin created VTCAM in 2009 .


• VTCAM has over 200 square meters for the spare parts and area to service the equipement it receives.

• Situated in the same group of buildings as CTM in Gennevilliers allowing us to give you the best service possible.

• Staff of 5 to 10 people.


• Experts in the maintenance of Broadcast tape recorders, Cameras, and monitor calibration. Partner with the most important manufacturers VTCAM has certifications and agreements that underline its professionalism and competances.

• Service Center for Panasonic HD VTCAM handles all the repairs of all their equipement under waranty or out of waranty.

• VTCAM also can do regular preventative maintenance on all SONY and Panasonic Broadcast equipement.

 • VTCAM can offer with CTM the best solution to all needs for regular maintenance, service contracts, loaner machines and rental in the case of a serious break-down

• Service + : monitor calibration, calibration done with the various professional test equipement on monitors of all types, LCD, Plasma, Oled, VTCAM has test equipement on hand of the highest quality, Klein, Sony, Minolta, PTV.

Service center et maintenance center for Broadcast equipement
• Video Maintenance all types
• Calibration of Video monitors
• Contracts for Regular preventative maintenance
• Equipement upgrades
• Spare parts sales

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The partnership with AKA DESIGN has permitted CTM to put in place a shared operation. This has allowed the two partners to garantee an gain in efficiency for any demand of studio furniture right up to the actual installation by the team of specialists of CTM Solutions.
A full range of modular studio furniture for audiovisual industry
The AKA design range includes furniture for editing suites, Audio mixing studios, calibration suites...)  :

• Pro Wave : developed for the intregration of Audio mixing equipement such as Digidesign, SSL, Yamaha, Euphonix... with the possibility of adding various configurations of work surfaces, racks and storage space that allows a flexibilty that conforms perfectly to the needs of the operator.

• Editing desks: Pro Edit, Pro Lite et Pro Media, these models were specially designed to meet the needs and budgets for the various editing environments in use today. The Pro-Edit range fits perfectly into the ProWave range to create Post Production work places by adding worktops and racks for all your needs. The ProLite range is the more economical choice for those who don't need a full range of options. The ProMedia series is a compact desk designed to fit into more confined spaces. AKA custom services can build desks that fit your more exacting needs, such as video control rooms, Film mixing rooms, ingest stations, etc …).

• Aka Design can also offer a service of 'made to measure' desks that can design studio furniture to fit the requirement of the client. The design team are at your service to discuss your individual needs and offer a solution that corresponds exactly to your requirements. For over 20 years AKA Design has fulfilled the needs of most prestigious Post-Production clients, the best known recording studio and editing facilities in association with well-known brands to complement their offers.

Over 200 studio desks have been installed by CTM Solutions in the past five years with clients such as the broadcaster TF1 who have 80 AKA desks in their facilities.




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For over 10 years the industrial partnership uniting Ctm Solutions and its subcontractors such as BMS, has permitted us to put in place shared operations and to optimise the communication between our teams that guaranties a rapid and fluid execution of the client's project. The processes are indentified mutually by both companies to work efficently together. This partnership represents a guaranty of complicity and timeliness with regards of the completion of the project.

Bertrand Boissier created the company BMS in 1988


• BMS has a large facility of over 700 square meters for pre-cabling racks or installing mobile broadcast trucks and its own stock and equipement

• BMS has its own design team for the development and realisation of projects, Autocad, HP tracers thermal printer etc are all at hand

• BMS employees 25 persons.

 The manufacturing department has some of the best specialists in the cabling and wiring industry at its disposal, this group is headed up by a shop manager and project managers when on site.


• Feasibilty studies, consulting and technical advice

• Block diagrams and sketchs, plans, technial drawings

• Cables, connectors and their assembly



 • France 2 Regie HD

Lagardere Interactive Pôle Jeunesse, le Phenicien

LCP La chaîne parlementaire

SFP Marathon Production et Alma production

Euro Media Direct 8, Star Academy, Nice People, Car SFP..

Post-moderne vanves

France 24 Avid câblage et intégration réseau et Post-production

France Television

France 3 Sat Lyon

TF1 Production

Canal Plus MIT

• Thomson Grass Valley : TF1 régie finale HD site Boulogne et Meudon, 2M maroc, La chaîne parlementaire, TV5 Monde, UER Genéve

Radio France / France Info

• Le groupe RTL/RTL2/Fun...



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