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CTM Solutions Presentation

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CTM is the reference for the sales and intregration for the leaders in the Audiovisual and Broadcast markets.

Our strong points :

CTM has a finely tuned work force and has many complementary activities with its partners that ensure a very important stable financial grounding to continue servicing and accompanying of its clients with their projects.

CTM is capable of taking on very large scale projects and delivering them on time. Its organization is built on the very notion of « project » and has a dedicated team of competent professionals to serve it.


CTM has always successfully completed every project it has taken on. That's why Groupe TF1, Canal Plus, France Télévisions have put their trust in us to constuct and completely modernize their Post-Production workflows.

Complete Workflow Design

CTM has its own specialized Broadcast workflow design office and Digital intregration lab for French and International projects.

Equipement Intregration

CTM installs on site all of the products which it distributes, CTM Solutions configures all of the various solutions whether it is for rental, sales, internal testing or for demonstration purposes.

Project Management

CTM can respond to all your needs as the overall manager or as a sub-contractor for the overseeing of the various roles on projects.

CTM will take charge of the deployment of the equipement, the writing of the procedural memorandum, the acceptance test(s) and the training of the client's personnel. CTM has a AFDAS agreement, meaning it is officially recognized as a French training establishment. A personalized training suited to your needs can be made to fit your needs and the necesssary documents can be supplied for those whose program is covered by the AFDAS.

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