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Navigation Support, Services & SAV AJA Video Tech Bulletin AJA Open I/O v10.6 pour Avid

AJA Video Tech Bulletin AJA Open I/O v10.6 pour Avid

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AJA-open-io-box_plugin-155x175AJA Video - Up-Date Info : nouvelle version Plug ins AJA Open I/O v. 10.6 pour Avid Media Composer, Option Symphony, Pro Tools, disponible en téléchargement sur le site de AJA, découvrez ces nouveautés, améliorations et pré-requis avant téléchargement : 

Requirements and Recommendations :

• Operating System Required: OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks)
• AJA Mac Driver 10.6 or later is required. The hardware drivers are not included in this installer package but can be downloaded from the AJA Support website.
• Before running this installer, uninstall all previous versions of the AJA Open I/O Plug-in.
• Avid Media Composer 8.0, Symphony 8.0, or ProTools 11 or higher is required
• For additional hardware recommendations and requirements, please see the following webpage : http://www.aja.com/en/support/kona-system-configuration

Improvements :

• Adds support for KONA 4
• Fixes issue with video errors when using draft mode in Media Composer
Known Issues and Limitations
• T-TAP will show up in the Capture Tool as an available capture device. However, T-TAP is an output only device and cannot be used for capture.
• For the AJA device to be selectable in the Audio Punch-In Tool, it must first be selected in the Capture Tool :
1. Open the Capture Tool
2. Select the Video Input as AJA KONA or AJA Io
3. Close the Capture Tool
4. Open the Audio Punch-In Tool
5. Select the Input Device as AJA KONA or AJA Io :
• Indefinite looping of the timeline with Open I/O plug-in installed may cause Avid applications to stop playback and give an error message.
• When capturing Dual-Link RGB source using KONA 3, KONA 3G or Io XT, the E/E pass through signal may be incorrect on the Dual SDI output.
• The AJA hardware genlock may switch between 'Input' and 'Reference' when 'Reference' has been selected in the AJA Control Panel. Specifically, this is known to happen when attempting to batch capture in Media Composer, causing some clips in the batch to not be captured. To work around this issue, select 'Input' genlock in the AJA Control Panel when batch capturing.
• Occasionally analog video input will not be detected correctly in the Media Composer Capture Tool. As a workaround, play the source video when you start up Media Composer.

Remarque : pour fonctionner avec les logiciels Avid, vous devez installer les drivers matériels AJA et les modules AJA Open I/O. Pour que l'intégration soit correcte avec les logiciels Avid, le module Open I/O doit être compatible avec le driver matériel AJA. Si une version antérieure du module Open I/O est installée alors qu'une version plus récente du drive AJA est utilisée, les fonctions audio / vidéo au travers du matériel AJA risquent de présenter des anomalies.

Tous les téléchargements spécifiques AJA spécifiques à Avid sont disponiblesi : page de support 

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Navigation Support, Services & SAV AJA Video Tech Bulletin AJA Open I/O v10.6 pour Avid